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    Roku is fine as long as you use a hard-wire connection (use the cat5 cable)...yes it can be used wireless...but my opinion that causes a buffer( and sometimes wait) that is unnecessary and avoided by hard-wiring the set-up...
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    Baby No. 2 is arriving end of June! So that's pretty cool. If we're talking drum corps related, because a new baby means no drum corps shows this summer, we hooked up the main server computer at the house to the big screen with the good sound system so I can watch every live broadcast in style. Also probably going to upgrade the TV from the 55" to the 65". Altogether, should make for a nice compromise until I can pack up the whole family and take them to a show in 2018.
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    I am looking forward to the end of the DCP debates about who is releasing show information and when and what kinds of unis or costumes are being worn. Then we can move on to critiquing (sic criticizing mostly) all the shows and unis. Yay! Honestly though, I am looking forward to some very creative programs and close competition.
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    Overall I love it. The live web streaming is the only downside. I also have an Amazon Fire Stick on one TV. Overall they're both awesome, and the Fire Stick already comes set up with your Prime account logged in if you order it from Amazon.
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    Roku user. No browser and no mirroring app. But it's a sweet server. :)
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    I think you misunderstood my post. In no way was I saying that Jersey Surf or Pioneer should be Open Class rather than World Class. I feel they belong in World Class. The point was brought up by others that since they are sometimes getting beat by some Open Class corps they should be dropped to Open Class. My point to that was that when Jersey Surf and Pioneer were Open Class/DII/III, they were beating several World Class/DI corps. Almost every year that the classes have competed together/against each other in Prelims/Quarterfinals, the top level Open Class/DII/III corps have beaten the bottom World Class/DI corps. I don't feel this should change their classification at all. And now Pioneer and Jersey Surf sometimes get beat by several Open Class corps. Finances is a big part of the equation. When you drop a corps from World to Open Class, you take away a lot of the finances for that corps, since Open Class corps don't get paid as much(or at all sometimes) As soon as you take those payouts away, you will start to lose corps completely. I am surprised of all the success of some of the Open Class corps to stay active long enough to become World Class. Placements are all relative. Why should one set of judges, make or change your opinion of a corps show? When you ask why Jersey Surf does so bad, are you asking because you really didn't care for their show? You didn't like their music, their drill, their performance, or is it just based on the placement they received? Did you think they should have placed higher, or lower? If you watch their show, and really enjoy it, and then see 22 more performances that you like more, or are performed better, should that change your opinion of the fact you really enjoyed their show when you saw it 6 hours earlier? Several years ago, Jersey Surf placed 20th with their Bridgemen tribute show. I would say a majority of people in the audience, and a majority of posts I saw on DCP stated that it was peoples favorite show outside of the top 12, and many said they liked it better than one or more of the top 12 corps that season. And that year it seemed like there were more people in attendance earlier in the day on Thursday and Friday of finals week. I sincerely hope Jersey Surf continues to keep doing what they have been doing. Again, as long as they can financially keep going, and fill the criteria of DCI World Class touring, then great for them. And I would also like to know how many people that have commented on them in this thread actually have seen them in the last 5 years performing live. Seats a lot of years are empty until the top 12 , or top 8 sometimes. So one has to wonder if some of the negative comments towards lower placing corps, are sometimes based more on the placements given by the judges, than on a personal viewing of their show. I can't wait to see what Jersey Surf puts on the field this summer. Good Luck Surf!!! Have a great 2017!!! Whether you place 30th, or top 12, we will be watching you all summer long, and more than likely enjoying every performance.
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    And good for them! The national women's soccer team should consider the same methods.
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    Maybe MikeD and the mods are still busy listening to all that great music on the What Corps Should Play thread. Good stuff for his band show too.
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    Having a beer with THIRDCOAST at the Drums On Parade pre-show tailgate.
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    Very true. But back to what I said in the original post, some corps might not have the funds for it. I like themed uniforms. As long as they are more reminiscent of a uniform and not a costume (I'm looking at you, Bloo), and you can tell what corps it is, I'm fine. I like non themed uniforms as well (Scouts, Cadets (Maroon and gold), Phantom 2006, etc.), but of course they won't be received as well GE-wise.
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    I'm just gonna stream some of it via Apple TV lol...
