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    Many people consider the activity kitsch. It's why I've pretty much given up trying to really expand it to others. You get it or you do not. I know that comes across as negative, but when an individual told me he thought the Miss Saigon show was "Kitsch" and "Cute", that was when I gave up. I can only waste my efforts on so much.
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    Certainly in the case of people with narcissistic tendencies you're 100% correct Terri. They would view a change of mindset as being either weak or it would be an admission that they were wrong about something. I get it in the case of GH as many people saw him as such an "innovator" that he got a pass on his bad behavior. I don't get it with RB. I can't for the life of me think of anything he "innovated." He wasn't even the first to successfully drive a corps directly into the ground. I truly feel bad for the kids, staff and volunteers who have tried to make a difference.
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    the emotion and knowing GR was done after the show had a huge effect too.
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    When the season doesn’t go quite the way you wanted it to, just perform your heart out! That’s exactly what SCV did at DCI finals in ‘92. They traded their props for passion and let it fly. Possibly the largest crowd ever at DCI and by the time the show was finished everyone was an SCV fan, and on their feet long before the show was over. Powerful, precision and passion! Truly, a “real” gridiron spectacle. https://vimeo.com/196951050
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    It definitely brought an undeniable element of excitement and emotion to the finals performance because of Gail Royer's retirement, for sure. But I felt that the show itself, however, seemed stale and outdated in comparison to the competition. The same could be said for Phantom Regiment's 1812 show that year. Neither show captivated me like those two corps usually did, and once the nostalgia wore off, I was eagerly anticipating the next corps. (The Bottle Dance crowd reaction at finals was cool, though, there's no denying that!)
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    Had a distant relative who talked like Catherine at times. Thank goodness only at times but wished this person could have been forced to be evaluated. Bottom line was paranoia would kick in and more you would argue with her, the more she was convinced you were hiding something and lying. Better just to avoid discussion and wait for the mood swing. And Catherine had a few hot button topics and abuse was one of them. Too bad she couldn't realize there were people on her side for that.
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    Forgot Rich... Shame on me, quite unforgettable... Back then... the Moose had more problems as to the derelicts hanging outside of it IMHO. I remember being afraid to go near the place for any Westshore event.
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    allow me to reply to your first statement with two words #### no I too wasn't a fan at first. it grew on me, mainly because in indoor i saw it used well. finally it started spreading outside
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    Yeah if RB would have said "I think" or "he appears to be" but no straight to "he is". It's like charges like this are too small to even matter.
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    Well that dug up some memories... and not about Pioneer. But man that comment from RB in the first post about being a good family man is deja vu all over again. Thinking of his comment this year about getting rid of a predator because that is what society expected.
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    I could see them playing this, especially the ballad (hopefully without the cracks in the low brass though).
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    Some of the follow up comments on this thread haven’t aged well either. 😳
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    I'm not sure the details as to the changes, but they're good changes, IMO.
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    My guess is he turned the position down because of how much work was involved, keeping in mind that he's still working on his Bachelor's degree in jazz composition. A fear of not being ready to make such a huge jump from SoundSport arranging to DCI World Class arranging may have also played a part. I hope this isn't the last time we hear of him, though.
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    Makes great sense! You want jazz = you hire Chuck. That does make me more excited to see what they're going to do this year, for sure! Mike
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    The Oregon Crusaders is excited to announce its Caption Heads for 2019! Mike McConnell, Brass Caption Head. An extraordinary educator with a Masters degree in Musical Performance from Florida State University, Mike is the Assistant Director of Bands at Cy-Fair High School in Cypress, Texas where he instructs the concert and marching band programs. In […] View the full article
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    Some tweaks to the staff to Madison for this year, which I think are quality. Mike Hardiek will not only be visual caption manager, but also designer. Also, Chuck Naffier will now be brass arranger as well as brass caption manager. I'm excited for these additions to the roles they already had.
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    Some Items of Note: July 13 is the first date when all 22 World Class corps compete on the same day. The others are July 20, July 27, and August 8. Excluding the impact of Oregon Crusaders & Pioneer, there are a total of 26 fewer World Class corps performances in 2019 than 2018. The average number of performances per corps in 2018 was 26; in 2019, it is 25. Boston Crusaders decrease the most from 30 to 25 followed by Blue Knights (27 to 23) and Crossmen (28 to 24). Music City increases the most from 21 to 24. No other corps increased by more than 1 show. The Cadets will appear in the most shows at 30 followed by Blue Stars and Bluecoats at 29. Seattle Cascades will appear in the fewest shows at 18 followed by Jersey Surf at 20. Blue Knights is the final 2019 finalist to debut on June 28. Last year’s medalists will compete head-to-head for the first time July 16 in Broken Arrow, OK. The best June indicator of potential placements will be June 29 when all but two corps are in action (Jersey Surf and Seattle Cascades). For anyone interested in seeing a grid version of the schedule with total show tallies by corps and date, you can access it here.
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    sadly the current lineup for Chester is a little lacking compared to the last 2 or so years.
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    Oh cry me a river with your self imposed everybody hates homosexuals ########. Nobody is making this into an sexual preference issue but you. You're experiences growing up have zero bearing on this issue.
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    Absolutely not. He can have sex with monkey's for all I care. I don't view homosexuality as deviant sexual behavior. Trying to hook up with a stranger for sex in a public park at a time of day where children could be exposed to your actions is EXTREMELY DEVIANT SEXUAL BEHAVIOR, and in my opinion there is enough to go on here to at the very least make an educated decision and come to the conclusion that there is a probability of truth to the details of the arrest.
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    That's why I said "at worst". The officer stated in the report that Randy unzipped his pants. Yes I am assuming that is correct. You are right in saying "we don't know for sure". I wasn't there. Everything I know about this is second hand. But then, everything I know about China is second hand also. I've never been there. Maybe it doesn't really exist. Maybe he didn't unzip his pants. Maybe Randy decided pleading "no contest" was easier, and maybe better for him, than fighting the charge. I do know that by pleading "no contest" and resigning his teaching position it will allow him to teach again. And by the way I didn't deny him "due process". He denied himself "due process" when he pleaded "no contest". This sounds like a calculated move to retain his ability to teach. The details will never be known. That's the whole point.
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    I fail to see how forced attendance at a church shows "a sense of class and to stay true to our origins". My corps was origially a Catholic corps, the Holy Name Cadets, yet we were not dragged to churches while on the road.
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    I don’t care who the message is or was from. The message still stands. She is posting newspaper articles verbatim. I would guess that I have more history with her than anyone on here and her message is completely valid to me.
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