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7 minutes ago, Red Dragons said:

Which was? 

"They raised the age-out to 24."  He said he was joking afterwards.

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7 hours ago, ranintothedoor said:

Personal favorites time!!

Most enjoyable show overall: Troopers

Most enjoyable drill: Colts

Most enjoyable music: Phantom

Best moment: Cadets opener hit

Best song choice:  Bluecoats - Bump!

Most intriguing color guard choreography: Blue Devils...dang!

Most satisfying ending: BAC (... but only at Finals... y'all messed with me this season...! Lol) 

Daughters' obsession: the "princess" in Crown! The only corps for whom they sat completely still!

Wife's obsession: "... thou shalt not! Writ over the door..."  😆 we will be reciting that poem in our house for decades to come. 

Tastiest percussion: Cavaliers feature... especially the front ensemble split cymbal sixteenths! AAAAAAA!! So good! 

Most satisfying improvement: Cadets!  Spacing issues and endurance issues in closer seemed to disappear (for the most part) at Finals. What a great run! 

I'll add more as they come to me! 🙂



Nice non competitive moments for me

Cavies being the Cavs.. like the show and exiting the field in style to their great street beat

Cadets wearing their classic uniform to retreat . They upgraded the entire field with tradition.

Scouts not making top twelve, but being very much a part of Championship night

Not dragging out the scores with needless awards to commercial entities.

Having the USMC playing the corps onto the field and corps carrying  American, Canadian, British flags to retreat

All of the corps making it a great finals regardless of their placing

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50 minutes ago, bluehull said:

I think Grandpa Joe owns a campground.  He has been crowing about haw great it would be for the Corps to stay in campgrounds while in Indy.  

Really? That's so cool. He'd probably kill me and bury me in a deep grave on his campground 🙂

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1 hour ago, wigwam said:

Interest would most certainly decrease. 

Exactly. DCI’s website crashes half the time once scores get posted. To pretend that interest in the activity wouldn’t decrease is just wishful thinking and not logical at all. 

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20 hours ago, Cainan said:

Good run...

Problem is Phantom and Mandarins had GREAT runs...

I honestly rank it Mandarins, Phantom and then Cadets

Just to clarify, Cadets had a great run, Mandies had a great run, and Phantom had just a good run.  So, I think the judges gt this group right.  Honestly, I would have had Cavies closer to Phantom.

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7 hours ago, skevinp said:

I still have pieces of every show in the top 5 floating through my head like an ethereal eclectic playlist.  

I have pieces from all the Finalist corps and a good number of 13-25 as well. If you name a corps some of its music will start playing immediately in my mind. 

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42 minutes ago, Tony L. said:

Just to clarify, Cadets had a great run, Mandies had a great run, and Phantom had just a good run. 

I saw it as PR and Mandarins as unleashed season best runs and Cadets with a run much like Friday probably a bit better. The structure of Cadets' show was such that it didn't portray the crazy energy of the other 2. Instead their power comes from precision and clarity which is impressive as heck. I had no issue with the scores. PR and Mandarins definitely gave their best shot, and Cadets took it and came out on top. 

Cavies had a great run too - they peaked at finals, just not by a ton over Semis. 

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