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  1. FWIW, we have *many* local kids in our corps (Hawthorne, Fair Lawn, etc). The majority of the corps come from north Jersey. Several of our brass line members are indeed learning the instrument for the first time... They *are* today's "everyday kid". They all "joined because they wanted to be a part of something." "Some didn't even know how to play." (See above) " A number of us older corps members became the instructors." Many of Cabs' instructional staff marched in the corps before moving on to teaching (you'll find that in every corps). "The heart and soul of the corps is not only the music and performance. It about the spirit of the corps, the team spirit and the friendships. The feeling that when you enter the field that your doing your best because to paraphrase "Drumline" when one sounds bad you all sound bad". Congrats, you just described every corps on the field in DCA today. "Maybe my problem is I long for the days of community and hometown spirit which has been lost around these parts for years." I can't speak for many other corps, but I can assure you the "community and hometown spirit" is alive and well in places like Hawthorne and Reading (and likely many others). Look, you don't like today's drum corps. That's fine. But don't make baseless claims and accusations when you're simply ill-informed. The fact is that the "kids off the street" corps are indeed aren't there anymore...that role was taken over by scholastic bands. And scholastic bands do it *way* better than the local corps of yesteryear did it. Today's kids are indeed more talented. They are also instructed by way better teachers, administered by folks that have the best interest of the folks involved and the health of the corps in mind to a far greater extent (did you folks even think about insurance back in the day?), and in an era of monumentally increased costs, field fiscally healthy and responsible corps. Kids have changed, and so have audiences. I fail to understand why you have to diminish today's corps, and that's exactly what you've done, despite your claims otherwise, in order to put your rose-colored-time-travel-glasses on. Why can't you simply accept and enjoy both?
  2. I defy you to show up at any DCA rehearsal and tell them that. You can come to mine anytime you want, and I'll stick you in the middle of the horn arc. And you can tell them they don't have the heart and soul you had back in your day. But you won't.
  3. Vanderbilt stadium only holds 40k, and they rarely fill it, averaging only around 30k per game. A 30k soccer-purposed stadium would easily fit the bill for Vandy as a tenant, particularly since it's going to be off campus at the Fairgrounds if it ever does get built.
  4. General effect and music analysis are responsible for voice.
  5. Yes, as an incentive to buy *before the season started*.
  6. We bought it at the beginning, and it's very good. We use the Flo app on AppleTV.
  7. A lot of corps use the built-in effects of their digital boards, because they are often excellent, plentiful, and easily customized and combined. Boards like the Behringer X-32 (one of the industry standards) can do almost anything. That said, some corps do create their own extensively customized effects. Cavaliers for example, have some pretty amazing soundscapes created by Mike MacIntosh.
  8. Oh my god, attend a competition sometime. Bad judges (certainly not all, but enough to do the damage) constantly reward poorly-designed programs, regardless of the level of achievement.
  9. HS teams won't learn that lesson until marching band circuit judges start rewarding it.
  10. You're "that guy"...you know, the one that goes to a Broadway or Las Vegas show and spends the whole time talking about what happens backstage, instead of enjoying and absorbing the actual performance. You probably think Hamilton wasn't groundbreaking because they used sets and costumes like every other musical...
  11. This is spot-on. At Cabs, we are using microphones to amplify the french horns for two reasons....we want you to hear them, and we want them to have a characteristic french horn sound when you do. We could do it unamplified, but the sound wouldn't be appropriate for our show. If we were doing a show about fox hunting, maybe that would be a good design choice. Our french horn soloist is also amplified for the same reasons. We also use trombones, which are currently not amplified. It's possible we will later, as we want the best and most characteristic jazz trombone sound...and not the super-edgy sound trombones played overly loud tend to make. Edgy can be good, but it depends on what you're trying to play stylistically. The traditional Caballeros screaming trumpets in the closer were not amplified.
  12. Cabs will be practicing at the show site (Clifton Stadium).
  13. The absolute last thing it's about is "who wants it bad enough".
  14. Way to flip the script, therefore proving my point.