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19 Sep SCV Meeting Summary on Reddit

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Non member on your from what I saw. Which means until San Antonio they go on at the beginning of world class. They need more in the bank because no share fee’s coming their way 

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1 hour ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

I can’t get a link to work (boomer issues), but there is a discussion on Reddit about last evening’s SCV meeting & their plans for 2024.  In short, $600k in bank, hope to be CA compliant by Jan 24, full DCI tour, lots of potential member interest.  

Is this the link? 



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38 minutes ago, AzEuph said:

What does non-member mean?  They don’t get paid, go on first but can compete at finals?  Anything else?

Yes, it would mean they would be the first World Class corps on in every show until San Antonio, and no appearance fees all summer. Also, they will not have a vote. Basically, they would be classified as a first year corps.


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Rob Schiller states VMAPA has 600k in savings for running services. They have been given forgiveness for their loans.

Russ Gavin further affirms that VMAPA will be in compliance by the end of year.

Two questions arise from the above quote:

1) Assuming this is true, why not return in 2025 when they are compliant instead of rushing back while in a state of noncompliance?

2) Which loans? From whom? Were any loans from taxpayers via COVID funds?

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4 minutes ago, scheherazadesghost said:

From last night, Rob Schiller said:

SBA granted them forgiveness for their PPP loans.

They're still looking into the Shuttered Venues Grant, as well as a ERTC refund from the IRS (to rebuild their reserve.)

SVOG is a non-starter. Per SBA: "Notice: As of August 20, 2021, SVOG is no longer accepting new applications" 


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