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They haven't totally erased me yet: It is amusing to me how this is considered "news", it is irritating to me that

Don, I am sorry you are having to defend yourself in this forum.  This kind of thing represents the worst side of this Forum. People who, anonymously for the most part, spread half-truths, i

Hey all - Like Jason Buckingham pointed out a few pages back, we're real people, with real lives.  Drop me a PM anytime, if I don't know you personally.

No idea but I hear Hop is secretly planning to bring the Shawshank Redemption to the field.

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This is useless to at least September announcements can't be made til then...

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I suppose rumors maybe should be discouraged? I dunno, I guess I'll stay vague. I was told by a corps member of a certain fan favorite..that a couple nights ago the director had a pow-wow with them, without any other staff, and told them that most if not all of the guard and visual staff were going to be fired because of mistreatment of corps members. But that the brass and percussion staff were solid and would be invited back.

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Couchmen and Slothmen are merging.

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