The Beanpot, Lynn, MA July 2, 2018

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1 minute ago, Terri Schehr said:

Cool.  Pm me.  We’re going to be staying downtown. 

Need to check my schedule and tix.

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Very proud - they are hanging in there with the heat. And amused by all the folks going ga-ga over their relative standing so far. Certainly pumped that they're doing better than last year, and enjoyi

For as progressive as Boston is with some elements of their show (costuming, props, etc), they had probably the most straight-forward raw drum corps show of the night. Insane drill, challenging music,

Prior to BAC's show, lots of folks chanted  "Eat em up Boston." Well I would say they didn't eat, the DEVOURED!!!! Amazing show!

If I'm Crown, I'm at least mildly concerned that my Brass achievement score is higher than content tonight.  Not a panic point, but not usually what you want to see this early.

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3 hours ago, DrumManTx said:

Met @BRASSO.   What. A.  Guy.  :w00t:

 Image result for you are a cool kid..... gif

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48 minutes ago, BlueStainGlass said:

Cadets in that rearview mirror!

I was behind Cadets, so I was possibly  in your rear view window too. 

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2 hours ago, Cadevilina Crown said:

For comparison's sake, here were the first corps to break 80 of the past three seasons and the dates on/locations at which they did so:

2017: Carolina Crown (81.9), 7/8, Orlando, FL

2016: Blue Devils (80.8), 7/9, Denver, CO

2015: Santa Clara Vanguard (81.5), 7/1, Olathe, KS

None of these corps won that respective year's championship.

Where are my conspiracy theorists out there?? :tounge2:

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10 hours ago, George Dixon said:

Actually throughout the season last year I had their range 7-5 and they finished 7

i remain unimpressed with Cavaliers the past two years and feel the same this year, I just don’t talk about it much. The arranging just isn’t my thing 

Boston last year at this point was behind Cadets. As anyone following DCI knows once the judging community slots a corps it’s nearly impossible to move up

Thia year currently out of that set of corps in the following range st this time, the most likely finish in ()

Cadets  7-5 (7)

Boston 7-4 (6)

Cavaliers  7-4 (5)

Crown 4-3 (4)

SCV 4-3 (3)

BD 2-1 (2)

BC 1-2 (1)

but things can change, rapidly 

the biggest news this season will likely be in the 15-10 set of corps with one or two new finalist imo 



Your comment about Boston is confusing on so many levels.

1.  If it is "nearly impossible to move up" once slotted, how is it that "things can change rapidly"?

2.  Yes, Boston was behind Cadets this time last year.  But then they moved in front.  Did they achieve the nearly impossible?

3.  Is Boston the only corps that the judges have slotted, or would other corps find it equally difficult to move up from where they are now?

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FB memory from 2010 about Crown appearing in this show and a looming battle with Bloo. Interesting. 

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Went to both the Lawrence and Lynn shows and thoroughly enjoyed both nights. Boston Crusaders were definitely my favorite. Their production SOS is captivating, energetic, entertaining and balanced. If they did not gain elite corps status last year, they definitely have it now. Great show with real talent in all sections. Very well written, demanding production that goes by in a flash. No sooner does it start than it is over, its that good!  Go and see them if you get a chance, well worth the price of admission. I am thinking 5th for Boston, maybe a shot at 4th in the Big Dance. (Strange, low guard score/placement last night though, very odd?)

Bluecoats are no doubt talented and have an entertaining show but it is sort of like that of the last two seasons with what appears to be a bit less movement. The show relies principally on static group features playing some intricate passages. The large/colorful props and multiple amplifier stacks all over the field are impressive, but as a part of the show format, sort of restrict any real development of the production as the season progresses. Again, sort of like the past 2 years. It is what it is.

I really enjoyed Crown. Like BAC they use the whole field. Demand is the middle name in this show. One example: They have a female brass ensemble (If I fell in love with you : Beatles) feature, positioned right up front with little if any background accompaniment. Therefore, any flaws what so ever, will be clear to everyone, including adjudicators of course (There were none!). The exposure is off the charts. It is awesome. Novel concept, big sound, great percussion, without electronic overload. The closer however is pure unadulterated Crown! When you see/hear it, you will know what I mean. They will do a lot with this show over the coming weeks and by finals ……..who knows

Cadets are obviously in transition but I really enjoyed their show especially last night. So happy to see them on the field with what is clearly a top 12 show. Well done indeed! Just one thought though: At Lawrence, just as the corps entered the field, a young person (From the booster stand I think) came up the stairs to watch the corps. He was dressed in a traditional Maroon and Gold, Cadets uniform. We glanced at him and then over at the field and the thought/image just happened: How great would it be to have the Cadets enter the arena in Indy, wearing their Maroon and Gold. The crowd would go wild!

I also enjoyed Spirit, as did both night’s crowd (3.5K in Lawrence!) The horn book and players provide real excitement especially in the opener. Clearly, it is still early season and they have development plans. The multiple doors are a little distracting to the audience but I am sure the creative staff have that well in hand. I expect them to be in the mix for a finalist spot in August

So happy that it is Drum Corps Season!   

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11 hours ago, cfirwin3 said:

I don't know.  I think it is a better reflection of overall placement.  You have to premise the point on last night being more accurate... But each show from the start of the season has shown similar variations while maintaining placements.  It's not really all that far off.

If anything, the variation demostrates that the captions are merely slotted, but that the margins are tighter in reality.

I certainly like that Bloo brass breakdown that has their composition number still slightly higher than their proficiency.  That's the more desirable place to be at this early date.

After seeing the same corps 2 nights in a row and from different sides of the stands. I feel scoring for the top 3 is fairly accurate. Bluecoats are the early front runner. Crown and Boston both have their strengths and weaknesses in different captions and appear they are going to be in a dogfight for placement like Boston and Cadets were last year. As for Cadets, my opinion is right now they have issues that need some attention and cleaning. Their ending is a mess and I question if the tempo and demands in the end can be achieved by the performers. To me, their score is inflated by 3-5 points (app. .5 -1.0 in most captions). Spirit is much improved this year and their show  (once they work out some issues with the doors) is definitely a potential finalist show. 

Will be interesting when Cadets and Spirit meet up with other corps that are in the 7-12 range as to how they get ranked in the different captions.

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