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  1. There have been items stolen from mm by their fellow corps members over the decades.
  2. Some corps have used them well to enhance the music.
  3. You gave your opinion Mike and other's gave theirs, but you're out because their opinions including reasons behind their thoughts?
  4. Ghost

    2019 Show Ideas

    Same response as the previous four years. A new addition would be the Trooper's doing Dances With Wolves.
  5. What happened MD, did your device run out of I-M-O's? Are those three posts your version of the movie "Ground Hog Day?" For those arrangers out there, please let us know which WC top 6 finalist this year would have improved their brass book with WW?
  6. For me, the interest in D&BC is fading. Just hoping any future changes to the activity will take place after Boston gets a chance at a ring.
  7. Ghost

    2018 Corps Reviews

    I'm not a good candidate to post reviews since my last live show was finals 2015, and a review off a cell phone or FLO may not do a corps justice. A review post finals seems to me to be irrelevant.
  8. Ghost

    The Cadets 2019

    Back in the early 90's, there were Boston area parents who were very disappointed if their kindergarten aged child didn't get into a private school. It was considered the beginning of their child's advancement to an Ivy League school.
  9. Ghost

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Wonder who the teacher's union supports in most elections?
  10. Give the guy some time L! He's still trying to salvage most of his tour clothing. Welcome back to DCP DMT and thanks for helping out a corps for the whole competitive season.
  11. May they hang onto as many vets as they can to help the corps improve next year.
  12. 2011 Boston- Revolution Well done Charlie!
  13. Ghost

    Pioneer Member Rant

    So you're saying this isn't the case currently? DCI should be the last ones to investigate anything to do with their baby. Their investigation track record, from what I've been told, is not very good.
  14. VK might have to make a come back.
  15. I don't even like some of the new ideas that have been done in recent years.