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  2. MB

    That is so true.
  3. Just wanted to set the record straight regarding Al Capone, he was released from prison in 1940 and died in at his home in Palm Island Florida in 1947
  4. yes a lot of ancillary issues I agree...but better in here than 5k other threads about everything GH...just my opinion of course...
  5. MB

    We had been told at our Winter Send Off show that there had been some departures and changes in staff but that the corps would remain active this summer. Most of the alum and current members found out this morning primarily through email. It's hard in Minnesota to recruit with hs summer only groups and when the season takes up so much time, in addition to the extended travel to go to DCA.
  6. Boston Crusaders 2018's a bit ironic that all there is to talk complaining that corps don't have anything to talk about...haha Yes I know this is Boston please don't remind me of that btw...I'm just making my ANNUAL complaint about this...much like ghost's annual ask for someone to do the the scarlet pimpernel musical...haha
  7. MB

    With many current members being college age and younger, and most if not all involved in marching band, it has become extremely difficult to recruit potential members to commit to Labor Day weekend. Band directors don’t want their members missing opening high school and college football games. Not to mention parents who say no you’re not missing school for drum corps. It’s a challenge recruiting for an All-Age DCA schedule.
  8. MB

    From a performance perspective, MBI was by far the best of those four groups,.
  9. I asked at the beginning of the thread are many outraged over the victims and his alleged actions or merely hate the guy ( with reasons for sure ) I know it does not have to be exclusive BUT boy has it drifted from the reason it all started. Now it's all about finance which IMO is solely a Cadet issue, unlike the alleged actions of an activity predator.
  10. MB

    Sounds like this might've played some level of a role as well... who knows.
  11. ROC gonna miss DCA

    the first half that crosses the river is on pace. Still finalizing the route on stage 2 due to some environmental issues. Mother in law lives right below it all, so I hear about it weekly
  12. ROC gonna miss DCA

    too large? eh....problem was the way it was built, not enough seats in the good sections.
  13. MB

    you have 4 corps in a pretty tight radius...Govies, MBI, River City and Chops.
  14. MB

  15. MB

    That could explain it...although MB did seem to have a lot of school aged marchers in their ranks when they were winning/ medaling in DCA recently though too.
  16. Cadets 2018

    exactly...rushing things has not worked well as of late either...
  17. MB

    It hasn't been like you describe in years. Percussion and guard are easy. Brass is *very* challenging.
  18. MB

    The corps are getting younger. Kids who are in high school or college band have games Labor Day weekend.
  19. Cadets 2018

    yeah...if I am the design team, i take my time to make it right, and not just rush it out there
  20. MB

    But wern't the DCA schedule challenge the same as it was when they were winning DCA/ medaling in DCA ? Whats changed in the " DCA schedule " with these schools since then ( year or so ago ) ?
  21. MB

    They have plenty of $$$
  22. Star '91 Question

    I didn’t even know there was a show in platteville.
  23. MB

    Wonder what happened with recruiting ? The same recruiting challenges were seemingly present there for them even in the recent years they won DCA and/ or medaled. So why the inability to continue to bring in quality marchers now over just a season or a couple of seasons ago ? Sad to lose yet another fine DCA Corps from DCA summer competition.
  24. The future of the Cadets

    agreed. I know several who have marched or taught there, and they do not condone rape. In fact if you ever heard a Hop Talk, he preached a lot about personal behavior. Now that he apparently practiced what he preached, but... but yes, Cowtown is very anti Cadets...well George. he like many consider the corps and the man to be one and the same. And it's not, and won't be ever again
  25. MB

    They do specify "brass" members. Both MB and RCR fielded pretty full groups in WGI percussion this winter as well.
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