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    This may sound strange coming from a guard girl but I wouldn't mind seeing corps lean towards less dancing and more flag and rifle work.
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    Most Surprising: Spirit - These guys absolutely shocked me when I saw the first video of them on the fan-network. Holy cow. Early season when they were beating Bluecoats in GE visual and such, I was wondering what the heck was going on, then I saw the video. Awesome stuff. Most Crowd Pleasing: Phantom Regiment - In San Antonio and at finals, they seemed to get the biggest crowd reaction, with that show, it's impossible not to. (CLOSE 2nd to Madison) Best 12th - 17th place battles EVER: The top 3 traded all season, but that pack from Spirit to Crossmen was going ALL over the place early season, didn't know who to pick. Best 11th place show ever: I know lots of people didn't like the show design as much for the Blue Stars, but for an eleventh place corps, that drumline, guard, and hornline were just ridiculous. (Still liked that show) Best Openers - Bluecoats, Phantom Regiment, and The Academy. Three different styles that all just worked like no other, if The Academy's and Bluecoats shows were up to the level of their openers, wow, coulda made already amazing shows......more amazing? Best Ballads: The Cadets, Phantom Regiment, Bluecoats, Boston Crusaders, Blue Stars, Santa Clara Vanguard - Cadets and Phantom were just classic, The Bluecoats gutsy choice with quadrophonic sound was pretty well pulled off I think, Bostons bari soloist, Blue Stars goregeous ballad, and SCV's amazing one made for some beautiful music. Best Closers: The Cadets, Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard, and Boston Crusaders - The Cadets and Bostons were just classic, grand, and high energy finishes. Phantom ends the greatest love story of all time the way it should, and Vanguards had just that right mix of beauty, but mystic feel that you had just escaped something bad, but it still is a little with you.
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    From the Madison Scouts Facebook page - "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, three Christmas downloads soon will be here. A show for next season, reframed from our past, the music exciting, the movement quite fast. So Facebook on Christmas to hear our good cheer, and fill up your iPod with songs from last year."
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    So those are the target numbers in higher brass (first hard numbers I've seen).... Hope the corps gets the members to get the right blend but would be interesting if they didn't. Not a slam on the corps but have seen plenty of corps with unbalanced horn lines (there's an opening if I ever saw one) and working with that is a challenge. How corps handle it and how successful they are is a treat for a horn guy like me. Don't all corps need more Baris?
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    Doesn't really seem Madison's style, but looking forward to seeing what they do with it as it's one of my favorites. (if this is what they're playing)
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    Most of you kiddies just don't get it. Yes, to the majority of us T-Rex's, Raptor's and Brontosaurus's, things really are that bad. Something we used to love watching and/or participating in has changed into something that we don't. We have seen it from the 70's (And some before that) on up to the present, all first hand in the flesh. Most of you kids weren't even in existence in the 70's and 80's, so all "yall" have to go on for comparison are tapes and dvd's. Believe me, if you weren't there in person, you have no idea what a great G Bugle hornline blasting out some of those Drum Corps classic songs were like. Shows were more music oriented back then. They were more "Concerts in motion." Any cool drill moves were just considered Lagniappe. (A little something extra) We were there for Park and Bark, Squat and Blow, great Guard work and drum solos. Didn't NEED wretched excess pits, amps, synths, voice, themed story telling and 11 minutes of non-stop fast tempo drill while playing mostly unrecognizable musical phrases. It's just NOT entertaining TO US any longer. Get it............
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    That is some top-notch February drum corps.
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    It is funny when a person who cares enough to read through a blog, then cares enough to login, then also cares enough to type in Nobody Cares.
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    I don't know about anyone else, but I applaud the Cadets for trying to offer a weekend-only version of the drum corps/Garfield experience, regardless of where they actually perform. Why don't you guys cut them some slack..... (or at least enjoy the humor and spirit behind the special rate for baris named Barry!)
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    Ditto that ... and let's remember they are HOLY days as well as holidays ...
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    None of us will be alive in 2112! I know I know, it was a typo. Just kidding.
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    I'd rather donate a million to my favorite corps and let their staff decide what to play. Too bad I don't have a million!
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    I think that Daniel, Stu, and Garfield should start ther own forum. They could call it NBC.com
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    I'd love to get stuff for 13-21-25 etc on dvd for all years
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    Cadets will be purchasing SCV's uniforms. The colors fit the Christmas spirit better.
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    Grumble, grumble, #####, ####, moan....
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    Oh come on....this again?? Like there were no OTHER ticks by Regiment that day? Regiment's score was 91.45...that means there were a lot of other ticks than just the dropped rifle...same for SCV and their 91.55. Vets OF 78 Regiment have said they don't consider the dropped rifle the deciding factor (Rocketman....your comments?).
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    Most under-appreciated: The Academy Most death deifying (at camps in Maricopa, Arizona): The Academy Most ready to kick butt in 2012: The Academy!
