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41 minutes ago, jwillis35 said:



  • during this time the corps really need to compete in their regions. Aside from a Midwest or East Coast unit traveling to the West Coast for an early season run I think most corps should stay in their region and try to do as many local / regional shows as possible. 
  • I think Detroit should be delayed so that corps don't leave their regions too soon causing issues with travel and issues with local shows
  • For the TOUR PREMIERE do a telecast (Flo and Cinema) that combines shows from East, Midwest, West
    • TPC Annapolis, MD (Cadets, Crown, Boston, Spirit, Music City, etc)
    • TPC Madison, WI (Scouts, Cavies, Bluecoats (could do east or midwest), Phantom, Colts, Crossmen, Colt Cadets, Blue Stars, etc)
    • TPC Stanford, CA (BD, SCV, BK, Mandarins, PC, Academy, BDB, SCVC, and more)
  • This would happen June 21 - July 4. 
  • Roughly July 29 - August 14 or so


So for me, more regional and local shows early.

Few Things:

1.Speaking for North Jersey where I live.

Normally the Tour Premiere is not well attended.

This year was worse.

That's for a single theater show.

Don't think 3 theater shows in a couple of weeks is going to sell very well.

2.You start going into mid August, and some high high schools and colleges

are already in session.

3.If you're suggesting earlier Regionals, that's gonna create a lot of friction.

A few years ago they moved the Easts to mid July for 1 year.

People were complaining about  the shows not being close to




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I have two issues here.

1. Cincinnati does not have a dome. Paul Brown isn't a dome.

2. My travel time to the nearest show for me, which isn't a short ride already, would be nearly tripled. 

Also, the cost of regular season tickets to a show at a local high school are already expensive, I don't want to have to pay $100 per ticket just so all competitions can be in a dome. If you have a problem with the show getting rained out and "losing" money, I find that to be a problem that you can't view it as a donation and move on with your day. Sure it sucks when a show is rained out and you can't see live shows, but things can't always go your way. 

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Big markets have big stadiums that are owned and operated by big sports franchises that charge an arm, a leg, and a first born to use them. Using HS stadia, municipally owns stadia, and college stadia means you keep the cost down. You would need to see who owns each venue. Indy, STL (Dome at Americas Center), Chicago are among those that are owned by the city/county they reside and rental agreements are fairly reasonable. Big NFL stadia owned by the team can be an extremely high price to rent.

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24 minutes ago, scheherazadesghost said:

Completely self serving for me, but I don't think the industry should drop Denver. Glad to see you include it. For Vanguard and other west coast corps, I also think Denver serves a an excellent preparation in a large venue BEFORE the Texas regionals.... super important competitively and educationally.

Ft Collins was a bit further out of the way for me honestly. I imagine most groups wouldn't be traveling south to get to a Colorado regional anyway.

As a resident of NM, a literal and drum corps desert, I'm down with AZ and CO as my closest options. OK and TX shows are twice the distance from my neck of the woods.

I like your routes. Curious to know if they allow for most corps to have a home show. This could be another important marketing tool if so.

I agree on Denver.  That show in the Broncos stadium has always been my favorite.  The stadium's acoustics are phenomenal and it feels big time.  I think it was a HUGE mistake to move the show to Ft. Collins.  It lost luster, and to me the crowd seemed much smaller.  I'm sure the Broncos stadium lease was more, but what about the revenue AND exposure that comes with that?  With smart marketing, there's a much more revenue and exposure to be had.

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1 hour ago, PopcornEater1963 said:

As opposed to people traveling to Mesquite, TX or Powder Springs, GA? And marketed on TV/Radio in market ( I've never seen or heard a DCI event commercial anywhere). 

As for prices. Indy was sold out. Yes it was Finals. But if you strategically locate the markets, announce it way in advance, I'm putting forth the idea that people would have a better experience, not worry about if there investment would rain out, and that a new generation of fans could be generated as well as a new generation of marchers. 

As a volunteer for the Cavaliers this year, I wrote bios for each member of the corps ( well, about 60 of them...voluntary submission to be used for Volunteers to get to "know" the marchers before meeting them on tour)...One of the interview questions was..."How did you learn about DCI". 

85% of them said "From watching Youtube Videos"...can DCI not do any better than that? 

when there was still a show in toledo, Ohio they used to advertise it on the radio.


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1 hour ago, PopcornEater1963 said:

Just to get the blaspheme overwith and out in the open...how far is it from Allentown to Pittsburgh?

Pennsylvania is huge.. not Texas or Alaska huge, but huge nonetheless..Takes me almost two hours from New York City to Allentown so from Allentown to Pittsburg is another 6 hours?..just too far for one show imho.

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