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  1. 2nd illiteration of the corps, not the original Reveries
  2. uhh can I get into also? i don't either. It seems almost cultlike to watch
  3. St.Lucy's being banned from the New Jersey Turnpike. Uhhh they weren't choir boys or altar boys. Also getting into it with Boston Crusaders up in Bridgeport inside the stadium and the cops just locked them in and didn't do much to separate the corps. Boston was a very very tough corps back then and you didn't #### with them and that included the girls. A bunch of kids from Southie. Honorable mention goes to the I.C. Reveries sitting down on the starting line in 66 at the VFWs in protest of not making finals. This actually led to the demise of the corps when the Parish decided not to sponsor the corps. But the corps reorganized and out of that came the 27th Lancers.
  4. In my first corps -The Raiders of 88-the only staff member I saw was Tommy Swan. i never saw a percussion instructor or a marching instructor. Fran maybe you can ask Lenny or Benny or your sister who they were.
  5. How many people did we have in 77? 10-15? We were called the Jersey crew of course and had dead puppy contests on the Belt Parkway and even the occasional crispy critters contests which is people burning in cars. Winner got a beer at Joe's Bar and Grill
  6. When I saw them this past season, I thought WOW!! and said to friends that they would be a top 12 corps but maybe 2 years down the road. Maybe Sooner?
  7. the only corps that could get away with playing 3 blind mice. Hy Dreitzer arrangements if I remember correctly. Why they didn 't go to DCI in 72 and 73 is still a mystery.
  8. Can we maybe bottom line this discussion? Is this it?....Is this the end of Drum Corps as we know it?
  9. And did some very high level spying if IIRC. Wasn't he stationed in Hong Kong IIFC?
  10. I would also go with Velvet Knights, Sky Ryders and Freelancers. Outstanding corps with iconic shows and Sky Ryders possibly the best 12 th place corps ever.
  11. Yeah Mike right at the end before the final hit to end the show
  12. Come on Mike and Northern Thunder, you didn't hear that? Sorry guys find that hard to believe, its pretty clear! For the OP I've heard the story that it was a staff member who shouted that and I will state that PR should have won that night!!
  13. I think it has alot to do with the disconnect between music programs and marching bands in particular in communities who see marching band as nothing more than adjunct of a bunch of kids playing a silly game, and their main job is to provide entertainment at half time. How many times were you were called a nerd because you were actively involved in the high school music program? Its just not that important and not cool in high school and things haven't really changed. When was the last time you saw cuts in the football program to keep music programs alive in HIgh Schools? From these programs come the MMs who march Dci and compete at levels that your typical high school football player will never understand or achieve! Teach a kid to play football and he is finished at 18 years of age for 99% of the kids. Put a horn in a kids hand at 12 and he's a musician for life!
  14. So does anyone have an idea when these news stories will be published?
  15. Ahhh I think I found another Red Sox fan!! It really did work out fine in the end Ghost!! For that game I would would have thought heroin would have been appropriate