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  3. Representatives of all five Preston Scout House Band Inc. member groups participated in a performance and presentation at Cambridge City Hall on May 21, to thank city council for continuing financial support and to update councillors on Scout House community activities. Council recently approved a $4,000 grant to Scout House, continuing a tradition of support […] View the full article
  4. We are always really keen at Liberty to make sure that as many young people as possible know all about us. This year, with funding support from Northampton Borough Council, we have been running one-off workshops open to all young people…..and of course we hope that when they come along, they might want to come […] View the full article
  5. But not a huge amount from this year, right? What exactly is Carolina Crown doing this year?? Bluecoats?? Cavaliers?? Santa Clara?? Etc., etc., etc. You have zero knowledge about their shows, but you already know that they will beat Cadets this year?? Wait, I forgot - Blue Devils have the best show announcement, so they automatically win this season...
  6. The Bridgemen in 79 probably had their seamstress make theirs.
  7. I honestly don't see a difference. It is much more cost efficient.
  8. Based on nothing more than having seen and heard a huge amount of drum corps and having a pretty good sense for what wins and what loses. Feel free to ignore with all of your might.
  9. Dude I’m just joking around And my defense of this design decisions ended around 2015 - my defense of him as a person ended with the revelations
  10. You defended his design decisions pretty vociferously until 2017
  11. But what are the “predictions” based on? If they’re not based on ANYTHING, or if they are based on very little like a show announcement, then they are not “predictions”, they are wild a** guesses.
  12. It’s interesting you posted this i just watched a compilation video “Top 7 Phantom Regiment Closers Ever” type video - so many impressive closers
  13. Nowadays, the judge would be fired and DCI would schedule counseling for the corps/staff.
  14. Man, I remember Memorial Day contests in the Great Lakes DBCA. All the shows were “May clean” ... well, some were “April clean.”😂
  15. Saturday and Sunday, certainly. The Monday probably not. If memory serves me correctly, for the CYO Circuit in the Boston area, the first shows were on the Saturday or Sunday of Memorial Day when the holiday was later, the first weekend of June when it was early.
  16. Now that is a throwback to the days of the Chrome Wall.
  17. What blew my mind was the lower brass also playing the fast passages.
  18. Some might make similar predictions even earlier.
  19. There might have been a contest or two during the weekend.
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