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I can understand his leaving Madison after the betrayal he suffered there.

The sad part about this whole thing is how people seem to be taking pleasure in this. The situation of the staff leaving based on the actions and attitude of one man is completely devastating, and giv

Not World Class, but as of today I have officially been hired on visual staff by the Battalion (open class). I'm stoked to be back in the game! Though this probably means I'll be spending less time a

We're excited to welcome Gino Cipriani and Colin McNutt to the Boston Crusaders and Inspire Arts & Music as Directors of Music and Percussion! Click here to read more:…/…/2017-brass-percussion-team/


BAC..... Building A Champion.

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Madison needs some key changes. They need to bring back Beddis to do what he does best....CLEAN! Sparling has been great filling

part of Lee's shoes, but just doesn't quite have that same ability to clean. Madison also needs to let go of Ebert as their drill guy.

He just hasn't been that effective as visual designer. They also need some higher level drill cleaners that can take Madison to the next level.

They also need.... REALLY NEED to stop putting out products that try to keep one foot in the past to appease the alumni base.

Tell those guys to quietly sit down and shut up. (hard to do when some of them will take their checkbooks and go elsewhere)

Daniel Ray (of BD fame) wrote a great article about the need for organizations to always put "mission over product". Madison

always puts product over mission. What is the product? A fan friendly traditional "Madison-esque" show. What they need to do is put mission

as first priority (which is, or should be, to achieve and sustain excellence in all areas) , Back in the 70s, their mantra wasn't "We need to

be Madison" or "Loud, Proud and Pleasing the Crowd." It was "We're here to win!" All the other things were byproducts of

being a winning Corps.....their leadership didn't lecture them on "Being the Madison Scouts"....or having "That famous Swagger".

.....Those guys got that swagger from consistently winning. Success tends to instill confidence in you more that just about anything else.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, maybe it's time to set their creative team free to let lose and design

something completely fresh, new, innovative and bad ###....that neither they, nor anyone else has seen!

The traditionalists that get ###### off and leave will eventually find their way back when the Scouts are

back in the top 3 every year!

Also, they need to consult with the top Corps that have figured out long term business models to generate

income, Having financial support from alums is great, but that isn't a good business model. You need reliable

outside income like what Bill Cook did with Star back in the day. Or what Dave Gibbs has done with Blue Devils.

They have many streams of income from their side programs like BD Entertainment.

In short, Madison needs to modernize in all areas.

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Lee Beddis to replace McNutt as Cadets.

I'd believe that, have a source?

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