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  1. I know this is off topic but her predecessor was a DM named Betty Ann and I stand corrected Mike, Vicki was the early 70s. Vicki had what we in the military called "command intonation". When she gave a command on the field you heard her clearly and distinctly.
  2. WOW!!! There really is a first time for everything...lol
  3. go back even a little further, Vicki Drummond Blue Rock. Late 60s
  4. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!!!!!!
  5. Are you sure you want to do Texas in July? I did basic in San Antonio during July and August and it was one of the worst experiences of my life, weather wise.
  6. Forgive my ignorance Jeff but who are the ID Guys?
  7. Frank , got out on June 7 1977 and joined Sunrisers June 10 1977. Marched the American Flag Section -the lip was not in shape- but that was one hell of a summer after being discharged....lol
  8. Back at you with a nice 12 year old scotch. Did Dennys for breakfast. George D. Setzer Sgt USAF 1973-77 376th Refueling Wing 18 Fighter Wing
  9. This is really back in the day, but IIRC Boston Crusaders came in 11th in horns at the VFW Nationals in Phillie and 2nd overall.
  10. Avedis Zildjian lived in Constantinople during the 17th century and practiced alchemy, the study of transforming metals into gold. In a stroke of luck in 1618, he accidentally discovered a unique metal alloy made from tin, silver, and copper. Avedis used this new alloy to make cymbals, and was amazed at the powerful sound that was created as a result. Word of his marvelous new cymbals spread, and the sultan requested that he make more for his elite band. As he perfected his craft, Avedis was given the honorary title of "Zildjian," which means "son of a cymbal maker." For the next four centuries, Avedis’s cymbal making process remained a family secret and the Zildjian business grew. Eventually, the company moved to the United States, and today, Zildjian cymbals remain popular with musicians.
  11. Will DCA be around in 5 years? I haven't had the opportunity to go through all 66 pages of posts so if I am repeating someone's argument forgive me. There is a big turd dropping elephant in the room that people aren't mentioning....lack of competition. There is no drama as to who will win. l think it was Fran who said not that long ago that at Reading's Spring Preview show you could watch Buccs show and know 1/2 way through that stage performance that the season was over in May.
  12. I know this is a DCI thread but I'm going to choose Sunrisers in 83. The show that stands out for me was DCA finals because we kicked ### that night. I was a baritone player and there were only 2 3rd baris, me on one side and Ernie on the other. It was my favorite because, after what happened to me in 82 I could leave with my head up and my pride intact. I went over to Reading for the 84 season and never looked back. I'll always be a Buccaneer.