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8 hours ago, derbydawg said:

Not trying to start a controversy, but I have a legit question. I understand that "wrong side of the tracks" may have different connotations for different people, generations, cultures, etc. I also understand that for some there is a connection to Grand Theft Auto. Does the phrase not come from making a distinction between classes of people? Poor versus not-poor? Lesser people versus elevated people? Specifically, I know the phrase to indicate a racial divide. Not for one second do I think Cavaliers is trying to provoke negative social  or class distinction feelings or behaviors, but I am curious is there was ever mention that the show title may be difficult for some to get past. Yes, they can show us through the production components what they think the production title means. Am I the only one having this reaction to the show title? 

Thank you for bringing up an important question quite professionally. For my entire life and in the four different cities I have lived, each fairy progressive, the words "wrong side of the tracks" has extremely elitist meanings. If said at my work, church, etc. eye brows would raise and people would assume you were racist. Professionally, I would expect to be reprimanded and possibly let go. I find it curious that I have such strong reactions to this and would have thought it was a fairly universally-shared reaction. Maybe not. Like you, I am sure Cavies meant no harm. Just not sure they did any homework. 

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4 hours ago, derbydawg said:

Am I the only one having this reaction to the show title? 

I’m sure you are not. Negativity is a microcosm of society. Phrases are perceived through the eyes and ears of the beholder in relationship to the individual. Most are embellished. 

There are some who live on the other side of the tracks and choose one side over the other. Usually both sides of the tracks are occupied with residents. Perhaps it depends on which side one lives that formulates one’s opinion of the other. Like the grass appears greener on the other side of the fence, but is it? 

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A part of a town or city that is particularly impoverished (and usually dangerous or undesirable as a result). "Tracks" refers to railroad tracks, which are sometimes thought of as demarcating different economic areas of a town.

I was always looked down on as a kid because I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.

His mother didn't want him dating anyone from the wrong side of the tracks.

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Not having grown up in a town that necessarily has a “Wrong Side of The Tracks” but more of a “Bad Part of the City,” as I watched the teaser the imagery seemed to be that of a man or men having grown up without. Also brought back imagery of the early 1900s. You see shots of boxers, what appears to be steel workers, someone running out of town on the tracks. Not seeing any racial divide.

agree with poppycock that the title interpretation is based on the experiences of each individual.

funny but not unexpected that the title of show has caused discussion on DCP, yet there’s no mention on the Cavaliers social media comments.

think we should wait to see the show.

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right side :: wrong side
despair :: hope
home :: away
acceptance :: rejection
love :: hate
angels :: demons
history :: future
innocence :: wisdom
acceptance :: rejection
self :: community
white :: black
perception :: reality
heaven :: hell
day :: night
freedom :: tyranny
conformity :: individuality
men :: women
north :: south
familiar :: unfamiliar
truth :: lies
longing :: obtaining
sincerity :: deceit
young :: old
war :: peace
life :: death
belonging :: exile
pursuit :: capture
marooned :: rescued
sharks :: jets

Cavies '19 is right out of the DCI Design Playbook. Gonna be awesome, no doubt. But it's already a familiar show, no matter the color of the wrapper. 

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2 hours ago, Forevergreen said:

Anyone know their repertoire ?

Bad boys bad boys...whatcha gonna do? 

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My 2 cents. I’m guessing the Cavaliers will tell the story of young men who for whatever reasons were on the wrong path in their life. Accepted and embraced as they are, and shown or given the opportunity to choose another direction. Thus allowing them to follow their dreams, choose a different path in life, and become better men. The title of their show makes perfect sense to me, especially knowing the history of their founder who has since past. 

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Do you think there will be some sort of reference to The Old Man? Visually, audibly or otherwise? 

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