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Thursday, August 11th “DCI World Championship PRELIMS” Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, INDIANA

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8 hours ago, Tony Flores said:

Man, I wish i could make it  to Indy. I'll be relegated to watching on Flo, still getting used to life with an infant.

Future marcher 

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3 hours ago, KVG_DC said:

Rhode Island Avenue...in DC.  We like to confuse everyone by having streets named for states.   It's flash flooding.  It's been a problem in spots around town cause the infrastructure is aging and not being kept up.  SO the more frequent these deluges the more of this is happening.  

There's also aereal flooding that happens along Ohio Drive and the Old Alexandria waterfront when we get rain + high tide.  That's more about the water level rising though.  

Sorry man, DC, like Rhode Island, isn't equipped for floods. Sure, Texas is a strange place for weather. But while my cousins would boast about snow days.... my brother and I would boast about flood days. 


And sorry, let's keep it to DCI

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9 hours ago, Jurassic Lancer said:

I’ll be in section 141, row 19, seats 1-4 all three days

We're five seats down on that row - not sure why we keep getting pushed around... I even told them "I know DCP legend, Jurassic Lancer." 

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Achievement unlocked: dental cleaning. Me and my shiny teeth are headed home to smile a lot today!

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21 hours ago, Chief Guns said:

Performance times for tomorrow are now posted on DCI.org


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Sure wish I could be there again.  I'll never forget 2016 prelims where I saw every Corps in one day from Les Stentors to Bluecoats.  I only missed one show that day and it was Colts..."Team Red" because I had eaten something questionable and had "Team Runs" when they were on. 

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