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  1. I know this is a DCI thread but I'm going to choose Sunrisers in 83. The show that stands out for me was DCA finals because we kicked ### that night. I was a baritone player and there were only 2 3rd baris, me on one side and Ernie on the other. It was my favorite because, after what happened to me in 82 I could leave with my head up and my pride intact. I went over to Reading for the 84 season and never looked back. I'll always be a Buccaneer.
  2. 5th from the right....is that John Flowers the percussion arranger? If so he had some killer drum lines with Reading in the early 70s.
  3. Token, Who Will Buy was a Hy Dreitzer chart. I know I marched Manville 68 and 69 and Sunrisers after 4 years in the Air Force. John didn't come on staff until 71.
  4. 1971 -the year I got left behind at the stadium- we stayed at Wesleyan Uni in Delaware. Before anyone goes huh???? that was the name of the town Delaware, Ohio. Great rooms and the food was fantastic!!....I can still taste the peach and blueberry cobbler.
  5. Where was finals that 1 year in Mississippi? Biloxi or Jackson couldn't have been better then Florida. I know did time at Keesler AFB in July...the absolute worst!! Just looked it up. It was Jackson in 93...phew!!
  6. Fran the idiotic part of the 10-Cent Beer Night is that they did it a 2nd time a couple of weeks later!!! Honorable mention goes to Comiskey Park in Chi. The infamouse "I hate disco" night....lol
  7. i know this is a DCI thread but for some strange reason there was a disco out on the south shore that hired us -Sunrisers- to appear at their opening -Inside the Disco! Oh wait the OP said stadiums!! Sorry ...well I'm going to tell my story anyway. The manager told us not to play loud. Well the Sunrisers being the Sunrisers who never paid attention to rules, suggestions, or for that matter orders proceeded to BLOW THE HOUSE DOWN!!! Dust was settling in all the drinks of those yuppie come latelies and their faces were covered with a very fine soot. Manager got ###### and then we went out to the parking lot and popped open our Foster's oil cans and had a helluva party. My favorite venue well on topic Roosevelt Stadium despite the dust and heat was the best and If I remember correctly we had a show in 68 on our way to Detroit that was actually a rodeo pen with a gazebo in the middle on the 50 with dirt instead of grass. This was an actual competition!! Could it get any worse? Can't remember where that was...somewhere in Ohio..lol
  8. Believe or not where i live now their idea of a good diner is Denny's....😝🤬
  9. Oh God....I can't believe its over. Please, Please just one week more...please!!
  10. Ahhhh back in the day when we had be clean shaven and very VERY short hair....lol