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Friday, August 12th “DCI World Championship SEMIFINALS” Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, INDIANA

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1 hour ago, Terri Schehr said:

Now the jaded part of myself is going to come out.  I expect a superficial and  meaningless gesture toward the alumni who marched those DCI infancy shows.

Maybe you'll get a voucher for a free pretzel at the concession stand...like I got. 

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56 minutes ago, CAtenhut said:

This schedule is so stupid. Drum battles and presentations should happen during intermissions and Calgary Stampede exhibition should've been 1st show of the day. 

So glad we’re going to miss all that nonsense. We’re not even going to leave for the stadium until 6:15 pm. 

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I just hope that none of the videos are going to browbeat me over the head with "wokeness" and "inclusion".

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2 hours ago, keystone3ply said:

Ok @3:03pm video presentation:  What is "The Genius of  George"?  😳 

And the extra presentations will be good for the folks with "Flo" issues. (not FloMarching) 😉

I thought you were kidding. I wish they’d show that a little later.  Today is my lighter day after spending so much time in there yesterday.

Final tally on steps:  18,675 7.2 miles.  Exercise ring lapped three times.  A new exercise record. 

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