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    Why is this news? Women have been drum majors in Drum Corps for some time now. Are we moving back to women's suffrage? Everyone is a victim in today's America.
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    SCV Design Team returns for 2019! https://www.scvanguard.org/2019-scv-design-team/
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    But the announcer can get away with it if they wear a loud Hawaiian shirt!
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    wow. I ask a simple question and this is the response. I'm not challenging your integrity or manhood or womanhood. I am asking for a simple elaboration.
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    Then you can understand my confusion when this article claimed Savannah Light as "the first female drum major for the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps in its 61-year history".
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    This makes little sense. All season long, it's about one show at a time. That night's performance determines that night's scores. And now you're talking about what "the better barometer" is. The better barometer of what, exactly? Of which corps had the best brass section for the entire year? Or which corps had the best brass section on Finals night? If it's about the former, then why not just average the scores of all three nights to determine the overall DCI Champion, if that's the better "barometer?" (Perhaps because there would be complete chaos if a corps walked away with a DCI Championship trophy after coming in something lower than 1st place on Saturday night. And rightfully so!) The best barometer to determine which corps should win DCI Finals is the corps who earns the highest scores at DCI Finals. It's the marquis event on the DCI calendar. It's not about being given extra credit for what you did the previous night or at the regionals or during the first half of the season, it's winner take all. And I'm not sure why that concept frightens so many people around here. Perhaps you think DCI has a serious rogue judge problem filled with incompetent judges who sacrifice their integrity to settle some personal vendettas against certain corps to help their favorites, but that would be a separate discussion. It's also all but impossible to prove. But by all means, if you've got proof, spill it. I'm sure it would be fascinating to read about. Bottom line, if you're in favor of three-night averaging for caption awards, but NOT for determining the overall DCI Champion, ask yourself why. The answer to that question is everything. ("Ladies and gentlemen, the Jim Ott Memorial Brass Award goes to the high brass winner, the Skunkville Kadets! They didn't actually get the highest score in brass performance tonight, but they were REALLY good last night. And well, you know, they've been beating the Binghamton Blue Raiders all season in brass, so even though Binghamton was awesome tonight and scored first in brass performance, Skunkville gets the trophy because they've been SO good all year long and they just had a bit of an off night tonight. You know, on the biggest night and the biggest stage of the year. Besides, we don't really trust our judges to make the right calls on these things, so you can't take tonight's scores seriously. The scores of the previous two nights, though, where Skunkville was ahead? Clearly those were the right scores. No funny stuff going on there.")
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    So glad women are finally breaking the chains that hold them in the kitchen and are doing other things! Sarcasm off.
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    or follow the procedures in place to protest the judge. offer up concrete proof of the judges bias thru numbers and commentary. problem solved
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    I disagree. A 3 night average ( the current method DCI Corps have decided to do it) is the best way to do this, imo. it exposes all the Corps to 3 seperate judging panels, on 3 different nites performances, and thus a better barometer overall as to who is the best in Brass, Percussion, Guard that season. Its way better, imo, than having a single judge judging one night's performance alone, to determine who has the best Brass, Percussion, Guard in DCI that season.
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    Any arrangement that could allow a corps to win a caption award on a night in which they did not actually win that caption is absurd in its very concept. If averaging numbers leads to less bias, then double up the entire panel for Finals night. But for the love of all things holy, stop using numbers from previous performances to determine the winner of caption awards on FINALS NIGHT.
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    Long time huge fan of the Madison Scouts (since 1971) trying to keep up with what's going on. It sounds like the exec. dir. was in charge of everything -- the business side of running the corps plus he directly hired the design/instructional staff. Perhaps he also had approval/veto power over what the design staff came up with in terms of program direction. Now, he either voluntarily gave up control over the product on the field or was forced to do so by the board of directors. One way or the other, he hired James Elvord to fill the position of Artistic Dir./ Staff Coordinator, and Elvord was given complete authority to recruit and hire an all new design/instructional staff. So Elvord and his team are now responsible for the show we see on the field next season. How did I do?
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    I know....that is what is holding them back. Drill. 18 is not enough. More DRILL BD. Then you can really start winning.
