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And Bucs would finish 20th or lower in DCI. Is there a point to this? It's really apples and oranges...

Yes, of course there's a point. BRASSO said, and in the very post to which you respond, I quoted him as saying, "nobody dominates wins in any sport or activity" like the Blue Devils.

I was offering an example, in the short term (a decade), of someone dominating their separate activity like BD has dominated DCI.

I might have looked to some other sport or activity for a comparison, but DCA was the first thing that came to mind.

I was not comparing the quality of Bucs and BD as drum corps.

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No one is mentioning how close Bluecoats came to winning th Silver tonight. Wow.

Congratulations BD - FANTASTIC finish this year. Your show grew so much the last 3 weeks! Well deserved win! Congratulations Crown - FANTASTIC year, your show grew and grew, crowd LOVED you and a won

UNBELIEVABLE NIGHT!! Congrats BD for #17! Crown, your show may not have taken home the gold, but it was absolutely fantastic! Great job again Bluecoats for overtaking Cadets. FANTASTIC JOB CADE

I want to congratulate all the corps....but especially the ones not in the top seems they're passed over every year due to the hype for the top spots....the top spots are good, but I think the lower placing corps need a bit more recognition.

I totally agree. None of the 7-11 place Corps had some things go unexpectedly wrong in their performances tonite, imo. Each of them from my assessment all gave their best performances of the season here in the Finals.

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Ugh. Those spreads are a mess. Crown should have had higher GE, and their visual scores (especially color guard and visual analysis) were just plain wrong. I just don't get why BD won, awful spreads are inexcusable.

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I calculated crown's score if their percussion scored a perfect score and the rest of the caption scores remained the same. Here's what it looks like:

GE: 38.95

Visual: 28.95


Brass - 19.7

Analysis - 19.7

Percussion - 20.0*

Music Total: 29.7

Final Score: 97.6 ....and what would the final results look like?

1st - Blue Devils 97.650

2nd - Carolina Crown 97.600

It wasn't all the percussions' fault. Visual held them back too.

Math don't lie.

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Sad for The Cavies ... lowest finish in my lifetime. Hope they come back strong next season.

yeah, they've been on a tough road. last time they placed 9th was in 1983

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BD does have a great guard but their run tonight was dirty and should not have been on top. Crown's guard tonight was spot on as it has been most all season. Judges need to score the run not the reputation (ahem Czapinski).

I really dont like how Czpainski scores. DCI should review her

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BD has never been my kind of corps mostly because of their their decisions around color and staging - especially with what feels like clutter to me on the field with all of the props. But I gotta tell ya - I saw them in Allentown live and on the stream tonight. They made a huge surge and the performance tonight was brilliant. Possibly the best execution ever. The Cadets have always done it for me and I was pumped to see them take top brass. "10" really worked for me. Carolina's Inferno matured over the season to be the most emotional of them all for me. Bloo just grows on me every time I see them - and you gotta give them props for pushing the envelope and possibly being the best corps to integrate electronics into a seamless musical experience with the "organic" content.

Bottom line - this was the best season in the 33 years I've been watching, and I count myself lucky to have seen a few shows live this season. The Top 12 shows all had something that made me go "wow"! And the top 4 - sublime every one of them. Thanks to every person in every corps, the DCI organization, and the 1000's of dedicated volunteers that make this activity possible. I'm one grateful guy.

see you next year!

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I'd say the only thing disappointing in the outcome for me is Crown's guard not getting the Zingali. I really thought they were something special this year, worthy of ending BD's long dominance of the caption.

Is this 8 straight years of winning guard for BD? That has to be a record

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Dunno. We are seeing three other corps each carve out a unique niche for themselves that is not only appealing to the crowds, but to the kids as well.

Crown is the only world class corps in the south that matters and they have a huge base of talent to draw from. Their reputation is now solidified and I doubt they will rarely finish out of the medals.

Bluecoats are carving out an entirely unique place for themselves and, quite honestly, are killing it in musicianship as well. I don't see them dropping off any time soon. Their best days are ahead of them.

Cadets are cadets. They will always be among the best in every caption and you know George won't let this fourth place finish go unanswered. I would not be surprised to see them win the gold next year with a show that rivals Angels and Demons. They always have that sort of opportunity in them.

There is no doubt the Blue Devils organization is second to none. But the entire activity has taken a huge step up across the board.

Replace "Crown" and "Bluecoats" with: "Cavaliers" and "SCV" and you pretty much have the late 90's-early 2000's. We all thought that then, too. Especially when Cavies got a run under them for a few years there.

And now look where they are.

There has always been BD (and, to a lesser extent over the past two decades, Cadets). Fortunes of other corps rise and fall. BD goes nowhere. They haven't finished lower than 2nd since 2006, 4th since 1991 and 5th since 1974.

Of the past 10 championships, they have won 6 of them. 60 percent. And still got a medal the rest of the time (usually silver but once). Who lands in the top 3-4 shifts and shuffles every so often but for one thing: BD is there.

I have absolutely no reason to believe that that won't be the case until the end of the activity, or at least until BD's staff goes into mass retirement and they have to rebuild from it. But as long as they're there? And as long as they continue to demonstrate that they have these new DCI sheets completely figured out? I will never bet against them. I'd be a fool to do so.

That's why I think they won't lose again.

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