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    The value of travel as the best education. I lived a relatively sheltered life in south Mississippi before drum corps (overprotective religious zealot parents who never did really approve of my drum corps years, but that's a story for another day) and my two years at Phantom Regiment were a coming of age for me. Learning about people that I never would have been able to meet otherwise and seeing the country, albeit via stadiums, gym floors, and football fields, were some of my greater memories. 2017 makes 20 years since I marched, and I still get misty-eyed thinking of the experience. Now I just have to get my kids to follow suit so I can be a drum corps dad!!!!
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    I was fortunate to have marched in both a junior corps and an all-age DCA corps that were open to people from all walks of life. For example... black people in the corps, women in the horn line and drum line. Now... in this day and age, that may sound downright strange that "open to all walks of life" would be as big a deal as it was. But back in those days, it was not uncommon for corps to have all-male horn lines and drum lines... and, quite frankly, there was at least one corps from that era that was not exactly, shall we say, welcoming to people of color. Putting it mildly. My years with DCA's Sunrisers in particular... that corps was known for "doing things differently" in the senior/all-age ranks, and was a pioneer in welcoming women to participate in sections other than the color guard... heck, even with the color guard. (There were some corps that had all-male guards well into the 1970s... and beyond, in at least one case.) Honestly, we didn't care who you were, what your color or ethnic background was, whether you were a corporate executive or a college kid without a dime to your name (trust me, we had both, and seemingly everyone in between...LOL).... as long as you did things the "Sunriser Way".... you were good to go. We all bled orange and blue. We won championships that way. I wouldn't have it any other way!!!
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    So around the 2nd week of October last year, Cadets had given us an idea as to the types of music they would be playing. But this year, we are rolling into November with no news. Perhaps they're finally taking my advice and shutting the hell up until June? I hope so.
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    most: guard. already have extensive experience surviving in extreme hostile environments; have weapons and are trained to use them over prolonged periods of repetition. also see:: Lucille (Negan) least: trumpets. no explanation necessary.
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    I learned humility, compassion, love, brotherhood, patience, to strive to make others day better, to leave places better than I found them when I leave, timeliness, loyalty, etc.
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    Vote for Tekk as Corps Director!!! Retire Gramps and renew the tradition.
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    Many corps advertise "learning life lessons" as part of what they offer. I was wondering what life lessons have those who marched (Dinos to present day) learned in the corps they marched. I know I have learned several things that has allowed me to enjoy my life. I met my wife through my age out corps, 2 of my 3 children marched in real small corps while all 3 enjoy the marching arts activity I stay really focused on a task. Never give up. Multitasking. Push myself to be better than I am and learning to pay it forward. No bashing, just lessons learned please.
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    Don't use someone else's toothbrush
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    The screamers are always the first to die in those type of movies.
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    Excellence is a choice. Only focus on what you can control. Tradition for its own sake can be destructive. Honestly, everything in life boils down to living with Excellence. I learned that from my one season at SCV, 1984. In order of personal impact I'd have to say Charlie Anderson, Rick South, Gail Royer, Tim Salzman, Guy Smith and John Figueira. All preaching Excellence; otherwise what's the point?
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    What a great topic/question. I've thought about this a lot. My $.02 below. Similar to some of the other responses, I think one of the core values to the drum corps experience is learning that you can push yourself harder than you ever thought you could. And I think that falls under the category of a "life lesson." A really important one. I know any time I look at an existing or upcoming challenge in my life, I think to myself--this can't be as hard as **** from drum corps. Here's how I see that happening in a unique way for this activity: the competitive aspect puts a weight (you can call it artificial or not) on every choice you make, and every action over the course of a summer. And for most "kids," up until the summer they march, they've never had so much weight put on their actions. So even though it's just marching band, it feels (and IS) SO important. You learn what it feels like to succeed and to fail with (artificially) incredibly high stakes. It feels like life or death, but it's really just band. Which is good, because you can fail, but with a safety net. And if you take a kid who doesn't march corps, most of them won't be put in a situation that feels like the stakes are that high until at least their mid twenties, if not even later than that. Basically, it gives you a chance to test/prove your mettle in a safe environment, and that helps kids grow up. I dunno--it made more sense in my head.
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    the ability to move beyond your comfort zone, and be ok with it. to open up to new friends of all backgrounds. to understand that answers to questions can come from anyone in the group. to simply "try it". to deal with adversity. its hot, you're stuck in bumble stink kansas, the showers don't all work, you've got a clinic to play, and a show to perform tonight. just go to work. make it happen and make it good. that's what its about. push, deal, and overcome. anything less than 100% is unacceptable. Because this is the (insert corps name). you didn't think you could do it, but you could. which means later in life when you come upon a barrier you don't think you can overcome... you will. because you remember that one time in kansas, when EVERYTHING sucked. And you got through it. You found a way to work as a team, to make it to the show, to make that crowd stand on their feet, and later on, when the bus broke down and you had to pile everyone onto the other busses and trucks and again... EVERYTHING sucked for that time being... you got through it. And you'll remember it, and apply that mentality later on in life. There's no "I can't do that". There's only "I'll find a way to do that".
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    And that probably had nothing to do with their shows and final placements.
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    http://www.advocate.com/sports/2016/11/02/gay-man-color-guard-means-family A media outlet picked up a story from the show.
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    After 32 years of sticking to the "Tradition" of using G bugles, Cincinnati Tradition is finally working to make the move to Bb horns. Every little bit helps and we appreciate your support! https://www.gofundme...new-instruments
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    The Columbus Saints traveled to Dubois, PA in June to compete in the SDCA competition, and perform for the people of DuBois! Here is a recap video produced by me for the Columbus Saints and a festival video released by the city of DuBois of all corps performances including numerous alumni corps, and DCA Corps Erie Thunderbirds. Columbus Saints Recap City of DuBois SDCA Standstill Video
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    I like that. Good repackaging, garfield. Minimalism is an accepted form in music (and other arts, under different names). It would be nice to see more of it in drum corps: elegant rather than elaborate responses to artistic challenges.
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    This is exactly why we can't have nice things.
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    To confirm, I just checked CorpsReps, and Madison has NOT yet performed the Village People's Macho Man, nor have they done a show theme based upon the life and death of Randy "Macho Man" Savage.
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    In today's "moment of drum corps zen" I offer up Cadets 2013 in OH just before finals in Indy Probably the best single performance of that spectacular horn and drum book from 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oglj0Ezybbc Music Ensemble judge went APE for it!
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    Cadets 2000 Studio Recording
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    Question. After being bitten and turned to a shuffling zombie, would the Troopers DM actually move faster than before?
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    Oh, you mean "recruiting"?
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