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Thursday, August 11th “DCI World Championship PRELIMS” Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, INDIANA

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“DCI World Championship PRELIMS” Lucas Oil Stadium  Indianapolis, INDIANA   Thursday, August 11th    10:30 AM  ET

WEATHER looks “great” for the 1st day of DCI Championships.
Lucas Oil Stadium: 680F – 720F  climate controlled
Indianapolis area:
Mostly sunny. High Temps: low 80s  Low Temps: high 50s / low 60s   Humidity: “wide spread” 38 – 90%   Wind speed 2 – 10 MPH    10 day Forecast
UPDATED: Thursday, August 11th   5:00 AM  ET.

LOCAL News/Weather Stations:   
[Indianapolis, IN]:  WRTV  Fox59  WTHR  WISHTV   CBS4Indy  

Lucas Oil Stadium     Specific Info” for 2022 DCI Championships “per Lucas Oil Stadium”      Directions/Map     Parking  
500 S. Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

TICKETS   Ticketmaster contact page   DCI Tel #  (317) 275-1212

All times ET and subject to change
10:30 AM … Welcome & National Anthem
10:40 AM … Colt Cadets – Dubuque, IA      
10:57 AM …
Raiders – Princeton, NJ        
11:14 AM …
Les Stentors – Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada             
11:31 AM 7th Regiment – New London, CT   
11:48 AM River City Rhythm – Anoka, MN
12:05 PM … Louisiana Stars – Lafayette, LA
12:22 PM … Intermission …     
  1:04 PM … Legends – Kalamazoo, MI   
  1:21 PM … The Battalion – Salt Lake City, UT
  1:38 PM … Southwind – Mobile, AL
  1:55 PM … Calgary Stampede Show Band – Calgary, Alberta, Canada  
  2:12 PM … Guardians – Dallas – Ft. Worth, TX
  2:29 PM … Spartans – Nashua, NH       
  2:46 PM … Intermission …
  3:21 PM … Blue Devils “B” – Concord, CA
  3:38 PM … Gold – San Diego, CA
  3:55 PM … Vanguard Cadets – Santa Clara, CA 
 4:12 PM … Jersey Surf – Camden County, NJ 
4:29 PM … Genesis – Austin, TX
  4:46 PM … Pacific Crest – Diamond Bar, CA     
  5:03 PM … Music City – Nashville, TN              
  5:20 PM … The Academy – Tempe, AZ
  5:37 PM … Intermission …
  6:37 PM … Madison Scouts – Madison, WI
  6:54 PM … Troopers – Casper, WY
  7:11 PM … Blue Knights – Denver, CO    
  7:28 PM … Colts – Dubuque, IA
  7:45 PM … Crossmen – San Antonio, TX
  8:02 PM … Phantom Regiment – Rockford, IL
  8:15 PM… Intermission …
  8:39 PM … Mandarins – Sacramento, CA
  8:56 PM … The Cavaliers – Rosemont, IL
  9:13 PM … Blue Stars – La Crosse, WI
  9:31 PM … The Cadets – Allentown, PA
  9:49 PM … Santa Clara Vanguard – Santa Clara, CA
10:07 PM … Bluecoats – Canton, OH
10:26 PM … Carolina Crown – Fort Mill, SC  
10:45 PM … Boston Crusaders – Boston, MA
11:03 PM … Blue Devils – Concord, CA
11:30 PM … “Last” Score is Announced …

Thursday, August 11th              10:30 AM                 DCI World Championship “Prelims                       Indianapolis, Indiana
Friday, August 12th                                 1:00 PM                  DCI World Championship “Semi-Finals”                     Indianapolis, Indiana
Saturday, August 13th                10:00 AM                  SoundSport International Music & Food Festival        Indianapolis, Indiana
Saturday, August 13th                  5:30 PM                  DCI World Championship “Finals”                               Indianapolis, Indiana

Sunday, August 14th                  10:00 AM               Rebroadcast” DCI World Championship “Finals”          Indianapolis, Indiana

FloMarching will stream all of Finals Week including the entire Finals competition & Awards Ceremony. [per DCI email]
This year, for the first time ever, you can watch ALL performances on Thursday in the 2022 DCI World Championship prelims on FloMarching.   

  8/9  DCI “Open” Class Championship FINALS            Marion, OH                      Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
  8/8  DCI “Open” Class Championship Prelims            Marion, OH                      Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
  8/5  DCI Eastern Classic [2nd Night]                           Allentown, PA                  Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
  8/4  DCI Eastern Classic [1st Night]                           Allentown, PA                   Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
7/30  DCI Southeastern Championship                       Atlanta, GA                       Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
7/23  DCI San Antonio                                              San Antonio, TX                Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox 

“A standard DCI adjudication panel consists of eight (8) but varies based on time of season and event. 
Caption: General Effect (GE)
Number of judges:
Two (2) for most of the season, plus a doubled panel of four (4) during World Championships.

Worksheet # 1    a place to write down Scores & your predictions ...
                             In other words ... It's a 5 page "Program" for those of us who can't make it to Indianapolis.
Worksheet # 2    RECAP … “condensed”    15 Columns … The idea is courtesy of 
From the Pressbox
Worksheet # 3    RECAP …   as per DCI     31 Columns …
                                                                             doable, but tight on 8 ½ x 11” Letter size paper ... 8 ½ x 14” Legal size paper
                                                                             works “best” on a printer which can handle 11 x 17” Ledger size paper

I did NOT include the “double” GE panel on either RECAP worksheet. It becomes unwieldy.
If you add the additional GE panels it’s best to switch to the spreadsheet with built-in formulas.

Two [2] notes:
“Please” remember schools in the Indianapolis area are now in session.  Students have already begun their 2022 – 2023 school year.

Regardless of all final outcomes Saturday night … “all” Corps members are winners … their achievements remarkable. 

IMO: You have taken Drum Corps to a “higher” level.  
“Thank you” for all of your hard work, dedication & determination.  What a season it has been … and continues to be.

“Good Luck” Corps!



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Added: Line Ups … Worksheets [#1 is a “Program”]
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19 minutes ago, Poppycock said:

We’re packed and ready to embark to sterile city of Indy. Turn on the lights start the music 🎶 the Queens are back in town! 

Caution: turn around.  The board game convention trashed & burned the place down.  Nothing left but debris, ashes, & some monopoly pieces.  There were a few playing games in my hotel lobby when I arrived.  Looked like they were about to head to the airport.  Glad to get 'em out of here... 

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