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  1. I'm confident in saying the Blue Devils are leaders both on and off the field.
  2. They were waiting on the judges. Kinda out of their control, no?
  3. I wouldn't call Inferno "groundbreaking", but it was a great show.
  4. If a judge is really judging show to show, they should be.
  5. SCV's guard was not tight in the opener, viewing them live. Noticed a few other visual errors I hadn't in previous runs.
  6. I felt both BD and SCV had off nights, but maybe I've just seen these two shows too many times to where the smallest of things stick out to me.
  7. Way to go Mandarins, Vanguard and BD!! Congrats to all corps.
  8. Troopers DMs have always reminded me of those wind up dolls that need a few more cranks...
  9. Still trying to make drumline battle happen...
  10. Not the best run of the show I've seen, but still great! Battery, particularly snares, still have some cleaning to do. If there is a night SCV could pull an upset, this would be it.