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2 hours ago, GetOFFmyDot said:


The challenge with that statement is that the overwhelming majority of caption head and design team staff openings aren't advertised - there is no merit-based system for recruitment, selection, and hiring.    You can't be hired if you aren't asked.   It's literally the old-boys network.


And for those asking why pick on the Blue Stars?  Fair question.  It was the first corps I noticed who have listed all of their caption heads and design team - have others?  If so, I would gladly compile a list.    Wasn't there a committee of women in DCI working on this exact issue?    I will gladly compile a equity report once more staffing decisions are announced.  


Could you first learn to type in coherent, complete sentences that utilize all the words to constitute a complete sentence before suggesting your help.


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Just her father's house.

Just check DCP; all sorts of world championship designers here. 

Three years ago.

23 hours ago, kalad's_phantoms_regiment said:

JD Shaw and Chip Crotts are no longer at SCV (rumored that Shaw is returning to Phantom and Crotts is headed to BD but neither of those things have been announced yet). The Van Dorens (Donnie, Evan, and Katie) are joining SCV's staff as brass consultant, brass arranger, and assistant brass caption manager respectively, and Mark Nichols is stepping into the role of caption manager that Crotts filled this past year.

BAC's entire design team and group of caption heads is staying in Boston for 2020.

Most of Cadets' design staff and caption heads are new, including Jay Bocook as brass arranger, Jeff Sacktig as visual consultant, April Gilligan-Martinez as guard coordinator, Matt Stratton as brass caption head, and Denise Bonfiglio as corps director.

Kevin Shah has left Blue Knights and it is rumored that Mike Jackson has as well (possibly heading to Mandarins if the rumors of them firing their percussion staff are true?). Jay Bocook is remaining there as a consultant while Leslie Gilreath takes over most of the arranging and Keith Tye is staying as brass caption head.

Colts' brass team is staying the same, percussion is replaced mainly with Music City Mystique staff.

That is what I said, only shorter!    😃

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7 hours ago, 1956OPR said:

Re the Regiment, I noticed this morning that the Staff pages @ were taken down. Perhaps we are closer to an announcement  on the 2020 staff. I will be particularly interested in who is selected as Program Coordinator, who is chosen as Visual Coordinator and who comprises the Visual team.

I just got a note about PR and if it's true it is going to be a huge announcemnet..  Waiting on verification.

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1 hour ago, kdaddy said:

Administrative pages are still up tho


I think the existing admin page is instructive in terms of a plan of succession at this level of the organization.


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3 hours ago, Spatzzz said:

I have a novel idea. How about the person that is best qualified for the position regardless of what naughty parts they have or what type of naughty parts the choose to engage with is selected. Isn't that the definition of equality, you know, actually looking at someone based on their qualifications?

how do we even know anyone was interested? good Lord, this movement, which I fully support definitely has moments of going too far

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