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    Why are marching Cadets and Cadet Alumni so loyal to each other? How would you answer this? While I was out in Indianapolis awhile back a number of people asked me why our Cadet Alumni are so supportive of our corps. I found it hard to explain in a short conversation just what having worn the iconic maroon and gold Cadet uniform, or sharing a history and heritage, or having shared values and a work ethic that we learned as marching Cadets, or singing The Holy Name hymn knowing that it has been sung by many thousands over a period of 83 years means to us. I thought back on some words that George Hopkins said at our 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee. To paraphrase, "We are not here to celebrate ten American Legion National Championship or ten DCI World Championships. We are here to celebrate and to honor every Cadet who has worn the maroon and gold over our long and rich history." In essence what I think he was saying, and what I firmly believe, is that we are all part of the Cadet tapestry. Our history is not simply about competitive achievement...though we value that as much as any other corps. Winning can be defined in many ways though, and through good years and bad we have always "won," through success, through adversity, and through challenges that have molded our character. If you have a conversation with a Cadet alumnus and you ask "why are you so loyal," more times than not he or she will tell you that everything they are, and everything they accomplished in life, was built upon the experience of having been aCadet. We are all forever linked, to the Cadets who preceded us, the Cadets we marched with, the Cadets who followed us, and the Cadets yet to come. FHNSAB...For Holy Name shall always be...pretty much sums up why we are so loyal and so supportive. We want to ensure that we all do whatever we can to ensure that those words...the final words of the Holy Name Hymn...and the promise to our corps' future that is embodied in those words...never ring empty.
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    So as of last week, after 28 years I am no longer a DCI Fan. I am officially a DCI Parent. <applause> That said, as we've gotten closer and closer, with callbacks and video assignments and camps and talking about drum corps EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for 18 months, I've found that my perspective on this season - and DCI - had changed quite a bit. Really, without me even noticing until now. First, I could give a flying ... leap... about the other 40+ corps in DCI this year. So what if the Cadets are coming out in hot pink? BD playing Taylor Swift in their drum feature? Madison's relocation to Tulsa? No big deal. I'm sure it's all great, but I'll be honest - all I care about is my kiddo and how they're doing, how they place and how they feel about their corps. I probably will be one of those parents in the stands for only one corps, to tell the truth, even if they are likely to be near the front of every show. Sorry, fans who don't like transient crowds - sure I'd like to see the Cavaliers live when they go undefeated and stomp everyone this year, but I'd like even more to see the kiddo and hear how they felt their run was. Second, and probably much more significant, I'm suddenly very amazingly more tolerant of DCI's recent creative explosion. As they say, it's all fun and games until it happens to you. (Or is it until someone loses an ear?) My kiddo is going to be doing some fairly novel stuff in an avant-garde way, and I couldn't be happier. Because this year of DCI was made for them - this is theirs and nobody else's. You had your La Fiesta and Candide and Medea and Bjork and even your Justin Bieber, but now it's my kid's turn. To be brutally honest, as of now my kid's version of DCI is more important to them (and me) than your DCI. So best of luck, other corps, even if I'm only watching with half an eye and listening with half my brain. My focus is on one group of kids - one kid - and what I already know is going to be the best summer of DCI ever. Mike Ok... let's make this an actual discussion instead of some kind of a narcissistic blog post - parents, what did you find changed for you when you made the same switch from fan to parent?
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    I'll bite. I assumed that the color scheme of Crown's uniform had more to do with the color scheme of the show (guard uniforms, flags, that huge stagecoach, etc). This is all conjecture and I'm just basing it on what I saw on the field last season.
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    46 years as a BD alumni an my 5th year as parent of same corps. I have learned more about music as a parent then I ever did in playing. My son has been a HS instructor since the day he left HS. I hope he instructs a drum corps next year.
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    As a hornline member from 16', I was hesitant about seeing the new visual and design staff come on. But now the new visual and design staff this year is absolutely incredible! I wouldn't want anyone else on our visual and design team! I can assure you that this staff is even better than the last year. Nothing has changed from this last year, except the level of detail we have been digging into and its getting better and better every camp!
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    HOLY SMOKES! What a great compliment! I am humbled by your kind words! It has been a LONG WHILE since I've logged onto DCP. Yes! I am involved with Solaris Drum Corps. NO :-( we are not getting a DCA evaluation this year due to timing constraints. But YES! We will be competing in SoundSport this year with performances at DCI Orlando, DCI ATL, and DCI Finals! And if anyone is still wondering, Solaris is the direct decedent of Sun Devils. As Anthony stated earlier, the admin/staff split off from the SD Board of Directors to create Solaris Performing Arts. SPA is an umbrella group that currently houses Solaris Drum Corps and Solaris Percussion (FFCC/WGI). If someone wants the whole story, I can tell you offline. I am an open book. Although we (Solaris Drum Corps) are disappointed that we are not getting evaluated this year, we are very excited to still be able to do this activity in front of the people that matter the most, the fans.
