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Capital Regiment

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I knew there was a Capital Regiment post from back always and found it. It may be worth reading for those who may not know the history of Capital Regiment. I’ll admit I either forgot or never knew some details, but I couldn’t help but think as I read the thread “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

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52 minutes ago, cixelsyd said:

I do not see where it says Rick Bays "stepped aside".

In the business world where I work, that's typically what "transition" translates to.  Of course... the drum corps activity struggles to function like a legitimate business at times, so maybe that was an incorrect assumption on my part. 

However, business records in Ohio show an entire new board of directors as of 12/13/2022, with Drew McKenzie listed as president and no mention of Rick Bays.  On paper, it appears to be a clean slate.



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2 hours ago, keystone3ply said:

Well, I'm not "in the know" column, but I love cake. Chocolate, red velvet. caramel, Italian cream & the cup format... 🧁 

My son told me about it when he was in Southwind. A girl he knew who was in Cap Reg told him when both corps were in Kansas at the same show. It was really hot as the Great Plains are in the summer, all the corps had to eat was leftover birthday cake for a few days.  I guess they ran out of 💵.  

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1 hour ago, Brian Tuma said:

This statement from their site is misleading. Typo perhaps? 

Capital Regiment found quick success within Drum Corps International during it’s early seasons, breaking through to DCI World Class Finals for five straight seasons starting in 2002 and ranking as high as 14th in 2004.

I don't know about a typo, but my former English teacher Mom would cringe at using "it's" instead of "its". 


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8 hours ago, MikeN said:

I just don't know what brand strength you're gonna be capitalizing on here.  It was a pretty ugly end.  I guess hoping nobody remembers?


Cadets moved on from hop. Crossmen have moved on from like 2 directors that had big public problems. SCV is coming back after all their financial problems. 


New board with a new director using the same name. If the Glassmen came back would we talk about how poorly it was ran into the ground and worry about a group?  The avenue for WGI winds gives the ability to be a weekend only thing with consistent staff and a small ensemble. Don't have to feed the members so you can't get the old nicknames they used to have. 

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