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  2. StarVoyager

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    I agree with Cappy and Chief Guns, I don't believe that SCV will break 99 this year and heh they're my pick to take all the cards . I also believe they won't need to honestly. My belief is that SCV wins hands down on finals night by more then a point, but it won't be like 1973 when they beat Troop by a record 2.5 points or even BD beating the Bluecoats in 2014 by 2.475 points. I just feel like the quality of performance/programming that BD, Bluecoats, Crown, (just to name a few) will keep that gap below any record spreads. Time will tell, we'll just have to wait. Are we REALLY only 3 weeks away from FINALS?!?!?!?
  3. "It's a moment with no electronics, it just sucks you in and makes you not want to leave your seat" funny that
  4. I agree with that as well. In one of the earlier podcasts, the drum major said they were roughly 50% rookies. 50%.... rookies.... and they're this amazing? WTF? Granted, being a rookie doesn't necessarily mean you never marched anywhere else, but still.... that's incredible.
  5. What is shocking is how many age outs SCV had last year. Recruiting and instruction aren’t getting the credit they deserve. Perhaps, especially, at Vanguard Cadets, which were terrific last year and moved a lot of kids up to SCV.
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  7. Random question...who was the loudest hornline at this competition? posted from the DrumScorps app
  8. like i've said in previous threads, scv's show must be seen live to really get it it's just powerful on many levels
  9. What SHOULD be surprising, Jeffe77, is that SCV's brass is killing it this season. SCV regularly has good percussion. Even during their long bad streaks they've put out some competitive lines. But their brass? Somebody asked in another thread, "when was the last time, outside of this season, that SCV beat BD in brass?" I was bored so I looked it up: SCV beat BD in brass at the Stanford and Pasadena shows last year. Prior to that, SCV's brass came out on top in Quarter Finals of 2009. Prior to that, SCV bested BD in brass in Quarter Finals of 1999. That's where I stopped. Needless to say, SCV's hornline this year is historically good. THAT should be surprising. Not the drum scores.
  10. What a great night for SCV!
  11. Got a notice from the host via E-Mail that there's been a schedule change for Nazareth: "Here is the new schedule for the event: 6:45 - Welcome/National Anthem 6:50 - EnCorps 7:10 - Skyliners 7:27 - Bushwackers 7:44 - Long Island Sunrisers 8:01 - Hawthorne Caballeros 8:18 - Reading Buccaneers 8:35 - White Sabers 8:52 - Cadets2" Plan on hitting Rios Steak House at 4PM.
  12. Aerodis

    Blue Knights 2018

    BK is struggling behind that Guard design yet again. I really feel like these kids could push into the top 5 if they get something better from their visual design.
  13. Saturday, July 21 ☆ DCI Southwestern Championship ☆ Corps Score 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 91.300 2 Blue Devils 90.500 3 Bluecoats 90.325 4 Carolina Crown 88.700 5 The Cavaliers 87.350 6 Boston Crusaders 87.200 7 The Cadets 84.200 8 Blue Knights 83.900 9 Phantom Regiment 83.300 10 Blue Stars 82.700 11 Mandarins 82.000 12 Crossmen 81.850 13 The Academy 80.000 14 Spirit of Atlanta 78.700 15 Madison Scouts 77.700 16 Colts 76.600 17 Troopers 75.900 18 Pacific Crest 70.600 19 Music City 70.200 20 Oregon Crusaders 68.800 21 Genesis 67.800 22 Jersey Surf 66.200 23 Seattle Cascades 65.100 24 Pioneer 60.200
  14. Like someone said before, has the 'It" factor, like previous championship shows like Bloo 16, BD 15, 94, Cavies 02, etc. It's awesome to see. One comment to add. I'm surprised the spread in percussion, sure it's not shocking SCV 1st in percussion, but 0.4 ahead? Bloo, BD and Crown are clustered together. On another note, if SCV's guard score starts improving and score on par to the rest of SCV's caption, its over.
  15. If it was Kristenson or Prosperie I’d be more convinced. But Tyler Dempsey? Never heard his name before. Doubt he’ll be there in Indy.
  16. N.E. Brigand

    Bakersfield, CA - July 20, 2018

    This is very premature, especially before we have tomorrow's scores from Glens Falls, but doing a very simple arithmetic progression, these would be the finalists in Michigan City: 1. SCVC 2. BDB 3. Spartans (very close to BDB) 4. Guardians 5. Louisiana Stars 6. Gold (very close to Stars) 7. 7th Regiment 8. Legends (very close to Regiment) 9. Southwind (very close to Legends) 10. Golden Empire 11. River City Rhythm 12. Heat Wave And Raiders, Colt Cadets, and Shadow missing the cut in that order. Scores in the bottom half would be higher than last year, so that Jubal, if they score like The Company, will end up between tenth and eleventh.
  17. FlamMan

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I have a room here full of marshmallows, balloons, rainbows, and stuffed animals for those of you who are overly sensitive, insecure, & are triggered.
  18. N.E. Brigand

    How bad is this year's percussion?

    Yes, I started this thread just in time, only hours before Vanguard started putting down Box 5 numbers.
  19. N.E. Brigand

    Bakersfield, CA - July 20, 2018

    Huge jump for Watchmen, who scored 51.95 and well behind Vessel and Impulse just five days ago.
  20. N.E. Brigand

    Bakersfield, CA - July 20, 2018

    Well, that's quite the lead for SCVC. They took every caption except guard (BDB), and almost every subcaption too. Gold's weaknesses are guard, percussion, and especially brass, where they were overtaken not only by Battalion but also by Golden Empire. Gold did take one G.E. subcaption from BDB. Every year one thing I wonder is if every corps at the west coast championships will break 50. That looks unlikely tomorrow. I think the top two for Michigan City are already set, unless Spartans are very, very good or one of the southern corps steps up big time.
  21. Well, this thread may be proven moot, seeing how far ahead SCV is this year for the Sanford. Case in point tonight. Like the English were saying at the World Cup, it's coming home. 1st - SCV - 18.10 Cont - 9.10, Acvh - 9.00 2nd - BD - 17.70 Cont - 8.90, Acvh - 8.80 3rd - Crown - 17.65 Cont - 8.85, Acvh - 8.80 4th - Bloo - 17.50 Cont - 8.80, Acvh - 8.70
  22. N.E. Brigand

    Bakersfield, CA - July 20, 2018

    And the rest: 4. 63.90 -- The Battalion 5. 62.85 -- Golden Empire 6. 56.75 -- Watchmen 7. 56.50 -- Vessel 8. 55.90 -- Impulse 9. 47.35 -- Blue Devils C 10. 47.10 -- Incognito
  23. FlamMan

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Exactly. This current Madison regime will go down in history as the worst and should be removed.
  24. Which piece? Stravinsky, Sebesky, or Brenzel?
  25. I agree with NE Brigand...when I saw Gold at Bellflower last week their show design was superior to BDB’s IMO and has a lot more room to grow. Nuts4DC: Thanks got posting the scores; I hadn’t heard from my son (3rd year SCVC trumpet) yet.
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