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Well, it's been a long and interesting winter, but I guess it's time to update where things stand: my son will be marching as part of The Cadets trumpet line after all this season. Can't wait to

Drum corps is a youth activity that brings out the worst in adults. It's always been fascinating to me. GO CADETS! Finish this thing! Make a video you are proud of!

Believe it not, not everyone's emotional response to a show is based on how it scores. Maybe drum corps doesn't come from a score. Maybe drum corps, perhaps, means a little bit more.

no you are not the only one - I have a feeling there are a lot of damaged relationships playing out

I thought about the Stewart thing this season several times

Well. it looks like Phantom has its "phd-TTU" and now the Cadets has its "Poppycock"

Any other nominations for each corps' DCP " we cringe when you post" nominee ?

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God forbid....

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I agree. The stage is used for about two minutes. That hardly justifies it's presence and it adds nothing. Most groups add depth by using sets in back of the field like Blue Devils and Madison Scouts are this year.

Terri, welcome to the Planet from an alumnus of another Illinois corps.

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There is a thread on Reddit where someone claims several members of the cadets design staff quit during the Florida run, and they hired away someone from blue stars a couple of weeks ago. Any truth to this? I sort of want to know because if it isn't true someone should squash it.

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I will reserve judgement until after tonight's show. At this point, we don't know what effect the statues will have until we see the show.

Well I have seen the show, in Nashville. See my recap in the Nashville thread.

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i was in favor of adding a few classical looking statues (greek/roman) and draping, but i wasn't expecting these mannequin/statues, and certainly no quite so many.

really interested in seeing if it works.

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I stand corrected. I was wrong. My homerism apparently clouds my judgement because i still value great brass and percussion which they have but forget how little that bears on scores/placements. You were correct all along. Sorry I blasted you.

Nice to see you have given up.

Which is a concern. How many current members return, and how deep will the talent level be next season? Not sure there was allot of fun to be had by most staff and members to date.

GH needs to step down. As much success as he brought in the 80s to early 2000s, he's destroying the corps. Great staff don't want to work with him, judges hate him, volunteers leave...He needs to run YEA, have the board appoint a young, energetic director and a new head design superstar and stay out of the process. Wishful thinking.

Agreed that this is the correct path, but I don't think he even needs to run YEA. He's a teacher. He loves doing band clinics and he's GREAT at them.

One big problem with attracting talent is that YEA is based in Allentown, PA. No offense to anyone who lives in the area, but it isn't exactly a desirable place to relocate with your family, in my opinion.

You guys are being ridiculous. Tell me, who would you recommend take over the corps if Hopkins leaves? Have we all learned nothing here? If the Cadets are scoring where they are now, I am pretty sure it is not JUST because of one person. How experienced is the new visual staff at cleaning? Sure, the design may have a lot to do with it. But look at the other captions as well. It is apparent that the other corps scoring ahead of them are doing much better in those other captions.

I'm sorry, but I just have to respond to the folks saying "HOPKINS MUST GO"...The man has 10 - TEN - X World Championships to your ZERO. I apologize if I'm making this personal, but come on man!

My thoughts exactly.

Love and admire your passion. Would being a third or fourth tier corps change your opinion? Third season without a medal fifth without a title. Trending in the wrong direction or maybe it's just me.

Clearly, we are forgetting it had been 4 years between the time they won in 1993 up until they won again in 1998. We dropped to 4th in 1999 and won in 2000. After that, they hadn't won again until 2005, then hadn't won again until 2011. This happens with Cadets all the time. Just because they're not winning as often as YOU think they should doesn't fire GH make. When the Cavies director left, how many people were disappointed because of the fact that they hadn't won and championship SINCE 2006; 10 YEARS?!?!?! There is clearly a lesson to be learned. We can't just call for a director to leave who has been there for over 30 years and think that a brand new person will get Cadets where you think they should be in a short amount of time. It's time to think logically and stop leading with emotion.

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