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DCI Southeastern Championship (Atlanta) - Saturday, July 27, 2019

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1 minute ago, KVG_DC said:

Every year they have the brass doing a dance tag and every year it gets a bit more audacious and yet, they nail it.  Absolutely nail it. Do they require a dance audition for brass?  Not just movement, but actually dance background?  Cause they're getting kids who can learn this stuff and clean it so well.

I know dance classes of some sort are now strongly recommended and they specifically look for musicians with stellar movement abilities. The stuff they are doing this year is a huge step up from the body work they (or anyone) has done in the past. It really is legitimate dance stuff.

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Just now, fanman said:

Not feelin anything after the opener. But hey. The visual is squeaky clean!! 

This is where I'm at too.  It's all done SO well, but that opener speaks in a way the rest of the show doesn't.  It's definitely gonna battle it out with Bloo for the win, but it still needs something more to sew it together.   That said, there's no corps like BD for putting in those things to make it all work down the stretch.  

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Just now, KVG_DC said:

There's certainly more coming.  That "run up to the end of the stage to expose where the ghostlight is says "something more is gonna happen there in that blank space" 

I suggested in the BD 2019 thread that there should be a MM turning off the ghostlight to signify the end of the night.

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