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    I didn't see a Corps thread for Music City for 2019, so here goes. Show Title: Of Mice & Music
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    I hope to hear some more (off the record, of course) when The Daughter gets back from camp. She's helping out on Guard staff this season. When things become official, I'll post more.
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    Hahaha! I am doing what I can sir... I am pretty excited as I usually am! Jamming to my Cavies CD in my car and binge watching my championship DVD I bought years ago. I gotta do what I gotta do until the season starts.
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    History is definitely on your side ... but after last year, I have a feeling things are changing. I think it is time for BD to reinvent themselves, or begin to slide ... but I also think it is probable that they will reinvent themselves. Still, most years I think preseason bets can be placed for BD versus the field for the championship. This year, for the first time, in the preseason (and before ST) I am picking the field.
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    Looks like an upbeat show. I've heard parts of the music at the F&F's performances from recent camps and they are supposed to play more of it tomorrow at the F&F's show. One of the sections I've heard has a little of Gershwin's "American in Paris" feel to it - it was fun to listen to.
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    Exactly. I would argue moving from 6th to 4th is many times easier than moving from 4th to 3rd.
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    Your assumption about Boston improving in other captions may come to be. I am hearing very good things about them as they are wrapping up their final camp before ST. The brass line is strong and playing a more difficult show. Percussion has improved as well. It will undoubtedly be very difficult to move up as the move to medaling requires maximum effort and achievement in all areas of design and execution. Much more than moving up to 4th. I can’t wait to see what the top 6 do. I believe it will be closer than ever. But I believe Boston will be in the mix.
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    A few months back. Right after the first design meeting they had.
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    I won't say yes, but yes. Agreed, I posted on here maybe a year or two ago how I wanted Crown to play it.... I'm fine with the Devils doing it though. They'll add their own little twist to it.
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    You wish you were there for the BBQ food amirite, Hook'emCavies ?
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    oh, you get roasted enough even when you are in Hewstahn, he, he, he. (Only a month to go, Mike. Hold in there.)
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    A better choice than the one I posted. More trumpet practice for the mellos. Even snippets of this piece would sound epic by The BD.
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    sources say it's a symphony
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    Scott has posted another possible hint on Instagram with the caption tonight it begins. Design by discovery.
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    so i dont get any more hate mail, this was posted as a joke. Lighten up
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    Any word on what the uniforms to match this show will be?
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    psssssst ..... y'all like khachaturian? and 40 trumpets? 👀
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    My "official" HYPE-O-METER Rating for the 2019 Phantom Regiment production "Joan"...
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    CIA (Cavaliers in America) knows where you are at all times. Be on your best behavior until we see you on tour.
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    Camp this weekend! Can't wait to hear what they're playing.
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    100% correct. it even was talked about on music tapes I remember...vividly.
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    I can’t speak for all alumni but I thought your comment was pretty darn funny. Unfortunately there’s always someone who has a dulled sense of humor and misses stuff. I personally am very excited to see how the ruffled collars and around the wrists on the corps proper translate “from the box”! From what I understand they’re sowing in battery operated LED Christmas- type lights.....like the really small ones places like Walmart sell.... into the ruffles. Green, red and white flashing! Hell- if the Bluecoats can use skateboard Ramps on the field then why not strobe/LED lights? I do wonder though- b/c they’ll going on earlier due lower placement - how the effect will be with the sun still being up.
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