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Who did you march with who is still teaching or designing in DCI for 2019?

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I'll go first:

I had the pleasure of marching with:

1983 Blue Devils
Gino Cipriani
Glen Crosby

John Meehan was in the B Corps at the time.

There have been many who been in and out of the activity at the educational level but marching that 1 year and this literally being 36 years later...

I'm sure I've missed a few and I will update as I am reminded.

I look forward to seeing your lists!

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Dennis DeLucia and Bobby Hoffman were on our staff with DCA's Sunrisers... but obviously one is gone and one is involved with DCI in another capacity.

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My band director and a friend both marched with Matt Harloff

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I marched with Scott Koter BITD...

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