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  1. Not quite. Anyone can arrange a piece of copyrighted music. The kicker is they can't give it to an ensemble to rehearse or perform without obtaining permission. For example, I can arrange every song off Taylor Swift's latest album and it's no problem. The second I had it to an ensemble, problems arise. MuseScore's creative commons licences only cover arrangers in the sense that you're granting blanket licences over your work, not the original. Think of it as a portfolio for arrangers and composers. A legal one.
  2. An ill-conceived FloSports venture ...

    I watched most of last summer's DCI streams and most of this fall's BOA streams, and only one night had any issues. I still firmly believe that most of the problems people complain about are end-user issues. Is FLO perfect> No. But they are a getting the job done, and did just fine for year one.
  3. What goes around comes around

    Today I learned 2002 is "old drum corps".
  4. Video edits 2017

    Synch licencing is there to protect the artist and publisher, and to ensure artistic works aren't being distributed in a manner the artist and publisher don't approve of. Respect for the artist trumps respect for the consumer, and it absolutely should.
  5. Video edits 2017

    Some corps do. The Blue Devils word diligently for several years to get arranging rights to the music from The Godfather.
  6. Video edits 2017

    So, you haven't used and do not understand Tresona, do you?
  7. Video edits 2017

    I don't agree with that at all. I'm an arranger. They made it *much* easier for me to figure out what music I can write for my band, how much it will cost in rights, and how easy it is to get. They cut down my workload substantially, and the whole system is automated. Tresona has saved me, and the bands I write for, a lot of time and money. Tresona doesn't make the law...but they do give us an avenue to follow it correctly. The fact that Tresona makes a buck off me and my band isn't something that bothers me in the slightest. There's a ton a value in the service they provide. They've also made it easy for me to sell my work to other customers, and for that I thank them. You don't hate Tresona...you hate existing copyright law. And so do I.
  8. Video edits 2017

    That is correct.
  9. Video edits 2017

    None of this is Tresona's fault. At all.
  10. Sign the Petition

    Nope. Just discussed this with my sister, who is an FBI Special Agent.
  11. Sign the Petition

    Not true. FBI clearances, which are required by most (if not all) states, will contain this info.
  12. Sign the Petition

    Not for clearances they don't.
  13. Sign the Petition

    Why do they even need to do that? All corps follow the laws of the state in which it is based. DCI releasing a statement would me utterly meaningless.
  14. Sign the Petition

    If DCI were to adopt a policy, it would have to be fairly broad, as different states have different laws when it comes to clearances and reporting. Frankly, all drum corps should require at a minimum the same clearances required of professional educators, subcontractors, and volunteers in the state in which the corps is based. Mine does.
  15. Tresona's SPiN Network

    The only one embarrassed here is you. Stu and SkevinP are correct.