DCI Southeastern Regional - July 28, 2018

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2 minutes ago, MidWAmericanArts said:



You are not going to get a BOX1 comment from me, I always give a BOX5 comment! All in or nothing! :soapbox:

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So the only show you connected with was about being stranded, lost and needing help?

I didn't realize she was Norwegian.

Bluecoats - going on after SCV and BD was certainly going to be a challenge, but they rose to the occasion and blew us away. Definitely not a dull moment in this show. Vocalist wasn't as loud as I was

Boston’s show tonight was full of emotion, Great job Giants !!

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2 minutes ago, Lance said:

i don't care to look at recaps, but i'm really curious about how bd is so close to scv

i feel like bd isn't even coming close to performing their show well, so i assume they're getting a lot of credit for content in a lot of caption?

i have a hard time seeing bd's show as a winning show even if they max it out, and don't get mad at me. i've been a pretty big bd homer on here for over a decade. 

How about looking at the recaps so you can see what is going on in the judges mind. Have an open mind, not everyone sees things your way.

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1 hour ago, bluesman said:

I disagree.  Devils show feels uneven.  There are too many abrupt changes in both music and style.  Bluecoats program has some of the best transitions between numbers which gives it more of a complete package.  

I didn’t say BD’s show is as even as Coats (it isn’t transition wise) but BD’s show isn’t designed to flow as much. I wouldn’t expect it to. I would definitely expect Coats show to flow like it does.

Anyway, I said the conceptual narrative of nighthawks is stronger than Session 44 and there’s really no room for argument there.

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10 minutes ago, queenanne_1536 said:

It's going to be a final fun two weeks, for sure, but I think Vanguard has it in the bag at this point. I just don't see them as being beatable. Their show is just too good, better than anyone else's, and as a whole they are out-executing everyone. Bluecoats have a great shot at GE, but music may keep them down; Devils have a shot at visual, but GE and brass may be a problem; Crown has a shot at brass, but other than percussion, will struggle with guard, GE and visual; Vanguard is the only one that has a shot at all three, and every single caption for that matter. I doubt we are going to see anything but 1s and 2s on the recap for them at finals, if not nearly all 1s. That's the difference. That's why Vanguard is going to win finals. That's how I see it.

Good analysis. I agree.

They probably even win in some really goofy scenarios (e.g. Bloo wins GE, BD wins visual, Crown wins music, SCV is 2nd across the board and takes the gold medal).

Guard is shaping up to be the most interesting caption. There seems to be real disagreements among the different judges on how to rank the units. It will be interesting to see who gets picked for the championship panels.

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Random thoughts: Was anybody else as cold in the stadium as I was? I thought t-shirt and shorts would be fine (it's Atlanta in July, after all) but it was not nearly enough clothing. The echo off the empty side wasn't as noticeable towards the end of the night. Can't beat the concession prices and lines moved fairly quickly. Judging by the amount of people out there and bags I saw, lots of $$$ was made in the souvenir area. Looks like some corps were starting to run out of items.

That being said, from an entertainment perspective, my favorites:-

-Boston: understandable plot, visually interesting, loved the ending

-Mandarins: Loved the uniqueness of it

-Music City: biased Tennessean for sure, but again an understandable, well-executed plot. Between the way they're developing and the population boom in Nashville, watch out for them!

-Vanguard: Props added to the production (which I don't think is always the case) and they played their faces off. Well-deserved win.


Can't wait to compare tonight to the theater show!

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44 minutes ago, TRacer said:

Any news/word/buzz about the SCV tuba hole? Injury related? 

I have 2 data points. #1 When I got to the SCV rehersal this morning, there was a lone tuba in the parking lot practicing by himself while everyone else warmed up. #2 During the run throughs there was no hole.

Speculate away...

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40 minutes ago, shofmon88 said:

Who knows? I think other corps would have very different visual designs if given the same arrangements, and I would be the first to admit that many of those designs would be better.

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You mean someone like Jay Murphy from the Blue Devils?

Oh wait,

that’s who did this Blue Knights show...


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