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All time shows: Troopers

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For week 23 we are headed out to the wild west to discuss the Troopers.


What are your top 1-5 Troopers shows?

(Optional) What are your 1-3 least favorites from them?

You can go into as much or little detail as you like but please please try to keep things positive.

For a quick recap in case you missed it and/or want to add your contributions:

Week 1- Cavies- 2006 the Machine is the favorite and 2012 15 min of fame is the least favorite.

Week 2- Jersey Surf- 2012 Bridgemania favorite

Week 3- Blue Knights-1994 Trittico for bras band favorite. least  2001Blue Toons

Week 4- Spirit of Atlanta- 1980 favorite

Week 5- Carolina Crown- Favorite: 2015 Inferno; Least Favorite: 2017 ...It is

Week 6- The Mandarins- 2017 inside the ink for favorite.

Week 7- Boston Crusaders- 2000 RED is the favorite.

Week 8- Pioneer- 1996 Celtic Twilight is the favorite.

Week 9- Santa Clara Vanguard- 1999 Inventions for a New Millennium favorite. 1995 Not the Nutcracker least favorite.

Week 10- Oregon Crusaders 2014 Nevermore is the favorite

Week 11- The Crossmen- 1992 Songs for the Planet Earth is the favorite.

Week 12- The Cadets- 2011 Between Angels and Demons is the favorite. 2006 The Zone Part II least favorite.

Week 13 Corrps that are no longer with us. Every show is a winner!

Week 14 Genesis TIE 2016 Hell Hath No Fury and 2017 the other side of now.   Music City 2017 the tribe

Week 15 Madison Scouts- 1995 A Drum Corps Fan's Dream: A Day in the Life of a Bull Fighter. Least Favorite 2009 Relampago

Week 16- The Academy- favorite 2016 Drum Corpse Bride

Week 17- Seattle Cascades- favorite 2002 City Riffs

Week 18- The Blue Devils Favorite 1986. Least Favorite-2010 through a glass darkly

Week 19- The Colts- Favorite 2007 Equinox

Week 20- Blue Stars- 2008 Le Tour for the favorite.

Week 21 Pacific Crest- 2012 the Spectrum gets the win.

Week 22- Bluecoats- 2014 Tilt gets the win. 1992 for least favorite.

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 Favorites.......... 1970

                              2014... " The People's House "

                              2013..... " Magnificent 11 "




  2nd tier.. liked :

                             '66- 69

                              2016... " Heros "

                              2015....  " Wild Horses "

  Not so Much :

                              2012... " This Was The Future "

                              2017... " Duels & Duets "





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I missed their glory years due to age so this will feel incomplete


2008  it’s a biased, sentimental pick for the little corps that could, they had a tiny guard, maybe 15 people but it was a great show designed to their corps and they punched way above their weight. It brought them back to being relevant. I was so impressed I brought the t-shirt   

1979 hippies and cowboys, what’s not to love?

1985  their best version of the Red Pony

2015 was a well designed show, it was unfairly put in the shadows by Crown 2007, there is more than one way to skin a horse

1980  turkey in the straw bass drum solo

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Favorite:  1974

Western Side Story is up there too. 

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86 tops





always love hearing 70 and 73, 83 too...and 92



least favorite 2016

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I am going to go for somewhat opposite shows here


2015- wild horses. It's a cheesy show with singing but I couldn't help but like the story

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1 hour ago, HockeyDad said:

Favorite:  1974

Western Side Story is up there too. 

mmmm, 1974:  Ghost Riders, yellow rose appliques, sunburst...

The entire show video USED to be out there...

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I just don't know their older, first-class work very well, unfortunately, nor their many shows that didn't make Finals before 2009, so I can't offer a real vote.

Over the past nine years, I would say: 1. "Western Side Story", 2. "Magnificent 11", 3. "Wanted". 4. "Wild Horses", 5. "A People's House", 6. "The Road Home", 7. "Hero", 8. "Duels & Duets", 9. "This Was the Future". I thought "Hero" had so much potential early in the season, but it never grew like it should have. Astonishingly wide-ranging drill in the closer.

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I'll play with this one just because I remember 1985 in Fort Wayne so well.  Everyone was wowed by Cadets and Jeremiah popping a 94.9 in early August, but I was totally in love with the Troopers show. The close with The Red Pony was great.


1990's show for the Centennial of Wyoming was a show I enjoyed too. 

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