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Which is your favorite 1st place show of the decade?

Which is your favorite 1st place show of the decade?  

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  1. 1. What’s your favorite 1st place DCI show of the 2010s?

    • Babylon (Santa Clara Vanguard 2018)
    • Between Angels and Demons (Cadets 2011)
    • Cabaret Voltaire (Blue Devils 2012)
    • Down Side Up (Bluecoats 2016)
    • E=mc2 (Carolina Crown 2013)
    • Felliniesque (Blue Devils 2014)
    • Ghostlight (Blue Devils 2019)
    • Ink (Blue Devils 2015)
    • Metamorph (Blue Devils 2017)
    • Through a Glass, Darkly (Blue Devils 2010)

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1! E=MC2-  I had actually seen a production of Einstein on the Beach years before Crown did it. I thought No Facking way Crown can pull this off. THEY DID!  What a unique incredible show! One of my top 12 corps of all time. Also Sprach Zarathustra * Einstein on the Beach * Walking With Heroes * The Devil's Bridge * The Abyss * The Light Fantastic * The Dark Side of the Moon 

2.  Down Side Up - Just a fun exciting show full of unforgettable moments. 

3. Babylon - It was good to see SCV back on top. ( Those of us who remember the 70's and 80's)

4. Between Angels and Demons- Sacktig's  kaleidoscopic drill, Good vs Evil and,  a fun fan friendly show. Can't beat that!

5. Metamorph-  I remember watching the 1975 and 1976 Blue Devils, Thinking Wow, This corps is next level. I hope they stick around. It was great to see them pay homage to their pass.

6. Through a FellINKiesque  Ghostlit Cabaret- Good but Formulaic Drum Corps.

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This is just impossible for me. Same as it was for 2nd and 3rd place. Too many fantastic and legendary shows.

a) In terms of technical excellence and killer performance levels, it would be Felliniesque by the Blue Devils 2014. I was fascinated by the show, found it very entertaining, and the demand and performance levels are simply through the roof. 

b) In terms of my personal Favorite, it's a close call, but I choose Metamorph by Blue Devils, 2017. In some ways, their show this year (Ghostlight) was even better designed and just as entertaining, but there was something about Metamorph that grabbed me...like an addictive drug. I could not stop watching that show all summer. Carolina Crown in 2013 (E=mc2) is a close 2nd, and Down Side Up by the Bluecoats 2016 is a really close 3rd. 

So from an entertainment perspective, this is how I rank them: (and may be subject to change in 10 minutes) :tongue:

  1. Metamorph (Blue Devils 2017)
  2. E=mc2 (Carolina Crown 2013)
  3. Down Side Up (Bluecoats 2016)
  4. Between Angels and Demons (Cadets 2011) - maybe the best traditional drill and music show with no props of this bunch. 
  5. Ink (Blue Devils 2015) - incredible design, entertaining, great theme, and the ballad and the closer are worth the price of admission
  6. Ghostlight (Blue Devils 2019) - amazing design, and I am still watching this thing constantly. So impressive.
  7. Felliniesque (Blue Devils 2014) - definitely the most technically excellent show that was also quite entertaining. The most amazing Finals performance ever. 
  8. Babylon (Santa Clara Vanguard 2018) - SCV was ON FIRE with this show! Love the visual design and how the props were used. The last 2 minutes are super powerful. One of the better endings in DCI History.
  9. Through a Glass, Darkly (Blue Devils 2010) - I was one of the few who really liked this show. When I saw them live I thought the mirrors were used so well and did add a cool effect to the visual program in ways I had never seen before. 
  10. Cabaret Voltaire (Blue Devils 2012) - Definitely respect this show, and the corps was fantastic. Just not my favorite design by BD, but I am sure to others this is a masterpiece. 


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14 hours ago, Chief Guns said:

Yea maybe saying any other year was out there lol. I dont think it beats Babylon in 2018. But I do think Tilt would have won in 2013. Now I will go enter the witness protection program to hide from Crown fans. 

