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BD will win or get second. Just sayin'

Ah the predictions thread. Only place where BD gets 3rd or 4th place. LMAO. DO IT UP DEVILS!

#20 in 2020

 I, Reliable Reamdo, will give you a prediction on who will win the 2020 DCI World Championships.

First, you add the 2 GE1 scores together and average. Then you add the two GE2 scores together and average. Then you add both of those averages together for the total GE score.
Then, you take the visual proficiency, visual analysis and color guard scores, add them together and divide by 2. That's your visual number.
Then you take the 2 music analysis judges scores and them together and average them. Then you add that average to the brass and percussion scores and divide by 2. Thats your music number.
Then you take the total GE score, the visual score and the music score and add them up.
if need be subtract any penalties, usually because idiots don't follow the warm up rules or use baby powder.
Then the highest final score after all of those are added up and if any penalties are subtracted is who will be the 2020 DCI World Champion. Obviously thunderous goo or huge moments lost because a mic crapped out are ignored. or people trip over tarps or props.

As always, you're welcome in advance, and i guarantee the corps with the highest score after all of that will win

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