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2018 Tour Premiere

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Entertainment wise

1. Blue Stars

2. Crown

3. Bluecoats

4. Cavies

5. Boston

6. Phantom 

I enjoyed the cavies until the singing which is a first ever. Bluecoats had great music just need to work on the singing which didn't fit right to me. Crown drums are the most improved in dcI. Stars while dirty had the most fun book and that ballad was beautiful. While I am a wgi person I think DCI needs to pull it back a little. Maybe go with the digit performance like Oregon crusaders have done or Academy. 

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i love all dinos in here

big fan of every show, but cavies are my favorite so far this year. literally the first time i've ever said that, so don't all me a homer or whatever pejorative tweens use today. looking forward to them transcending the slotting. 

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1. Bluecoats 

2. Cavaliers 

3. Boston 

4. Crown

5. Phantom 

6. Blue Stars

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9 minutes ago, goodmello said:

Totally agree with the middle section,  I was like "all females, cool"... but then the section dragged on a bit.  Overall, I think it'll be an easy design fix!

Another similarity to 2014. (Mind you, I loved 2014.)

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1 minute ago, friendwhale said:

My jaw dropped when I saw the giant Phantom quad break. Other than that, I don't remember much else about the show already

And that wasn’t all that. Nothing special. No WOW moments 

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Placements and spreads were all about right. The top three were clearly a tier above those underneath them from design and execution standpoints.

But of everyone, Cavaliers have the most room to grow, to my mind. They were significantly less clean, visually, than Crown and BC, and the 1st place finish in music GE bodes well. Let's see where things are in a couple weeks, but Rosemont's put together a very approachable but still competitive package.


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2 minutes ago, Brian Tuma said:

I take it Crown’s prop are claws of the beast? They reminded me of the dough hook attachment for my KitchenAid mixer. Can’t get that image out of my mind now.


The sound in the theater was very one dimensional. The manager told me they could only work with what the what they were given outside of being able to adjust volume. Anyone else experience that?

The sound in our theater was horrible as well and the video was out of focus much of the night. 

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5 minutes ago, Newseditor44 said:

So much Crown hate, I love it!

I normally LOVE the Bluecoats, but I absolutely can’t get into this show on first viewing. The colors, the program, none of it grabbed me at all. Wife felt the same way. Extremely disappointed but hoping it grows on me.

As for overall feelings, last season I walked away from the preview show really excited about the upcoming season. Tonight, I’m questioning if I event want to drop the cash on going to the shows. 

100% agree with it all except I actually am looking forward to going to the shows this season after the premiere. The trend continues for me this year of just not being into what the Bluecoats are selling. Saying that, #### they came out ready to go this year. Clean show and I wasn't surprised they took the W tonight. Honestly, I was surprised it was as close as it was tonight. I think Crown and the Cavaliers have much more room to grow though from just a first read of everyone.

Also, hell yeah Crown Drums! Keep it up guys and gals! Who would have guessed that the only Music caption Crown takes would be Percussion? Kudos to Cavies as well. They actually had my favorite line of the night. Another great year for the percussion side of DCI.

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