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The "Music Corps Should Do" thread

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2 hours ago, N.E. Brigand said:

I'm generally not a fan of mash-ups, but this is fun:


Lol went to rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland and someone donated Ringos drum kit used during one of their early US tours. Card said “from the collection of Barbara and Richard Starkey”. First thought was “wow they must spend a lot on Beatle items”.... second thought was “dumb ###, that’s Barbara Bach and Ringo Starr”. 😫

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Alright.  Assuming we get shows again :sad:. I'd like to see more 'up' shows. I've been a fan of the dark and brooding and weird but I also have really enjoyed the creativity of some of the more 'up' shows we've seen recently. 

How about a show themed on anime ending with the Totoro theme?  


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On 8/4/2020 at 11:30 AM, N.E. Brigand said:

Corps should perform more marches. This Sousa march, for instance, is a favorite of mine, although I mistakenly believed...

...that it was named for the famous granite monolith in the well-known national park in California. You know the one I mean:


(And you probably know how to pronounce it, too!)

But I was wrong! It was actually from an operetta that Sousa wrote that has nothing to do with Yosemite:


Speaking of the original El Capitan, I highly recommend this 2018 documentary:


Have the DVD of the 1952 movie of Sousas life “Stars and Stripes Forever” starring Clifton Webb. Typical Hollywood “biography” if you get my drift (have to throw in a young person love story for some reason). It’s pretty horrible as history and certain facts. Some good bits but good thing about dvds is that fast forward function for some scenes. 

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ever year has a mix of tones for shows, whether you call them up, down, left, right, happy, sad, brooding, etc. 

love the variety..

as a military musician, i'd pay money to never hear another sousa march for as long as i live, and the 110-120 bpm box is pretty limiting for the genre 

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Something I learned tonight: the last song recorded by John Prine, the renowned folk/country singer who died in April (one of the first famous people to die of Covid), is titled "I Remember Everything." Impossible not to think of Blue Knights' 2019 show.

Maybe not enough musical variety to work with in a drum corps arrangement, though.

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8 hours ago, Brian Tuma said:

Love the recurring bluegrass breakdown.

The first half of that could blend seamlessly into Bluecoats ‘15

It's funny that you mention this... I've always been partial to this Turtle Island tune, which has always given me a Bluecoats 02 vibe... 


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