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  1. Which I had an age out year. "Off we go into the wild blue............"
  2. Star '91 Question

    Known as Nickerson Field. Thank you DCF4.
  3. Star '91 Question

    Star 92 wasn't bad either.
  4. The first few paragraphs of the first link to the initial story is all I've been interested in reading, but, based on some of the thoughts about this journalist(s), does anyone know the experience of the writer(s)?
  5. I'd say ebo you're way off with your "you and everyone else" comment. That means 100% of the DCP posters. The Cadets have been a top corps for decades and the actions of GH has many concerned about the corps and how this season plays out for the corps. Sure, there are probably the NASCAR type posters waiting for more "crashes" (no matter who the corps is), but for many of us, who are not privy to what happens within each corps throughout their history, these current events are a big eye opener.
  6. Star '91 Question

    Or maybe it was the Fargo Bldg. parking lot in Southie which Boston used for many years. Must be a weekend off for many DCP posters since no one has the accurate answer yet. No biggie.
  7. Star '91 Question

    I think Tim K. might be right with Star using BU's football stadium.
  8. Does he still have any of the perks he had a few weeks back?
  9. Ahhhh,, I see loads of zeroes on that check. May the finished work allow you to recoup your investment in the tuba's value. Time to increase the insurance policy.
  10. Cadets 2018

    "Don't rain on my parade?"
  11. It wasn't like this uniform, but they did some lights on the mm. Some percussion bass sections have had the heads change colors, but you're right, if someone did this, and it tied into the show theme, that would be very interesting.
  12. SCV gave a go of it not too long ago.
  13. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Something borrowed, something blue?
  14. SOP for most people put in charge of any activity after the previous honchos had a tough stretch.