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  1. Kamarag

    Blue Devils 2018

    Devils haven't performed a closer at family day in many years. Trying to find fault with their process is ludicrous.
  2. Kamarag

    Blue Devils 2018

    "All they do is just stand around." LOL
  3. Kamarag


    It was a really fun night. Hot all day, but cooled off a bit by showtime. Stands were absolutely packed.
  4. Kamarag


    I’ll be there live, but a tad busy. Oh my god it’s hot here.
  5. Cabs spent the weekend up the street at Taconic Hills High School (an even better facility...one I hope becomes a regular thing). We also performed in the parade, and in the park. Sorry we missed you!
  6. Kamarag

    Blue Devils 2018

    LOL Devils have had crazy-demanding runs and technical writing in the brass books since before Crown even existed as a drum corps.
  7. Les Stentors was never all-female, and their last competitive season was 2017.
  8. I'm going to file this under "Who the hell cares?" It's not like there's a hall of busts in a museum that millions visit on a yearly basis, it's a photo on wall and a list on a website. They'll get rid of him eventually, as they should, but I'm really struggling to figure out why this is such a hit-button issue for some folks when there are way more important things to be doing.
  9. The worst decision in DCA history was when someone decided minicorps needed scores.
  10. This bill will have absolutely no impact on arranging and performance rights. It's legislation aimed at changing how payouts are made for playing and streaming the original recordings of music. It *may* have an impact on synch, mechanical, or streaming rights, but since the music performed by DCI corps is not the original recordings, that impact is very much up for debate.
  11. Kamarag


    No, Open Class corps still get appearance fees for performing at shows on the DCI tour. Once the Open Class tour starts, those payouts cease, which was a move made at the request of the Open Class directors. They have an entirely different payout system once the Open Class tour starts, which is the last two weeks of the season.
  12. My school actually starts games the week before Labor Day weekend. It's a giant PITA.
  13. Kamarag


    It hasn't been like you describe in years. Percussion and guard are easy. Brass is *very* challenging.
  14. If you're just catching up, read everything before you comment. You're days behind. Also, for the love of all that's holy, fix your DCP signature file.
  15. Ebo's posts remind me of some sort of thing write Stuart Rice used to post back in the day, the chief difference being Ebo is short and succinct while Stuart would have written a wall of text to communicate even the simplest (and usually demonstrably wrong) idea.