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  1. Other than the 4/5 month demotion back to the HL starting in Jan. 66, 65&66 were "very good years". (Are you telling us you never heard about the mm nicknamed Road Monkey?)
  2. Your right X. The corps had a two legged road monkey once.
  3. I've heard it's more about polka dots and moonbeams.
  4. And good for them! The national women's soccer team should consider the same methods.
  5. And the cone of silence strikes another annual pre season look see.
  6. "Alex, I'll take "like this" for three please"
  7. I'll accept what Liahona typed since I cancelled the recording after a few minutes.
  8. Start off by asking the PIC what your duties will be and how they want things done. Always be available to help, put the phone away, and be happy. Most souvie trailers are tight so be aware of your associates and scan the crowd for someone looking like they need assistance. Know your product line. If it's a ground area "tent", it will also be crowded so give people space. They can see the prices. If not busy, straighten up the shelves. Have fun and oh yeah, know your product line.
  9. MEMO to BRASSO: Please do not reply to DB's comments with your over used paragraph of how "it's all about the visuals and GE". Thank you.
  10. They're either sleeping in or at work by now depending on there time zone.
  11. And don't forget I-15 also has higher speed limits. (I think only UT and TX have stretches of highways that allow 85 MPH.) But those on two wheels just love the thousands of miles of twisty back roads. There are probably more ATV's out here then MC with all the off road trails.
  12. The camps have been great this Winter. The talent is strong and the staff and mm are working hard on this years production. The corps expects to be a fan favorite this year.
  13. Definitely less crowded in SW UT and there are fewer idiots and we might hear first responder sirens once or twice a month. Only about 140K in Washington County where we live. Our ashes will be spread over Lake Winoa in Meredith, NH (the place my wife spent most of her Summers growing up) long before this area gets crowded. Never a problem finding a parking spot even in late Feb. into March when there's many activities going on. Longest either one of us has had to wait for a normal Dr. visit is maybe two weeks. We are not happy with the hit we take each April from the state of UT, so we checked out some 55+ communities around Phoenix. Nice places, but even in July, the area is crowded with many traffic lights, lines, etc. We can only imagine how crowded it is in the Winter. For now, we'll pay the tax hit and enjoy our peace and quiet around here. And I have no complaints about playing softball in high dry heat with the humidity in the low 20's and the dew point also very low. The dish rag weather back East for several months a year doesn't work for us and did I mention since coming out here in late 2010, we've gone through at least three Winters with no snow and just a little dusting during the other ones.
  14. How dare you refer to Big Bird as a hog. Leave that moniker for the Harley owners. No wind issues recently, but that ride down to Laughlin, NV three weeks ago was a nice challenge. Even at over 1,400 lbs (the bike itself is 1,200 or so) with me an the gear, it still felt the cross winds. The problem with the Goldwing is that it has so much "tupper wear" that the only place for the wind to pass through is the front wheel and under the the rest of the bike which is about six inches off the ground. It's one big sail.
  15. Oh goodie! The big B has returned to his Winter bird nest and will be sending a PM soon.