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  1. Tom Yawkey owned the Red Sox and the club was the last major league team to sign a black player. The current owner, John Henry is probably going to re name the street. If they do, they should cover up the "dots and dashes " on the scoreboard that represent the initials of Yawkey and his wife.
  2. No heavy lifting , probably a nice salary, and not ready to retire. Who would not want to be voted back in?
  3. This is an annual topic,so someone might list the link for last years discussion. Check out the OC corps audition that's close to you and go for it! A year or two with both a HS band and OC corps will be a great training program for you.
  4. Around the time the BAC beat the Cadets for the first time this year, George mentioned wiggle/wiggling in a condescending way. The same George who referred to another poster as a whiner. Can't recall if it was in the Cadets thread or the BAC thread.
  5. Do you think the scores reflected how the brass and singer "blended" in a very positive way?
  6. The BD are always a contenda and the Cadets have won over the years. These end of year caption awards are always won by a few tenths at the most.
  7. Give or take 15 seconds, I had this talented mello member playing for around 4:42. That's why I felt these first chair brass members were spending more time moving and positioning props than show casing their talents, but, that's how the designers used them.
  8. Interesting information. Maybe she wasn't interested or her guard skills were better than the singer chosen.
  9. While stationed at Chanute AFB for my initial school training with the USAF in 67, I dated (no flies on me back then) a U of IL girl and visited their campus a few times.
  10. Who's turn on the couch tonight?
  11. As we await a reply from GD, for those who have questioned SSF's info, let's just say in regards to what happens with the Boston Crusaders and IA&M, he has a reserved seat at the table. I imagine he has a great relationship with the folks at DCI HQ also.
  12. This may have been her age out year. What a way to wrap up her Giant career.
  13. Boston has had great success with a singer in 15 and 17.
  14. Who is Elise? If you mean ELLIS Hampton, then this emphasizes why you need to learn to spell. How do you find the text on FB. I looked and can't get at anything current on the corps. Wish I had the BAC 1966 version.