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2018 Tour Premiere

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1 minute ago, Terri Schehr said:

I’m sure this won’t go over well but I don’t know how PR beat Blue Stars.  I thought PR was a mess.  Prop movement and set up was really bad.  The guard costumes blended into the field.  I guess I just don’t know #### about this stuff anymore. 

I thought the same about the guard. 

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Post show thoughts on the way home. 

I confess I find myself not really too interested in the scores tonight. The older I get the less the numbers mean and the more I care about being entertained. Each and every corps tonight entertains in spades. 


Blus Stars:

Points for tilting the snares! I like the look of the uniforms. The yellow boots are going to mean a lot of cleaning the feet. 

If this show is “in the fight for 12rh” as the predictions thread seems to want to say, we are in for an amazing finals. 

Guard book has loads of potential. 

Brass sounds like they’re being held back a bit as they work on blend  hopefully they get that rich sound they were getting last year again soon  

Best part is their faces. They are absolutely loving bringing this show to the field. 


Phantom Regiment:

The hoods actually work pretty well when up. 

The color of the guard uniform renders them almost invisible. Spray some glue on them and march them through the car wash dryer full of copper colored sequins and they will pop mich better. 

The stage tarp is great and the use of it is sharp. Guard pops so much more on it. 

It sounds and looks so much more like classic “Phantom Regiment” than recent years.  I like it a lot. It’s a show they can clean and layer. It, of course, needs both at this point but it’s a solid start. 

I wasn’t sold on the closer with the Concert in the Park but I like it on the field. They need to feed it more with energy and emotion. 



From high, the uniforms read fine. Every time they did a close shot though, I got pulled out of the story. 

The visual package tells the story crystal clear. From that neat end zone tarp to the drill to the movement, it’s clear what they’re doing. However, it beggars the ending they have now. They need to do something that makes us sit up and go, “Oh!”   It’s beautiful, but it seems you could see it all coming a mike away which makes that lovely use of Amazing Grace seem like a TV trope. 

The brass is a huge step up tonight and the battery. Wow. That second feature on the compass is stunning. 

The drill at the shots!  Brilliant! It’s both reminiscent of Morse code notation and clearly the shots notation. The crowds should get behind that big time and fill the gaps .


Oh honey, the look is so hipster it hurts.  But they sell it as the show starts and..I’m buying it.

The opener is slow to grab me, but when it does, it grabs hard. That’s something they might need to work out, how to clarify the start.  

I don’t care how they score this year, thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing jazz back in the field like this. The groove is amazing and I was bouncing around in the seat tapping my foot. Get the crowd clapping on 2 and 4 and swing the night away. 

The vocalist is used so well. And on so many ways. It’s a great way of featuring vocal work without making the music about the vocals. 

Those bones. Hot ####!

This show is massive fun. I cannot wait to see it grow.



The all black is striking but, dare I say it, a bit bland after what my eyes are getting used to in the activity.

The drill is gripping and everything about this show is screaming classic Cavies in a modern mode (which is how Phantom felt too).

The brass is bringing power and yet you can tell they’ve got more to bring. This will peel faces come August.

The guard needs a good deal cleaning but when they do, look out, they have the chops to make this difficult book become a major highlight.

The jacket removal works so well to add the color!

I like this show more than anything they’ve fielded since the vampire show.  It just hollers Cavies in its boldness and power  


As I thought, #BugLizardArmyBand uniforms read fine from high and have some neat features that show up on close up. The head stripe makes total sense from the back. We saw it because of the camera work but I’m wondering if it’s seen enough in the stands to show.  

The beast being on the rocker is neat. It seems underused right now. I can’t help but think that’s gonna change and grow all season and be something amazing by the end. The show lacks a visual coherence right now too. Are the MMs part of the beast’s species? Or are they prey?  Etc. If/when they start using that prop more, this should clear up too. 

The brass is amazing as ever. Is the ensemble for the ballad all women? It looked like it to me.  Nice nod to the all women corps of yesteryear if done with that intent. Stellar sound as you expect from Crown in any case. 

The guard is strong again this year. They’ve got cleaning and layering to go but you can already tell they’re very adept at doing individual work in a way that pulls together a great ensemble effect. 

Battery is improved again but they seem to need the most cleaning. 

Before looking at scores...I’d go with 






Blue Stars

But I wouldn’t be surprised if Crown walks away the winner. 

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1 hour ago, Whiskey said:

I know we all have different tastes but likability factor for me tonight:

1. Bluecoats (jazz any day of the week for me). 

2. Cavies

3. Blue Stars

4. BAC

5. Crown

6. Regiment 

Totally disagree agree 

Edited by Jim Schehr
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the audio in Eagan MN was not loud enough - I asked the manager to turn it up and he said they don't want it too loud because it might damage the equipment and the loud levels could disturb other theaters -- 

The commentators talking over the start of the shows was irritating too -- 

I generally need ear plugs for these theater shows as well as for the trailers of movies -- so it was a bummer that sound was at about 25% for our theater.

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25 minutes ago, Ghost said:


Boy, was my guess of!

It’s so early. I love drill and by far I thought they had the best. Seems like that does not count for much these days (or doing much of it).  With some tweaks, they will be top 5.  For the beginning of the season, I like the bones of the show and this will only get better.

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1 minute ago, queenanne_1536 said:

2018 Crown is like 2015 Crown. No one will like it now, but by finals everyone will love it.

Everyone did not love it by finals

Just sayin!

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4 minutes ago, queenanne_1536 said:

2018 Crown is like 2015 Crown. No one will like it now, but by finals everyone will love it.

I liked 2015 Crown right from the start. In terms of the way they sounded, this year's Crown reminds me most of 2014.

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