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  1. If that's your criteria would you pay to See Matadors 77 again? i know I sure as hell would!
  2. Just my opinion, but is the marching band programs in Texas, is their primary goal to compete, or to provide entertainment at half time. No high school in Texas is providing a 25 million budget for their music programs like many of the stadiums that are being built so that a bunch of 18 year olds pituiraries (sic) can entertain Daddy. If I was 18 again, and I'm not, I'm 66, I would refuse to do half time shows just on principal. I think I'm going to take some flak but it is my opinion. Hehehehe so flame away.
  3. And i forgot to mention that was Red's hornline. I'll never forget Richie playing the solo in Requiem one of Red's greatest orchestration
  4. One of the greatest shows and hornline in DCA history with a killer drum line taught by Flowers IIRC. What I remember about 74 was the corp beating Cabs in Hershey and being booed off the field.
  5. I know this is a new topic and there have only been 6 replies but I'm still astonished that no one has mentioned Roosevelt Stadium!! Fond memories of the dust and the heat but mainly the crowds, the nuns and getting a beer when I was only 16....lol Sadly now its a condominium complex🥺
  6. Forgive my ignorance but what is the "Fred Morrison issue"?
  7. I was there in 75 for prelims and finals and they were very very good. I thought they had beat Troopers
  8. Depends if its the recent movie or the original Broadway production. The movie got terrible reviews
  9. I know it's been almost a month, I didn't get the sense that Jeff was complaining. I got the impression that he just trying to find out what's going on.
  10. Dave De Andrea, was great. I remember when I was with Sun he played the hell out of the solo in Send in the Clowns!!
  11. lol I just realized this thread is 10 years old....lol
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