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Saturday, August 6th “DCI Eastern Classic” J Birney Crum Stadium Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA

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3 minutes ago, wigwam said:

Why do the blue stars use their own announcer…. What’s to be gained by that?   It just seems strange to me. 

They're far from the only corps to do that. It gives the corps total control over the timing of the announcement. For some programs, the announcement being mistimed could potentially ruin an intended impact/effect. They might also be attempting to set a particular mood/tone with the voice. 

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What corps had shortest turnaround between  prelims and finals performances 😉

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Blue Stars play so well, and they flag really well, but I feel like the show is emotionally stuck on medium intensity through out.

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This judges limited to the 1st 5 yards thing seems to be worse than before.  They are dodging members and props and equipment back and forth to the sideline, while not watching the drumline.  Especially in that traffic jam right behind the FE.   Let them back onto the whole field, where they belong.

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