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Your 2018 Top 6

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5 minutes ago, xandandl said:

So that is why Boston is not there either?

what piece would you have substituted for that?

Partially, though I just generally was not enamored by Boston's show this year. I've noticed I tend to not enjoy the clear crowd favorites year to year for the most part. Chalk that up to a weird taste in shows I guess. 

As for substitution, anything but Sensemaya :laughing:

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23 minutes ago, Cappybara said:

1. Blue Devils

2. Mandarins

3. Cavaliers

4. Blue Knights

5. Blue Stars

6. Bluecoats 

Cappy, how come your top six list does not match the list in your signature??

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Blue Knights 

Music City 


Honorable mention Spirit, Cavaliers, Spartans  





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 1) Boston

  2) SCV

  3) Bluecoats

  4) Cadets

   5) Blue Devils

   6) Music City

        Honorable Mention.... Pacific Crest, Troopers, Blue Stars

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1.Boston Crusaders 

2. Bluecoats

3. Cadets

4. Pacific Crest

5. Music City

6. Troopers

Toyed with a Blue Stars, Blue Devils, and Spirit.


Open Class


2. 7th Regiment

3 River City Rhythm

4. Louisiana Stars

5. Legends

6. Guardians 

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Carolina Crown


Santa Clara Vanguard

Music City

Spirit of Atlanta

Boston Crusaders

Oregon Crusaders


You asked for 7 right?

HM for Genesis. Great sound, good visuals, limited props.

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