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  1. I listen to good music for enjoyment, so I was not aware of LB intent. Then why are the Cadets giving folks like me a different read of the music? Thanks for the input.
  2. Hope there are no atheists in the Cadets.
  3. Thursday nights have traditionnally been the worst night of the week for movie theatres since any new movie usually opens up on a Friday. Selling 25 tickets is better than nothing.
  4. Have someone take them to the gate and either sell them or meet your buyer. Need at least two secret agent type phrases.
  5. Don't know about worst of the night, but this show might not go over well in the Bible Belt, a city in Michigan, and never do this show in most of the Middle East. As a "practicing Catholic", I felt uncomfortable with the verbal religious parts. A Church and state moment I guess and maybe it's needed to provide more meat for the show.
  6. Two hour drive from Vegas and just saw the scores. Didn't figure on a 72. This might have the BD licking their chops. Main thoughts I came away with. 1. Bluecoats-Downside Up Part Dos. Haven't read all the previous pages, but the "their feet are dirty" crowd will also be having a Part Dos with this issue this year. At least initially. 2. Cadets looked really impressive waiting to be announced. Much better program this year. 3. With anniversary years, the BD and SCV are not dropping out of the top six. And the top four tonight maybe hanging around in the top six for another year, even if in different positions, but we still need to see the other contenders. Yes, this will be a better year than last year. 4. I'm guessing most of these corps competing tonight are all using another 18 wheeler.
  7. They've had some bad luck with snares in recent years. Wasn't it a couple of years ago they had seven after a prank was pulled on an overseas mm, who went home, but learned it was a hoax? May they find another one unless it's too late.
  8. Good to see the "'band" isn't delaying the young lady in the bottom left of getting her laps in. Get off the track people! But then again, Boston has the permit I imagine.
  9. Finally getting to last Friday's World Brass Radio broadcast and liked "Supremacy" by the International Staff Band. If my copy is messed up, it starts just after the 36' mark. You might find some other nice pieces.
  10. I can envision PR doing the ending. Ove the years they have nicely written the drill to seperate the various voices.
  11. Isn't this photo the one you sent months ago when jets were being discussed?
  12. Send the private jet to the St. George airport and I'll be there.
  13. 2017 might have the most corps in the 90's.
  14. The main section of a corps for me is brass. Without the brass there's no DCI CD's, DVD's, DCI shows, and eventually DCI itself.