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    nope, otherwise (as in color guard under current system) only one judge is deciding who is best. Average is also the opinion of more than one person and limits rigging by bias. Unless of course you have suddenly become a fan of infallibility...
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    I don't know all of those names, but I'm encouraged to read about the ones I do know (Scott Stewart, Steve Vickers). The two alumni I recognize (Al Dobyns and Tim Osterbeck) have been very active online supporters well. All in all, should be a group capable of starting to get things turned around.
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    Their ship ran aground. In the spring, they cancelled their entire planned 1975 competitive season.
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    if finals night doesn't have the best performances, the judges should then score it appropriately. Are you implying they don't do that because of the glitz and glamour?
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    I'm happy Troopers are celebrating this achievement. It's significant, and I'm glad to see them so proud of it! Mike
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    DCX lists the official reason as “reorganizing its finances” as to why they took 1975 off. My guess is rebuilding a corps of that caliber after reorganizing is difficult. I do remember seeing Kingsmen at CYO Nationals in 1977 and folks predicting they were on a comeback. I also recall hearing some who were at prelims in Boulder being surprised they did not make finals.
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    like almost 40 plus years for the rest of DCI, exempting Cavies and MadScouts.. But it's new for Casper whose pr agent liked to tout all Wyoming's firsts. What's that saying about "the first shall be last" ??? and the last shall be first.
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    I agree. Judging is biased, especially when the judges do not agree with my opinions!😊
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    OK, i tried to stay out of this..lol.... let's try this, The top corps do not have much difference between them. Corps during those 3 nights can have a slight difference in performance which when corps are so close it can make a huge difference. If one really wants to NOT leave it to 1 judge then have double panels on everything the night of finals. Is it really fair for the corps who puts it all out there on finals night NOT to be the winner either overall or even a caption. You all can argue that point☺️or not..lol
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    Wrong Case family. The drum major from 1996 was from Brown Deer, WI. Larry Case is from the Chicago area.
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    Scouts were a top-12 corps every year from 1973 through 2001 usually finishing in the top-6. They were among a handful of truly elite corps. In the past 17 years, they haven't been title contenders, but they still have made the top-12 a dozen times. So it shouldn't be difficult to understand that their long-time fans and alumni think of the Scouts as a perennial top-12 corps and are extremely disappointed when they fall far short of expectations.
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    SCV went on 4th from last in ‘84, and took 1st outright In Field Brass with a 10/10. I can still hear my frack on the recording during the nasty blind back up move the lead baris (there were only four of us) did in Tenderland during the sop feature and wonder if that hurt the upstairs score.
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    Because 1975. Never mind that the Madison Scouts' highest placement in the lifetime of their current membership is only 6th, if they aren't contending for a title they aren't worthy to some.
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    If change in instructional/design staff is all the change we get, and it works for the better, then I'll be good. With that said, the new arranger and his jazz background is leading to a thought that The Men will do jazz this summer. I'm typically not a huge fan of jazz shows under one condition. If Scouts do jazz...please please please at least give us some raunchy, dirty, filthy-style big-band jazz. No happy toe-tappin stuff. I want to feel like I need a shower. Ha ha. Maynard, Connick, even some Buble stuff like "Feeling Good". Just my two cents.
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    Don't let their pain effect you - use the force.
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    ANOTHER REASON!!!. So the ******** this time. That's it....I really hate BD that they forced this person against his will to work for them. And your stupid football analogy sucks.
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    Position. This is why BD stays on top virtually every year. For some this was a down year. BD lost to a first place corp by over a point. Biggest spread loss point spread since 2006.
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    Ok, it was used before for a similarly epic show ending, but still great to watch (and listen to!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TU5SRzN12E
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    I would suggest contacting DCX (Drum Corps Xperience), a network of people who preserve material of this nature. http://www.dcxmuseum.org/
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    Does that mean Melissa Mayhew (2005 Troopers DM) was not female? https://www.troopersalumni.com/fullscreen-page/comp-jabn0egj/b372d34d-a29a-4c2c-aecd-44e53bee9988/22/%3Fi%3D22%26p%3Duutz4%26s%3Dstyle-jabkif2w
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    I believe GE was why they didn't announce Star. and the average thing needs to go away
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