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  1. Pretty speechless at this whole thing. I echo the statements in this thread that hopefully there will be a reckoning for all abusers in the activity. I have no idea how widespread it may be but I also hope DCI betters itself and survives this.
  2. Cleveland1

    A: Competitive Inertia

    No, i read it. I get it. But other corps have had success and a stable staff and have still fallen behind bd despite the inertia keeping them up. I just dont think that a judge sees an scv show, or cavies show in the past, and thinks "gaines designed this, ill give them a bump". Hes a master at what he does because he knows what the judges want (like BD) Im aware, im just disagreeing with the idea of the "inertia". Some staff knows how to do it, others are good but not great. At the end of the day the shows that resonate with the sheets, as per the interpretation of the judges, wins. I do think that if you gave a no name corps from Norway the same show as BD and they performed it as well as BD, they too would have won. I feel the phenomenon of winning after medaling exists because of retention and improved new MMs the following year.
  3. Cleveland1

    A Drum Corps Fan's Dream Part Tres

    Yeah but not by a top corps for a few years...
  4. Cleveland1

    A: Competitive Inertia

    Eh, after reading through a lot of this im still on the fence aout competitive inertia. Success in dci is as much about the designers as it is about the mms, if not more so. Scv seemed to lack some piece of the puzzle still after getting shaw, rennicks, and bloo brass staff over 2010-2012. Gaines comes in and the show is immediately silver and could have been gold with a weaker BD show. Its not inertia, its the team. They need another gold quality show to win the gold. Boston also illustrates this. Acquire new staff in 2016 from a top corps, all of a sudden BAC is top 6 after barely making finals the year before. I wouldnt be surprised if they medal next year. There only appears to be inertia because designers at top corps are less likely to leave, especially if they are on the cusp. If shaw and rennicks didn't leave phantom they wouldnt be in the 6-8 range. If gaines never left cavies they wouldn't have fallen so far and are just now getting back into contention. BD isn't successful because of inertia, its because of the stability. They, in theory, should have faded at some point, as all other corps have done. But instead, despite the efforts of every other corps who has won a title in the last decade (cadets, cavies, crown, bloo) BD has been in the top 2 every year. They last were 3rd in 06 and didn't medal in 05 (prior to that was early 90s). Unless the theory of competitive inertia accounts for BD being the default champion and only having room for 1 other contender at a time, its bunk. Next year some corps will win or BD, will it be SCV? Crown? Bloo? Boston? Cavies? I dont know, but despite these corps trending upwards over the last few years BD is not dropping. BK is also another one. They've seemed to max out at 6th-8th in design. They only were 6th because of cavies and phantom both losing themselves and Boston stumbling as well. Which is not to take anything from BK, i do love their shows and how the corps has improved every year. But no amount of competitive inertia is going to push them into a medal, only getting a top tier designer will. Until then, they will be below scv, bd, crown, bloo at the very least. This is like college athletics. Some teams are blue bloods and are always a danger to win it all despite the participant turnover, because the staff is consistently excellent. BD is bama, and even if other teams get better, bama is still going to be the favorite. And even though clemson won last year, like bluecoats, clemson probably wont be challenging for the playoff at the end of the season.
  5. Cleveland1

    Pioneer 2018

    Its not as though score doesn't matter to Pioneer, but its not the main priority. They run a pretty efficient ship financially and going to OC would put that in jeopardy.
  6. Cleveland1

    Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    Nice, thank you. I was just going by old info
  7. Cleveland1

    Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Based purely on their 990, its not as weak as youre making it out to be. A nonprofit of YEA's size can run budget deficits, and said deficits are smaller than they were in years past. Meanwhile they have a solid amount of cash reserves on hand and still have a lot of assets. However i believe he is the highest paid person in dci.
  8. Cleveland1

    Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    No clue. We might never know. But here are a few things. They asked right at the beginning of the dci giving campaign, which may be coincidence. Giving a corps $100k wont solve their problems. In 2012 that 100k would have been 1/4 of their budget. I know that they've probably grown a bunch by now, but its still a lot of their revenue. At glassmen's worst an influx of $100k wouldn't have made much of a dent. Guidestar says theyve gained tax exempt status this year, so we may see a 990 for the 2016 season. We wont know about this year until next year's 990, but we will have a snapshot at what may have been needed.
  9. Cleveland1

    Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I was expecting chaos by now...
  10. Cleveland1

    Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    Legends last 990 was 2012 and theyve lost their tax exempt status after not filing a 990 since (you lose it after 3 years) same with surf. Both were (seemingly) running into trouble back then when they stopped filing by going into the negative on cash on hand. If they have filed its impossible to find... Theres no harm in taking a year off to stabilize the books, and if you cant then you shouldn't be in the business. If the glassmen did that in 2010/11 instead of just plowing through, they might either still be around or could actually be revived. Not every corps can manage a large amount of debt, like Boston.
  11. Cleveland1

    Blue Knights 2018

    Im responding to your claim that they dont design their shows with visual in mind. 2017 seemzms to be an exception.
  12. Cleveland1

    Blue Knights 2018

    Completely disagree in 2013, 2014, and 2016
  13. The top 3 corps had, essentially, the same concept. This is what we were, we have changed, this is who we are now. Very introspective stuff. They all executed this concept in unique ways. I doubt these three will have the same concept as each other again, but i do wonder what the new concept trend will be. I wonder if it will be about "foundations" or "structure".
  14. Cleveland1

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    51 years of class
  15. Cleveland1

    Blue Devils 2018

    They don't march BD NIGHT