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Thursday, August 11th “DCI World Championship PRELIMS” Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, INDIANA

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1 hour ago, MidWAmericanArts said:

That’s fair. From my biased view, I only can think of 2 smug BD fans. The other thing I’d say is some other fans attack BD so strong, that BD fans feel the need to put up a strong defense. I can’t really fault that.

I can think of 50 on here, and about 5,000 who were quite obnoxious at the Rose Bowl in 2007

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34 minutes ago, Poppycock said:

Feel free! Seems to me that if I was burying my father I wouldn’t be hanging on DCP posting on every thread. Just saying! Odd as it might sound. 

you posted that PRIOR to her disclosure. 

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37 minutes ago, Poppycock said:

Then why are you on DCP worried about Drum Corps. Everyone has a story! 

everyone copes differently - stop with the cruel attacks. 

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