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    Encouraging report from the New York Times: "There had been concern that people with mild or asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 might not produce antibodies. Good news: New research suggests that most everyone [who contracts the disease] does make antibodies, and at levels likely to confer some immunity."
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    Follow the history of the corps. Coming so close, so many times. So. Many. Times. Phantom suddenly creeping up as finals progressed. The history of this corps up until this point makes every single person doubt that it could happen. After all, always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Even those that know how good the show is doubt that it could make it just because of history. Blue Devils were ahead all season. Often many points ahead. Near the end of the season they were almost 3 points ahead of Phantom in some shows. 2:00 am. Montreal time. The early morning after DCI finals. I call the Phantom Regiment hotline. I had no idea about what happened the week prior to finals. I hear the news. My eyes well up as I hear the outcome. Yes, it was a tie. Buy as always seems to be with the history of the Phantom Regiment, the push to that tie was extraordinary. Even after this, Phantom's history is incredible.
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    Take an office staff of 4 with salaries, taxes, and health insurance, you are at 250,000 maybe 300,000 not including the corps staff. Throw in stipends for the BOD (not all groups have volunteer Boards). Now add in rent or mortgage payments, utilities, insurance, travel expenses, etc., etc., your easily up well over 500K per year in operating expenses. I did not even include the six figure salary for the corps director. Most World Class corps are now multi, multi million dollar operations.
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    Dude....she's giving publicity to our activity. She's also watched other vids not related to what she normally reacts to (a couple of great vids on the Tomb of the Unknowns, for example). And you're #####ing about it? Jesus...what is WRONG with some people? Yeah...how DARE someone with an internet presence be so presumptive as to actually watch and react to a vid of an activity completely alien to that person....and react COMPLETELY POSITIVELY. SERIOUSLY??
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    "Stockholm Syndrome" Plot - Heavy metal fan who hates Abba has to go to Stockholm for an extended period. Of course, in Stockholm the only music played is Abba. After a tortured dream sequence (Abba in a minor key), he (or she) awakes and embraces his (her) love for all things Abba.
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    Or BD or SCV, I doubt any of them include bingo
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    Or Boston.
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    I've always replied "a parking lot", but concrete is very good.
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    Not the Bluecoats
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    ... or on concrete.... 😛 kicker is the beard is growing great since I’m not trimming until I can get a haircut for what’s left of the top of my head
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    Maybe, but grass doesn't grow on a busy street.
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    thanks. i'm old enough to make Jim feel really old in addition to short!!
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    Your post reminded me of a story a friend told me in the early 70s. They were at a contest where the Kilties competed and as they saw them come back to their parking area, a young child yelled out "Daddy" as they ran to a corps member.
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    Well look at it this way... 1 - Office staff (salaries, tax, benefits) and rent on your building with utilities. Maybe you have vehicles etc on leases too? 2 - The tuition/dues that were paid up until the season was terminated this year and the amount of fees you already spent to pay the bills since OCT/NOV 2019 that you will not get back when you are allowed to hold those fees to pay for that members 2021 season (with 2020 fees). Without show fees and if you run (one or more) DCI shows in the summer, along with "feed the corps" kind of fundraisers and souvies. Corps are going to have to really scrounge to make it work. That is why each corps annual campaign is every so important now.
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    So you see, Ghost....you indeed are the ONLY ONE who seems to be #####ing about these vids. STFU now.
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    Thank you Madison Scouts! Would be awesome to see some others follow your lead with this.
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    1. I thought you said "minimal office". Why do you need an office staff when your entire operation is shut down for the next six months minimum? And why do you need to pay them when the PPP will do that for you? 2. Camps are (or should be) pay-as-you-go, therefore the fees you already spent are nonrefundable anyway. If you received tuition payments in advance and are holding them for 2021, that is a bonus unlike anything a drum corps will ever experience again in history. 3. Sure, there will be no show paydays. But there will be no show day expenses either. (Winter programs have it rougher, as their season was actually stopped in progress and they probably have more unrecoverable expenses.) Not denying that some expenses remain. But if shutdown costs 50%-80% of full operating cost, you are not doing it right.
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