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  2. so they refurbished that stadium so it could house an MLB game during the LLWS and team?
  3. except it's not prize money. it's every corps for themselves
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  5. There was one small all-girl corps here in NJ, the Pompton Lakes Stardusters, that added guys to limp along for a few years back in the 70's. The girl corps wore pink sequinned uniforms. Luckily they gave the guys white shirts to wear.
  6. If a band doesn't march clarinets, for example, I can hardly expect to hear clarinets and knock them for "missing" that sound. If they have no tubas, ditto. I can't knock them for failing to have a tuba sound. I evaluate them on what they sound like based on what their instrumentation is. If a band marches a clarinet section, I expect their ensemble sonority to include that sound. Going back decades ago when corps-style bands were just taking off, at least here in NJ a lot of times the brass were front and center, with a full woodwind section buried in the back just being used to fill out a form. That has changed over the years, thankfully.
  7. Just calling 'em like I see 'em. No offense intended.
  8. Gone, like so many others. blamed for everything, responsible for none of it. same old story
  9. Here's update for everyone. As of yesterday, 11/17/2019, the outgoing board of directors appointed a new board of directors from the transitional team made up of Bush Alumni. All of the equipment, uniforms, costumes and trailers the corps ended the 2019 season with on Labor Day is still with the corps. Outstanding loans have been paid (no where near the amount mentioned in this thread) and the corps is in the best shape financially it has ever been in after a change of board members/administration. The corps was into the merger for six weeks before things got nasty on the internet and Imperial Dynasty decided to revoke the merger. That was shame because the merger was the best move forward for the Bushwackers as previously noted in this thread. At that time, with no administration (previously Imperial Dynasty staff) the corps was the responsibility of the board of directors. We met with transitional team members from our alumni and after four weeks a second meeting was held where the new board was appointed (as suggested by the transitional team) and the old board resigned. At no point was the corps being held hostage. After the merger was revoked there was no new board or administration to hand the corps over to. It was the responsibility of the outgoing board to make sure we handed over the Bushwackers to a responsible board of directors and alumni. This is what we did yesterday. We are confident the new board and administration will move the corps in the right direction. The outgoing board wishes the Bushwackers all the best the rest of this year, in 2020 and beyond. Go Bush!
  10. Their problems didn't stem from talent or numbers. This is a "look squirrel" moment to distract from real issues. Question, did all female corps ever go co-ed or just fold?
  11. But that bus driver looked good in his work black pants and black t shirt hitting that wood block. 🙄
  12. If you have about 10 minutes and aren't familiar with what high school lines can do, check this out. The new BOA Grand National Champion final run through with a camera following the drum line around. Vandegrift drumline @ final rehearsal I realize comparing outdoor and indoor is a little bit apples and oranges, but for percussionists, how does this line compare to someone like Chino Hills? I wonder how many alumni of this 10-year old program have marched corps, and if any of these young men and women plan to march in DCI once their high school days end.
  13. You have said the name that must NEVER be mentioned!!!!!!!!
  14. So you prepare yourself for what you're about to hear instead of letting what comes to you define what you hear? Truly curious. Do you say to yourself "40 reeds, less volume, new voices..." or "...only 25 reeds, bigger sound, fewer voices..." and judge to that? Or, if you heard two bands do the exact same tunes, one with all brass (Crown-style) and another with the instrumentation written into the original piece, how would you prepare your expectations? And, sorry, this comes out wrong, but are you judging to your expectations or to the sheets?
  15. Catherine should be able to fill in the blanks for ya. Something having to do with EBBUBERY was the cause of the Kilts demise.
  16. I was part of a similar situation at finals also. Thanks to one of them, we now have a multiple texting combine ?? which allows us to communicate all year-and as it turns out that is what we are doing. I highly recommend it and it sounds like it would be great for your group also. I guess you could call it conference texting.
  17. I would love to see proof that that was the reason Kilts folded.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Up on iTunes but not DCI's own MMDL. Lame. Just wanted to buy the Bluecoats in lossless while I wait for the CD's.
  20. Since most of those judging DCI have been judging HS Bands as well as DCI, I don't see the issue there. A judge evaluates the instrumentation presented. I was never a judge at the DCI level, but in the approx 200 HS band competitions I judged, I had to do that all the time. Esp in the smaller bands, I would actually count instruments and make a note on my sheet to myself, in order to know what sound I should expect to hear.
  21. Music side was just incredible - especially the winds Here's the drum centric video of them:
  22. Listening to Crown ... audio has no cuts, as far as I can tell. I’ve also listened to Cavies ... 11:04 seemed a bit short for them, but I could not identify any cuts.
  23. I don't think the actual number is the point - that's bus-sized. But, in general, the number is increasing. The presumption is that QUALITY at shows will improve and more tickets at higher prices will be sold. Not really, well, maybe a little Devil's advocate (ahem! NOT Blue Devil's advocate for anyone who's warped mind might take them that way...). I have a rudimentary understanding of the qualification process and the dedication of the group that's required. I wonder: Does BD REALLY want to look like a good marching band? How do they maintain "Major League" status. All of the things you describe are true - the requirements are high. And the math is tilted in favor of the champions. But, remember, in a weird way, smaller-budget corps are more "self-funded" (i.e. getting relatively little revenue from DCI) than the headliners. But even those numbers from DCI's "payout" is a relatively small amount of almost any corps budget. The math is tilted to the victors in more impactful ways, like sponsorship and equipment deals. Most corps corpus is the MM's dues and fees. The good ones are able to build well beyond that through luck and hard work. What "exclusivity" has DCI lost? Now... I'm not sure if your being sarcastic. It's rushing headlong into evaporating the last of its exclusivity. It looks more like band now than ever and is about to become exactly like band in most design and non-execution ways. Yes, Encore wasn't able to play because they couldn't demonstrate that they could fill a bus and, thus, "waters down" the Major League image. (<-- Full on sarcastic Devil's advocate) And, I presume, to the exclusivity exclusion of the competitive "club" as you call it. Ummm... It appears debatable that "growth" of the activity is measured by the number of performances in a show/competition. I think Crown is not going to be willing to adopt AI for fear of risking that "Crown Brass" sound, or others who have a signature sound. I think member count has a much bigger impact. Imagine 200 Crown horns vs. someone else's 125 horns and 50 or 60 woodwinds. A serious judging change has to be adopted to make that work, in my novice opinion. Too long. Sorry.
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