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Personal 2023 Top 5

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1. Troopers

2. Bluecoats

3. Crown

4. Cadets

5. Boston

 Honorable mentions: Spirit of Atlanta and Mandarins

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  1  Cadets      2 Bluecoats    3 Crown    4 BD     5 Cavaliers                                                                                                                                                                                  

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4 hours ago, brassboy said:

Not sure if they added it just at the end of their season (I didn't remember them doing it earlier), but they held up the tiny trumpet player like Rafiki holding up baby Simba. I CACKLED.

Yeah they held that off until the end of the Cali tour.  It was hilariously fun.

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1. Spirit 💙

2. Cadets

3. Blue Stars

4. Bluecoats

5. Mandarins

My favorite top 12 since 2014 also.

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Forgot to add something
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1. Crown - I mean that brass…

2. Troopers - That opener just transports me

3. Colts - All the feels

4. Bluecoats - Visual feast. Bump. Ballad.

5. Mandarins - Take me to church…yes please. 

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