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  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    From a rules perspective, I feel going the direction of making electronics better integrated/more organic is actually the wrong direction because the line is blurred even more concerning what is "live" and what is not. We are already seeing clever use of synth and punched-in samples to augment and buff the sound (imbedded mic'd horns a la SCV, electronic enhancement on soloists such as delay/reverb/chorusing, mic'ing entire line through FOH). It is getting hard to tell what is truly "live". Fast forward to a future of line array speakers and further enhancement and we will have a very "photoshopped" experience, a partially "real" partially "engineered" performance. Go to any pop music concert and this is what you already get. People now are so used to autotuned/ghost tracked performances that nobody really questions or cares anymore in the pop world. I'd hate to see drum corps go down that road. The unfortunate thing is all the audio smoke and mirrors takes the authenticity away- leaves me wondering how much of the sound is actually real and how much is faked by machine. This is the world we live in, though- CGI, Photoshop, auto tuned, flavor enhanced. I wonder what the low brass think about being buried in synthesized goo? How would fans like it if corps started cleverly patching in high brass samples or synth tones to reinforce high brass (who is to say this doesn't happen already in some form)? Drum loops to splice into live playing? At what point is it too much?
  3. 2018 Rules proposals

    Forget it Jake, it's cowtown.
  4. 2018 Rules proposals

    Not no one. And in my opinion, there's been a lot more bad use of amplification than good use of amplification.
  5. 2018 Rules proposals

    actually they can be quite useful. But no one praises those shows. they just ##### about the ones they hate
  6. 2018 Rules proposals

    where have i blindly supported it? Perhaps you haven't truly read anything I have said since i helped launch the petition to ban it in 2003.
  7. 2018 Rules proposals

    I never said they were top experts at it. if you've read anything I've said for the last 13 years, you'll see time and time again where i've called on the judging community to send harsher messages with their scores. I use "get off my lawn crowd" for those who continue to rant about it, always adding the caveat of seeing it going away, and then insulting others. It ain't going away. Like it or not, it aint going away. calling people names isn't going to make it better either. people have been #####ing about something in drum corps, usually something new or daring since, oh, day 2 of drum corps. yet drum corps has progressed. Despite now universal love, bayonne in 76 got lots of complaints. So did Cadets new styles of drill and music in 83. BD pretty much any year since 2007. And thousands of other examples. Not once did calling people names change anything back to what was. if anything, it drove some to change it more.
  8. The "Music Corps Should Do" thread

    I'm too new to the activity to know if anyone has performed this but it certainly sounds like great material for drum corps.
  9. Welcome to the Class of 2018!!! Six people will be inducted into the Maryland Drum and Bugle Corps Hall of Fame, at the annual banquet in the Baltimore area the afternoon of Saturday, March 24. The inductees are: Bob Andrews Ray Eyler John Hentschel Larry Kerchner Gilman "Butch" Rathel Patrick Taylor If you would like to join us that day, you're welcome to attend!!! Just send me a PM here on DCP for more information.
  10. Have the summer of your life!!!!! Best of luck.
  11. 2018 Rules proposals

    They play into my facts as I made no value judgements on what members were thinking and ascribing my thoughts on others, just stated facts that members march in corps that use electronics. I even said some might like it and some not so much. But as Jeff noted....they are spending 4K to 5K to march, so balance that alone says something.
  12. Looking Forward to the 2018 season...

    Congrats sir. Be prepared to work hard and to enjoy every minute of it!
  13. Looking Forward to the 2018 season...

    Enjoy yourself, young man!
  14. Looking Forward to the 2018 season...

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Now get out there and spread your enthusiasm to more potential members! Full hornline for ‘18! ❤️
  15. All time shows: The Academy

    Favorites: 1. 2014: “Vanity Fair” 2. 2016: “Drum Corpse Bride” 3. 2012: “Left of Spring” 4. 2011: “(RE)” 5. 2010: “Strangers in Paradise” Least Favorites: The Academy hasn’t really done a show I didn’t like. But if I had to pick one that didn’t “wow” me, I guess I’d have to go with 2008’s “Vienna Nights.”
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  17. 2018 Rules proposals

    Yeah, amps are an unnecessary crutch. If you want to watch drum corps, you have no choice but to listen to it. That's a far cry from liking it however. I guess that's my facts.
  18. 2018 Rules proposals

    So... I’m admittedly the new guy on this page, but just to make sure I understand how things work, If choosing to “rant,” rules of civility (like name calling, referencing demographics, etc), limited logic, and broad generalizations are fine? Does a rant need to be declared, or is it assumed when the above occur in some combination? (Sorry, couldn’t help it. I say this somewhat in jest... ) Since I’m new, I’ll confess I’m just a longtime fan. I love what I consider “old school” which I define as 70s+ (and certainly respect older than that), as well as the current shows. I thoroughly enjoyed last season (we saw 6 smaller shows last year plus finals weekend... plus Flo which only sorta counts). In fact the highlight for me last year (in addition to cheering for my kid of course) was being there to see the SCV alumni show! As others have said, I agree that some attempts at mic/amp use were better than others. One of the things I appreciate about this activity is the ability for the corps to try things and learn. It’s a tough balance, trying to be on the leading edge, but also needing near perfection to remain competitive. The leader has to let the team take some risks, and accept when something doesn’t work perfectly. As a leader in a different community, watching how corps work through it all is as interesting to me as the watching the shows themselves. I don’t presume to tell anyone what they should like or how to think, I just wanted to clarify there is another point of view.
  19. 2018 Rules proposals