Hey, everyone is allowed their opinion. I love the Bluecoats, as you all know, so I loved Tilt. And I especially like that you enjoyed them a lot. Great show! It certainly was vintage Bluecoats with some game-changing design (along with BD, of course).

But one thing to remember about that show is that it spent most of the summer in 3rd place under Cadets and Blue Devils. BD was not getting beat. I saw that early on. Cadets were a real disappointment to me because they had the seeds for a good show, with great talent; but somehow they managed to destroy it with cheese and more cheese. Cadets still beat Bluecoats at Quarterfinals by 1.1 or something like that. At semis it was closer. At Finals is when Tilt grabbed 2nd place. I was thankful the judges bumped 'Coats up a notch. Tilt definitely belonged in 2nd place. Cadets could easily have been dumped to 4th if you ask me. I actually thought that on Finals night Carolina Crown should have jumped up to 3rd. 

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4 hours ago, MikeRapp said:

Recency bias plays a role here. Still think Angels and Demons is the consummate drum corps show of the decade. But DSU is so different and so important to the trends of the activity that it has to get the vote.

I was close to going this way. I am just so addicted to Metamorph that I had to pick that. Love Cadets 2011. It's really the last truly great traditional drill and music show of this bunch. It has aged well, but it is so different from where things have gone. Down Side Up, which is in my top 3 from this decade, has definitely changed the activity in many ways. Bluecoats in 2014, 15, and 16 (along with BD) have shifted design in this activity in a BIG way. 

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2018 Vanguard and 2013 Crown are two of my favorite shows of all time, so it's tough sledding for everyone else. I'll go with:

1. 2018 Vanguard

2. 2013 Crown

3. 2016 Bloo. I loved this show too!

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Okay, I’ll take a stab at this one:

1) Crown ‘13 & Blooo ‘16 [Tie]: As a fan of Philip Glass and a Crownie, I was predisposed out the gate to like E=MC^2, but I was never prepared for the emotion that the show evoked in me. The brass was stellar, and contrary to what many have opined over the years, I thought the narration was extremely effective. Insofar as DS^, I am still blown away by the musical and visual energy it delivered. Others have suggested that in time it will be viewed as a watershed program for this activity. I’m inclined to agree.

2) BD ‘14: Didn’t get an opportunity to see that live in ‘14, but have watched [many times] the vid I recorded from the Nashville show. Tilt was tremendous that year, but Felliniesque was flawless. 

3) SCV ‘18: Outstanding job with staging, but the screamers alone were worth the price of admission.

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15 hours ago, gak27 said:

As for E=mc2?  I just can't get past the ballad narration (the opening narration was cool) - I just can't.

Everything must have an end except my love for E=mc2.

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On 8/29/2019 at 9:01 PM, Chief Guns said:

Fully expecting to get smoked for the homer pick, but Felliniesque is the greatest performance i have ever seen live. Not even close. Thanks for playing, God Bless goodnight. 

I don't know, it would be hard to justify giving you a hard time for a homer pick when BD is over half the available choices. 

As for me, well, if I picked E=MC2 , I would likely be thought of as irrelevant.  And it's tempting, I love the show, and Finals night 2013 is certainly a memorable evening of drum corps for Crown fans. 

But take away the emotional weight behind the championship, I too, have to vote for Felliniesque.  Just in awe of that show.  

I will say this, though, of this list, Babylon evokes a more emotional reaction in me.  The ballad and the closer are goose bump city.  

But Felliniesque's ballad is gut wrenchingly beautiful.

And DSU is pure joy

Argh, this is too hard.

F it


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Felliniesque! The production was brilliantly designed and wonderfully performed by the best cast members the Devils have ever assembled. 

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For my favorites, it's Angels & Demons, then E=mc2, and after that it's a bit murky for me. Probably Babylon then Felliniesque.

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