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Staff Merry-go-round

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1 hour ago, GREENBLUE said:

Recap so far:


Daniel Wiles- program/artistic director
Tommy Allen- visual/ guard director
Richard Hinshaw-drill designer
Blake Dutton-guard designer
Geoff Longo- choreographer
Jennifer Hinshaw- movement
Dave McGrath- design consultant
Madison: Tim darbonne visual cap head
BK: tracy carter guard caption head
Crest: Glen CrosbyProgram coordinator 
Am I missing Anyone??


The Entire percussion staff at Academy has resigned including caption head & arranger

Nicole Casino out as the battery caption head at PC 

Crossmen Assistand Director, Brass Caption Head, Assistant Brass Caption Head are all out as well 

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2 minutes ago, kdaddy said:

For me, the primary thing that sucks about DCI not doing the yearbook anymore is that we don't have a record of corps staffs from year to year. 



right here 

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23 minutes ago, lifeisaround said:

it really never ceases to amaze me how MUCH DCI gets wrong - looked at ONE PAGE and it has major mistakes 😞

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6 minutes ago, 84BDsop said:

Man...some corps are getting hit so bad, it looks like Thanos did The Snap again.

there's many different situations.  Sometimes you give a team a few seasons and it doesnt pan out. sometimes its a personality conflict.  sometimes they just don't want to teach drum corps anymore.  Or they just don't want to teach there.

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2 hours ago, greg_orangecounty said:

It would definitely be a "shake-up" but I won't be surprised to see GH return to the activity as a "consultant" for an OC Corps.  If not 2023, definitely by 2024.


Why would anyone want that?  Even if you take out the ick factor, which is impossible, his ideas just don't work anymore.

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