    When I first taught middle school history, computers were beginning to be used in the classroom. There was some resistance from some students who could not understand why they needed to learn to use computers. A few years later, there were no problems with computer use because students never knew anything different. In drum corps, I do remember some quibbling from people I knew who marched when front ensembles came into being, especially as more things were added. My bet is few if any marchers complain today since the beginning of the front ensemble was prior to their lifetime and they never knew anything else. My guess is few kids today would give amplification a second thought. For school plays, kids wear microphones. Electronic sound effects are common. Technology is a way of life. This is not new and kids do not know anything different. So unless a young marching member has inner ear issues that are triggered by electronic amplification, use of electronics and amplification probably does not play a role in whether to march in drum corps.
  20. 2018 Rules proposals

    Joe Friday would be proud of you.
  21. 2018 Rules proposals

    Yes, Drum corps uses electronics but I spoke with Regiment members that were already in spring training before they knew their entire horn line would be amplified, how does that play into your facts? Not that your facts matters because they are not really facts or even relevant to the current discussion as its rather off topic. But I sign up for many things even though I don't like all aspects, like this Drum Corps Board for example. And if you're saying the marchers should decide the rule, why didn't they get a voice? Only the designers got to vote or even speak about it, everyone else was shut out. They didn't even allow a counter point. That is a huge part of my objection, sorry I didn't make that more clear in my previous post but the Good Year Blimp was already decommissioned. From my limited sampling, most the marching brass player hated it. It doesn't mean they'll always hate it and I'd never claim it as a fact And i thought the fact we were discussing was just one aspect of electronics, amplifying the entire horn line and the rule proposal that addressed repealing a rule that was only introduced last year. Jeff, one simple question, why do you support what the experts, Mr. Failed Professional Bluecoats Sound Designer said was done poorly?
  22. 2018 Rules proposals

    Perhaps your issue with my use of children within the context of my post is fair warning of an approaching brick wall but I love a good rant so why not? I was in the 100 section at finals so you saw me standing and cheering too. Even for corps that did a horrible job amplifying the entire horn line and so? Uh-oh. Your dismissing and then employing an ad populum, as noted is interesting…are you a DCI Sound Designer? The rule change that allowed amplification of everything on the field only came into being last year and it wasn’t noticed by most the audience until after the season started and many of the tickets were bought. Several Marching Members have stated that they were not aware of it until spring training or even later when their corps introduced the extra microphone on the sidelines later in the season. So I have serious doubts that this one specific rule change last year affected any attendance numbers in the stands or the corps. But even next year, the year after, I doubt this one rule change will have much of an effect anyways. Other factors seem to have much more influence and it's rarely one thing but several, even if one thing is the straw that broke the camel's back. For the Music Ed people; correlation is not causation. Go ask the science teacher to explain what that means. And reducing people that oppose amplifying the entire brass line to ‘Dinos’ or the ‘Get of my Lawn’ crowd is red herring, let’s clean up the thinking here, folks. Or better yet, I’ll play your game. Mr. Failed Professional Bluecoats Sound Designer admitted he and they (DCI Corps) did a bad job. So people who support amplifying the entire horn lines have tin ears that revel in inferior products and clearly can’t discern quality musical design or preformance so all of their opinions on the state and future of Drum Corps should be ignored. They hate Drum Corps. In Fact, to support amplifying the entire horn line after the initial results and the condemnation by Cowtown and Mr. Failed Professional Bluecoats Sound Designer is only affecting a lifestyle choice, a poseur posture because you like the idea. It'd be best to go back to blasting Lil Uzi Vert through your Beats to show how down with the kids you are so they fill up your band classes because um, math is hard. Or perhaps you didn’t attend enough shows in decent seats to hear just how awful it truly was employed. And if you're not spending the money, why do you matter? I admire Cixelsyd battle against mushy thinking
  23. 2018 Rules proposals

    ok so let me ask a simple question....if you disliked something enough, would you pay $4000-5000 to do it?
  24. 2018 Rules proposals

    Drum corps uses electronics. Period. People desire to try out for drum corps and do so. Period. Therefore, people try out for an activity that uses electronics. Period. Just facts.
  25. 2018 Rules proposals

    You can keep juxtaposing the words "electronics" and "desire" as many times as you want. But claiming to know what is in the mind of everyone who visits a single camp or audition is generalizing/extrapolating. Just stating facts.
  26. 2018 Rules proposals

    get off my lawn isn't an age thing. it's a mindset
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