DCI FINALS .... of just The Cadet (Holy Name, Garfield, Bergen, etc) shows.

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Name your top 12 and a short why for each placement!


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Competitively...I have no clue how they would stack up. From a standpoint of my favorites, I would say this:

  1. 1984 West Side Story
  2. 1987 Appalachian Spring
  3. 1995 forget the name, but the 50th anniversary of WWII show (all John Williams music)
  4. 1993 In The Spring
  5. 2000 We Are The Future
  6. 1985 Symphony 3, Make Our Garden Grow, Candide (Bernstein)
  7. 1992 To Tame The Perilous Skies
  8. 2011 Angles and Demons
  9. 1983 Rocky Point & Mass
  10. 2005 The Zone
  11. 1998 Stonehenge 
  12. 2001 Juxtaposition
  13. * Honorable Mention: 2012 the Christmas show ( not clean at all, needed some tweaks, but this is an entertaining show)

2002, 2007, 2013, 2014, and 2015 shows were all strong corps; but the design was sadly flawed with each show.

My apologies to the alumni from the 60s and 70s. I am not as up-to-date on shows from that period. 

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1 hour ago, njthundrrd said:

Name your top 12 and a short why for each placement!  AND GO! 

After you.

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1991-best Cadets show ever!

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favorites has nothing to do with score in some places

89 les Miserables. Saw 7 of the 9 endings, and the final one was the best...wish they had it in 3 weeks earlier

93.....just incredible

87 App Spring

11 Angels and Demons

15 10...til they changed to black

83....the first

84....it could tie 83

98....under rated to this day

2000...just cause

82...the one that really started it all

92...set up 93


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Ok fine, I’ll participate 

my first three are the three peat in order so we get to relive that evolution 

12. 1983 Garfield Cadets

11. 1984 Garfield Cadets

10. 1985 Garfield Cadets

9. 1989 Cadets of Bergen County - Le Miz 

8. 2011 Cadets - Angels and Demons

7. 1992 - Perilous Skies!

6. 1993 Cadets - Kings

5. 1990 CBC - Undiscovered Bernstein 

4. 1987 Cadets - Appalachian Spring 

3. 1998 Cadets - Stonehenge 

2. 2007 Cadets, semi finals performance please, the biggest rip off score in DCI history AND the rudest crowd ever

1. 2005 Cadets - in the zone!

encore - I’m carried out of stadium due to hyperventilation 

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I am probably going to take flack for where I place 86 and 88. But I can listen to those shows all day, especially 88. Unlike most,  I am not a huge fan of 2000 and 2005. 

12. 1982 -  Only recently discovered this show,. YouTube video. Listen to it often and whistle the Gershwin tune. It’s become an earworm. 

11. 2011- Between Angels and Demons- Saw this live at DATR, lower deck at field level. Although the music to this show was fantastic to hear in the lower level of the stadium,  I regret I was that low to not have seen the visual with a higher field view. 

10. 1998 - Stonehenge- The closer drill  and ballad. Two of my favorites. 

9. 1999- The Big Apple- Jan Van Der Roosts’ music and the Cadets are like peanut butter and chocolate. I hope at some point they can revisit some of his music. I love the ballad of this show, as well as the opener. 

8. 2003 - Our Favorite Things- Underrated. Fanfare and Allegro Is one of my favorite concert pieces I have ever played,  and it was a joy to see Cadets do this in tribute to earlier SCV performances. Bringing back Rocky Point, and doing the Z pull was greet to see. Malagueña is fun, but not the high point of this show for me. 

7. 1985-  Jeremiah, Make our Garden Grow, Candide- I was hoping Cadets could bring this back, or elements of it, in the Bernstein Estate deal they recently made. Alas, we won’t see it rebooted, as  Cadets went another direction. No need to mention here the monumental performance this was for the time. I wish I knew what drum corps was st the time, to have seen it live. 

6. 1991- ABC’s of Modern American Music- Short Ride in a Fast Machine is still one of my favorite openers of all time. Tons of punch in how thet piece was arranged. Fanfare Fugue and Riffs as the closer may be unorthodox for the Cadets. Particularly in the sense that they park and blow to end the show, and is not at 220 bpm to close out. But the Park and blow after the cool “snake drill” , fits perfectly and is fun to watch. 

5. 1986- On the Waterfront/ Christopher Street- The Cadets at this time with the drill and speed,...I didn’t know what drum corps was until middle school in 1989. This was one of the first Drum Corps shows I had ever seen on VHS, (1989 Bluecoats the first I saw live). I could not believe how they marched at that speed and the intricate formations in the drill. 

4. 2001 - Juxtaperformance- The horn book thet year is off the charts. Farandole is a pleasure to listen to. 

3. 1988 - Copland’s 3rd Symphony- Underrated. Some find it boring. I find the meters, melodies, time signstures, marching ....and mellophone writing, in this show to be incredible. 

2. 1992- To Tame the Perilous Skies- A tie with my #1. Only loses by .025 on an ordinal score. 

1. 1993 - When Kings Go Off to War-The intensity and punch of this show.  I don’t know how they marched and played that fast in the first two sets. Still watch this show in awe. 


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In chronological order because ranking them feels impossible


83 Mass - first championship and just cool

84 West Side Story - if imitation is the sincerest flattery this show has since been flattered almost to death

87 Appalachian Spring - best mix of symphonic and graceful visuals to that date

89 Les Mis - this one always makes me emotional for reasons I can't explain

91 ABC's of Modern American Music - the show that introduced me to John Adams and minimalist music, which I have loved ever since

92 To Tame the Perilous Skies - blew me away live, especially the hand bell chorus

93 In the Spring When Kings Go Off to War - for being unrelenting 

95 An American Quintet - pure Americana joy

97 Celebration - to paraphrase Amadeus "there are just exactly the number of notes that I require. Which ones would you have me remove Sire?"

02 An American Revival - for bringing the post 9/11 patriotism at a time when we needed it

03 Our Favorite Things - for my favorite percussion in Malaguena ever

11 Between Angels and Demons - most recent championship and just cool - a bookend with 83

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