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Madison Scouts 2020

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4 hours ago, tesmusic said:

I’m sure they weren’t. Plus, again, this is not a challenge program. That was rolled out previously to give the elite access to early information...even though CK and his cronies don’t share virtually anything with those that contribute that way either. 

The $500 fee is a single year jump from $100 (not a gradual increase that would make senses) in order to have voting rights, to insure that only a select few can vote in the pre-picked board. 

Thank you for the clarification. Clearly I did not fully research the program. My apologies.

I read a great piece on AXIOS' website earlier today, about "giving circles." The gist is that "Philanthropy tends to center on a small number of affluent donors, but a grassroots movement known as "giving circles" — in which more modest donors pool their resources — has been gaining popularity.

The big picture: Giving circles are still a drop in the philanthropic bucket, but proponents say they open the field to younger and more diverse donors — and broaden the reach of giving."

Might work well in drum corps, in any non-profit pageantry organization.

(I tried to include a link to the story, but three strikes -- attempts -- and I was out. Sorry.)

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8 hours ago, tesmusic said:

True, but do those same individuals want to pony up $400 more to an ED and board they may not trust with their money?

I keep getting PM’s in here and the book of Face saying things would be so much better with more money, but can people truly justify giving even more money to the same people that have failed to put a relevant group on the field, with a revolving door staff, and an inability to have additional programs under the organizational umbrella?  

I only donate to organizations I truly trust after being burned pretty badly. 

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It saddens me greatly to see what has become of a once great organization.

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10 hours ago, MikeD said:

Forum hat:    A member cannot change their screen name. 

I did. well I asked and they said yes. 

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On 11/30/2019 at 12:25 PM, Terri Schehr said:

I don’t know anything about this but it seems to me that the young alums would be squeezed out by this more than the older alumni.  Raising families, etc.  The older folks probably have more disposable income and could probably pony up $500 pretty easily. 


but not all.

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16 hours ago, MikeD said:

Right. Only an admin with super access rights can do that. I don't think normal mods (like me) can do it, nor can a member.

Do you need an SA on your chest for super access? 😈

Asking cuz had to load software on a co-workers laptop this morning. I didn’t have an SA shirt either... 🤬

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2 hours ago, xandandl said:

Well, "God" seemed a bit presumptuous wasn't it?

never crossed my mind. let me know how it works for you

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