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  1. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Most new stadiums will have the ultimate toilet flush at the same time to check water pressure, etc. I guess future punch lists will have several large bucket cranes so fire hoses can be used to soak the roof from all angles. Atlanta does get a fair amount of precipitation each year. Wait a minute. I imagine the roof was completed way in advance so all the interior construction could be done. There had to be a few times when there was rain. Lack of the 7P's principle might have caused some issues.
  2. There are probably many programs available to write drills.
  3. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Didn't watch the bands at half time so you all must know how much of an echo there is. Maine Cabin Masters was a much more interesting half time.
  4. This can't be you Terri, so are you quoting Jim?
  5. Cadets 2018

    A great photo.
  6. 2018 Rules proposals

    Now you have to pay the lobbyist B.
  7. 2018 Rules proposals

    Glad this was shot down. I'll never have the knowledge of the mover and shakers, and the skill set of judges, but to judge percussion from way far away does a disservice to all corps whether their drum lines are good or some what weaker. At least BRASSO will be happy about full panels even it doesn't start until 19.
  8. Don't forget that Garfield in 82/83 and some still feel SCV had some input in the early 80's as to how drill and such were changed.
  9. Maybe some time in the not too distant future in a galaxy far, far, oh wait a minute. Anyhoo, let's hope this issue of rights and such gets fixed so FN or another service provides our DCI history.
  10. Starting around 20:45 for Hope, then into Starburst and Canyons. Helll, the whole Jan. 5th program is good.
  11. 2018 Rules proposals

    He forgot to remind the lady to wash off the salt as soon as she could. Wonder if that location was around Scituate.
  12. The minor leagues can be tough.