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DCI Tomball.... I mean, Houston

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1 minute ago, Hook'emCavies said:

Alrighty.... here are my thoughts

Stadium wise, yes there was a BIG issue getting to the stadium. It actually started at about 6 pm. I'm not sure if it was a staffing issue, DCI volunteer issue, or a Tomball ISD issue. I can say the actual metal detectors at the gate were glitchy. My brother took everything out of his pockets and it went off on him a couple of times. I do know that the staff eventually stopped the security check and let folks in. I liked the stadium, but I'm extremely disappointed and feel like SOMEONE dropped the ball. 

Mandrains- man, the improvement! I love this dark show. And I oddly liked the props. Not really big on props, but those were creative. It was just entertaining! However, not big on the singing. Needed more brass! That hornline is too good... I say play on! 

The Cadets- OMG! I loved this show. The jam out session, the actual marching, the energy from the marchers. It was my second favorite of the night. Cadets fans should be proud! 

Blue Stars- this show was one of those sit back and relax ones. While it didn't get my adrenaline going, they had some really nice things going on. Hornline sounded safe to me. However, they were balanced and in control! Basically they were mature! I wish they did something with all of those canons though.... 

Carolina Crown- this show didn't flow with me. I'm kinda disappointed because the last time I enjoyed a show from them was in 2016. This is NOT a jab to them or their fans.... just a personal taste thing. Very.... flashy. Lots of, and I can't believe I'm about to type this, gimmicky like things going on. I do understand the WGI affect on BOA and DCI or the BOA affect on DCI or WGI.... but I'm there to watch a DCI show..... not a WGI show. Again, not trying to bash them or ANY organization that I do follow... I'm just really want to enjoy their shows like when they stayed at my high school in 2008. Great hornline though. They will win the hornline caption come finals. 

Bluecoats- man, I was sleeping and I felt this cat on my chest and followed up to my ear. This cat was meowing so loudly that I could hear her in my sleep. I thought this cat wanted to go on a trip to Houston, but she was just waking me up so I can put food in her bowl. All joking aside, I oddly enjoyed them! I didn't expect it, but I did! Now, the design team was definitely doing something to help their creative work *scratches beard*... but man they consistently produce great musicians and I love it! 

BD- TANK!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MORE TANK! GIVE ME MORE TANK!!!!!!!!!!!! I FINALLY GOT TO HEAR TANK ON THE FIELD! THANK YOU! The starts weirdly, but kept growing and it really went somewhere. It felt like a ride from point A to point B. Hornline... awwwww yeah! They were just awesome!

The Cavaliers- that hornline is easily what grabbed me. I really freaking loved this show concept... I was nervous but ended grabbing in for a roller coaster ride..... like a cat was right next to me lol!! They looked dirty, not gonna lie. They need to CLEAN this sucker up. Man, those screamers too! And truthfully, I was so happy that I heard actual contra. CONTRA!! TUBA!!! WOOOOO! I'm just so dang proud of Thr Cavaliers right now. However, I do feel like there is a puzzle piece missing... in terms of staff in the design area. 

Alrighty... :))))) I'm just so dang happy at the moment. 


Brother I am so happy for you! Minus the traffic jam getting into the stadium, so glad you had a great time!!!

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3 hours ago, keystone3ply said:
Copied Facebook post: Did anyone experience these delays?  I noticed the line of cars on Flo coming to the stadium last night.  (Looked like the last scene from "Field of Dreams.)  But to endure this kind of delay to enter the stadium?
I feel awful for the first four or five groups in Houston wondering where the audience is. Between traffic and now the 2 hour line at the gate…. (Security must be extreme). At least a few thousand people out here waiting to get in… we are all outside. Worst wait in DCI history for me in 30 years.
May be an image of 3 people, people standing and outdoors

That’s really unfortunate. I remember the Denton show being a little disorganized in 2019 but it was nothing like this.

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8 minutes ago, scheherazadesghost said:

I would've auditioned for Cavies had I been born male. At one point, I fantasized about sending in app info as though I were male and just showing up. That said, I've always looked up to them... my late mentor was a ring holder from the mid 90s. ❤️

I LOVE this show for it's respectful throwback nature. I LOVE seeing you peacock about it too. ❤️ me some Cavies. Hope they make you even more proud tonight! Hook 'em!

They really did :). 

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3 hours ago, Phantom56 said:

Greg_Orangecounty--you said the same thing about BD in 2008. Phantom was 4th in San Antonio--look what happened. 

Wut??  No I didn't.  I didn't know DCP existed in 2008.  I've only been on here 2 or 3 years.

I have no dog in this hunt.  Just call it like I see it.  No one is going to touch BD.

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11 hours ago, Mikah said:

No!  I've marched color guard since middle school but during concert season I played flute.  I've always hated Bach.  Flute-wise, I found his music to be simplistic and boring.  I might as well be playing scales.  

I really dislike the Bach. It's one of my least favorite pieces from any classic composer.

I feel bad about it too, but every time I hear it, I just can't get into it.

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3 hours ago, jwillis35 said:

The competition with the 6 to 10 crop of corps is really exciting. The spreads with Cadets and BS were interesting. 

Cadets vs Blue Stars

Percussion - Cadets up by .6
Music Analysis - Cadets up by .7
Brass - Cadets up by . 2

Color Guard - Blue Stars by .1
Analysis - Cadets by 1.1 (a pretty big gap for this caption)
Proficiency - Blue Stars by . 1

GE 1 - Blue Stars by .6
GE 2 - Blue Stars by .4

Still think VA judge entered the wrong number

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2 hours ago, crownisking said:

That’s really unfortunate. I remember the Denton show being a little disorganized in 2019 but it was nothing like this.

Traffic at UNT yesterday sucked, but at least once we got there, the lines to get in kept moving, even if they were long, took like 10 minutes or so to get in, I can’t imagine 2 hours😦

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