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    Honest answer: nope. Here's an example of where no themed uniforms didn't prevent a corps from doing well. The Cadet's 2015 show "The Power of Ten" is one of my all time favorites. The closest thing they had to a themed uniform was their neon guard uniforms (neon is the 10th element on the periodic table). Obviously themed uniforms aren't the deciding factor as to whether a show wins or not, but it's still a prevelant factor (one thing that helped them in that category though was the drill. The drill with the 10 person pyramids, X formations, etc.). But I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that (for example) if there are two corps that perform equally well in music, visual, etc. and one has a themed uniform and the other doesn't, the one with the themed uniform will get higher GE scores. Of course I'm not a DCI judge, so I'm not going to act like what I say is fact or not. But this is what I've seen in recent years.
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    At our show, and at most of the TEP shows AFAIK, the first souvie truck to the gate gets the best positioning at the show. Be early, and don't run out of stuff. Contact EVERY show host well in advance and ask how they want to set up. TEP's don't surprises, either. We've had souvie crews put up their own flat tables in the parking lot to fold shirts, set up and stock the trailers and tents, as early as noon for a 6pm show.
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    Spending far too much money on drum coprs shows, and the other related expenses watching/traveling to shows all summer long.
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    And here's the other one. Maybe the Mods are going to do a Rockford Files scenario using two parallel threads.
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    Nope. Big spaces and big roads. I-70 speed limit 85 MPH posted most of the way in Utah.
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    Sources are telling me that Phantom Regiment will also be returning this summer to once again compete in the World Class Division of DCI. Morale is high this offseason too its being reported.
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    My sources are telling me that Phantom Regiment will be better than the sources are telling me that every other Corps will be better than last season though. Plus, my sources are better this year than your sources are for this year, Ghost. That's because my sources are better than last year, and my sources tell me that your sources lost a lot of talented sources to WikiLeaks.
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    So as of last week, after 28 years I am no longer a DCI Fan. I am officially a DCI Parent. <applause> That said, as we've gotten closer and closer, with callbacks and video assignments and camps and talking about drum corps EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for 18 months, I've found that my perspective on this season - and DCI - had changed quite a bit. Really, without me even noticing until now. First, I could give a flying ... leap... about the other 40+ corps in DCI this year. So what if the Cadets are coming out in hot pink? BD playing Taylor Swift in their drum feature? Madison's relocation to Tulsa? No big deal. I'm sure it's all great, but I'll be honest - all I care about is my kiddo and how they're doing, how they place and how they feel about their corps. I probably will be one of those parents in the stands for only one corps, to tell the truth, even if they are likely to be near the front of every show. Sorry, fans who don't like transient crowds - sure I'd like to see the Cavaliers live when they go undefeated and stomp everyone this year, but I'd like even more to see the kiddo and hear how they felt their run was. Second, and probably much more significant, I'm suddenly very amazingly more tolerant of DCI's recent creative explosion. As they say, it's all fun and games until it happens to you. (Or is it until someone loses an ear?) My kiddo is going to be doing some fairly novel stuff in an avant-garde way, and I couldn't be happier. Because this year of DCI was made for them - this is theirs and nobody else's. You had your La Fiesta and Candide and Medea and Bjork and even your Justin Bieber, but now it's my kid's turn. To be brutally honest, as of now my kid's version of DCI is more important to them (and me) than your DCI. So best of luck, other corps, even if I'm only watching with half an eye and listening with half my brain. My focus is on one group of kids - one kid - and what I already know is going to be the best summer of DCI ever. Mike Ok... let's make this an actual discussion instead of some kind of a narcissistic blog post - parents, what did you find changed for you when you made the same switch from fan to parent?
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    My son who is still in high school is starting his 4th year in DCI. I admit I got him in early (he was 12 y.o. at his first rehearsals) but I was teaching the corps at the time. He is now on his own path, choosing to stay with SCVC for his 2nd year after having the opportunity to march with SCV A-corps members and alums for the Rose Parade back in January. I can tell his short but in depth exposure to A-corps talent affected him profoundly, as up to November he was considering auditioning for Xmen (he's a huge fan, Xmen folks!) but he really had to step up his game. As a SCV FMM now SCV-parent I was very tense because the 2017 SCVC auditions were extraordinarily more competitive versus 2016, and a number of returning kids were unfortunately not successful.
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    I have become a fan of Mandarins the past few seasons and always try to catch their performances. Last year I thought their show, esp. the visual package, was just lovely.
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    Mike, did you say "son"? Daughters are allowed too, right...?
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