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    and if the fans are lucky, they will get them before the middle of July.
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    It's probably a good idea to do what this guy tells you to do.
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    I agree. Vanguard taking Percussion in 2012. 2004 was quite some time ago. SCV needs their 11th Percussion title so they can tie with BD! I totally think they can do it! :)
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    I thought my list seemed like it was missing an important corps... let me adjust. And if anyone hasn't listened to a selection by PR, "Richard Wagner - Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral (from Lohengrin)", please do so. I am feeling goosebumps already from the potential that this song has for one epic arrangement. 1. Bluecoats 2. Crown 3. Cavaliers 4. Blue Devils 5. Phantom 6. Scouts 7. Cadets 8. SCV 9. Blue Knights 10. Blue Stars 11. Boston 12. Glassmen
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    +1 Though I think the Cadets will be up there too
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    Well, you used the words "synthesizer blends." In that order. In the same syntactic constituent. So, there's that.
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    Just as bad live, depending on where you sit. Phantom Regiment's show at West Chester, five rows from an amp? Not pleasant. Bluecoats at semifinals about 20 rows up on the 50? Downright painful.
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    Speak for yourself. I go to see drum and bugle corps, no matter the talent level.
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    Sorry, I don't like scholastic marching band. Should have clarified.
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    So who originally coined the phrase "Thunderous Goo" relative to the obnoxious use of bass doubling on the synths?
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    Over the past several years it has been pretty cool to see a bit more diversity in terms of choreography (a bit more style/variety than years before) with various guards. I think it could be pretty cool to see a bit more broader range in terms of choreography, especially the potential for more street influenced stuff. Thought it could be interesting to start a thread of different possible choreographic influences. I love to see things shaken up a bit by pulling from street influences like.... ( , more) Soul Train Dancers (more) Earlier influences... Also would be interesting to use costumes and props to sorts of create new shapes that are not simply a person or exaggerate features, like.... More....?
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    Sorry you missed my point which I guess I wasn't clear on. Perhaps I'm personally finding most of the attitudes about any changes is usually "the sky is falling" on DCP. It's boring and repetitious. It's my fault. I'll stop reading these types of threads, but let me add: 1) I've been on the Board of Directors and involved in many arts organizations and funding is a 24-7, 365 day a year worry/time consumer/conundrum/pain in the keister. 2) The competition for attention with the internet, 200 cable channels, 25-plex cinemas and 24 hour shopping has caused a decline in attendance at ALL (in my experience) performance type events. Comparing drum corps attendance in the 70's, 80's and even 90's with current attendance based on DCI management/corps quality is statistically absurd. There are hundreds of reasons things are different. 3) The DCI BOD has done an admirable job (in my opinion) of staving off serious erosion or the REAL DEATH of DCI which could have happened without MAJOR changes in the business model, including the ticket prices, expenses, and marketing that so many gripe about. 4) Artsy people generally have a distaste/distrust for business based decisions (in my experience) 5) That is what I believe most of what I read in these type threads are. If this doesn't apply to you then I hope you're intelligent/mature enough to not find this offensive. Peace, out.
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    MY prediction- Academy will make finals.
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    In Soviet Russia rules propose you!... wait, wrong thread No I haven't heard of any as of today.
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    Their brass was definitely better in 2010 than in the past few years. If I remember correctly, their brass staff in 2010 was the brass staff Troopers had from 2007 - 2009. If you listen to those Troopers shows, you can really hear how talented that staff is. They worked the Troopers hornline up to finals caliber. I can't wait to hear how Cavaliers sound now that that staff has the opportunity to work with even more talented students.
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    There have been a LOT of Cavies shows through the years that have left me wanting more, but James Bond was one of the coolest drum corps shows ever. Ever. Ehhh Verrrrrr. That drum book sounded like Steve Gadd and Dave Weckel butt###### and gave birth the Cavies drumline.
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    Was that over the top?
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    Umm, you ever bother to compare the FA weather predictions with what the weather actually ended up being? They have a record of being more accurate than the weather channel. Just sayin.
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    Truth is, BD should be playing at the Raiders games, since Concord is in the East Bay.
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    SHUSH!!!! DO you WANT Hop to make more???
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    That was the second thing I thought. The first was, "Another DC promo featuring music from some another medium." I waiting for a DC promo featuring visual & sound from somewhere else.
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    I think Blue Stars are just hanging on... I think any corps from 9-12 is in danger of not making finals in 2012.
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    I think the goo is very strongly amplified by the listener's preference: if you hate electronics it definitely sticks out more. I didn't notice the goo nearly as much live this past season and it certainly didn't impair my ability to hear other parts when I did notice it. So IMO it already *is* getting better. FWIW I'm rather ambivalent about electronics. Use them or not -- I don't really care. So long as I can still hear the brass I'm good :-)
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