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  1. And don't forget the water proof socks or ducks.
  2. It was well received by the fans as was 2000 Boston's ballad.
  3. Now, this is real hype folks!
  4. You sure this wasn't you?
  5. Come on BRASSO, everyone knows Clutchtow was suggesting the NFL Rams.
  6. I have no idea who anyone in the audience is, but for those who do, it must be interesting to see them from the mid 80's. Thank you GD for the great video. I've always loved the music from SITPWG.
  7. Don't you have a golf cart drill team practice to get too?
  8. There you go CB, making a partial G7 reference. (Thank you for the proper spelling.)
  9. I may have read too much into your post and the use of "impuning" through me off. I made my reply before learning that there is no word impuning, at least from my search. I may also have a false sense that some none supporters of the corps might not want them to succeed and earn a place at the table which for me and many alumni is top six.
  10. Not worth worrying about it. You'll know in do time. More important things in life to worry about.
  11. And prevent the corps from being at the "final table" (for you poker players).
  12. For some reason skevinp, I noticed that you have more "like this" than total posts. Must be some sort of record. Well done sir!
  13. Speaking for myself, I don't have the juice to make any offers on behalf of the organization. I'd put CB in the group of many of us, whether or not we ever marched with a certain corps, who would not switch loyalties.
  14. Of course not! I haven't been back in MA since 2015.