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  1. Now, now B. I recall a post or five of yours with similar thoughts how others feel a corps will place based long before their first show in front of the judges.
  2. Another prediction of a corps placement based on the posting of music and an idea or two of what will take place on the field. Could you post the sheets please.
  3. Yes, they'll probably look great, but if one feels the CG will be the corps strong suit this first year with many new instructional staff, they might drive this show more so than most guards do in recent years.
  4. The military might make an exception on any age requirements for a top notch chaplin. Just make sure you can handle an M-16 and a hand gun.
  5. A thank you to all my fellow military folks whether currently active or a veteran. We're all glad the Hellcats performance on TV today was safer than a previous one. (If that's Jeff P. on drums, is he wearing body armor?)
  6. Nahhhh! Around their necks.
  7. Yup! Purgatory for you!
  8. Looks like George D. was pretty close with the Boston's theme this year.
  9. Start practicing sleeping in a partially reclining chair, with ear plugs, and a blow up neck pillow, after taking 1 1/2 Benadryls. That is if you really want to get some sleep.
  10. Easy now. This is what you typed last June emc2. "2016 Prediction Thread emc2 replied to tesmusic's topic in DCI World Class Corps Discussions BAC Theme/production choices have been great over the past several years (IMO). Staff They know how to put on a show/production (BAC would of not made changes in staff if they were not needed). Over all design and equipment changes etc, will surprise a lot of people this year (IMO). They are further along than they were last year as planed by staff. IMO overall GE scores alone will bring them up from were they place last year (prop issues and field coverage mainly)... June 12, 2016 1,611 replies"
  11. "We have met the enemy and he is us." Walt Kelly