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    No one is saying a military style uniform is unacceptable. We're saying it doesn't fit with the vast majority of show concepts being fielded nowadays. And having the corps proper help convey or tie into the show's theme seems to be gaining ever more prominence in DCI right now. A military styled uniform with some rather unique color combinations can be pretty restrictive if one is looking to use it to portray a particular concept. And I get it. It's that uniqueness, that presence, that unmistakable look that left no doubt as to who was entering the field that has lead us to have this debate in the first place. It's a beloved, cherished, and honored look. I'm not looking forward to not seeing it on the field as I remember back when I first fell in love with the Cadets. And I can't begin to imagine the trepidation and skepticism that alumni who've actually had the good fortune of wearing that uniform are experiencing right now. But things change, nothing is forever, and a thousand other cliches. The Cadets' legacy expands far beyond it's West Point attire. Should this activity continue on for another 30-40 years, I'm sure we'll look back at this change being just another milestone in that storied history.
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    Congrats. :) Where I didn't march I hope some day I can experience it the same way you are. A primary reason I'm not very critical on here is because I know the last thing I want is a parent or a MM reading some nasty crap someone is throwing their corps way, that just doesn't sit well with me.
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    So I was able to see some clips of the hornline playing some excerpts today. Boy they are sounding incredible. I remember being at one of the rehearsals last year and seeing the instructors begging them to give more volume but it is certainly coming easily to them this year. Even with the huge rise in difficulty, they are pulling it off with ease and overall, especially in the trumpet section (which seemed to be a weak link for the hornline last year IMO). Don't be shocked if they not only maintain placement, but rise multiple spots as well. They are SURGING.
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    Am I imagining it or have you posted this like twenty or thirty times now just reworded it time? I'm pretty sure we understand your take on it lol
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    The Legacy DVD collection is now in short supply.
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    The uniforms were not meant to be reflective of cowboy attire, and I'm surprised that you're arguing from the angle that they were. I'll do my best to help you understand-- the design team for Crown over the last 3 years has clearly been using a template uniform whose color changes to match the mood or theme of the show. Some easy examples: red for hell, bright blue for sci-fi, and a dusty brown for the West. The color complimented the props, flags, and atmosphere of the story they were trying to tell. You seem to be arguing from the angle that the uniform was somehow a bad cowboy costume, which I can either interpret as you deliberately misrepresenting the corps to try to weasel your point in, or as you not having visited the eye doctor for the last several years (being that I assume you're a dinosaur, it's a 50/50 shot at which is the case). So, now we get into the meat of the conversation. Were Crown's uniforms "ineffective" when it came to portraying a wild west themed show? For that, we would have to compare their uniforms to others, and decide which would make more sense in that context. I'll make a simple chart for you so we can decide together. Which of the following is more effective in a "Wild West" themed show? Crown 2016 uniforms vs Crown 2015 uniforms vs Crown all-cream uniforms (circa 2012) vs Cadets M&G West Point uniforms vs The Academy's uniforms vs The Troopers' uniforms Hopefully you can follow my thought process in the selection of these uniforms for us to look at together. I first compare this year's uniform to last year's. They're both the same style with different colors. Did changing the color make the uniform more effective in this show? I argue that yes, it did. The dusty brown is much more reminiscent to an arid, western setting than blood red. I then compare this year's uniform to the "traditional look." Does the dust-colored costume work better in the context of the show than a monotone-cream band outfit? Personally, I think so, but if you feel like that's more western feel free to interject. Now we break into some more obvious ones. Obviously Cadets and Academy have very different uniforms, and I postulate that neither even have the capacity to do a Western show based on what they wear right now. You will insist that this is because I'm lacking in imagination, but we'll get to that in a bit. I threw in the Troopers because it seems like your argument is that "if the uniform REALLY fit the show, Crown would be dressed like cowboys, and that the only way for the uniform to fit the show is for these people to literally be dressed broadway style like cowboys." I think that's a silly argument, and I know you think so too, so why waste time and energy making it so that I have to refute it? I don't want to bother, but it's annoying that, in a conversation, you're constantly interjecting and putting things in other people's mouths that nobody is saying. You spent about 5 pages so far acting like people are saying things that they haven't. The whole crux of your argument is that "Crown did not dress like Cowboys and therefore their uniforms did not reflect their show theme." I think it's obvious that Crown tries to use color and minimal interjection to try to draw you into the story, and I think that's really cool. It's an effective strategy, and one that nobody has been complaining about for the last 3 years up till now. You further postulate that any uniform can be used for any show, with some imagination. I agree, but the effectiveness of that show is questionable. If I'm trying to make a show about the wild west, why would I use vibrant colors when I'm going for a more gritty angle? I wouldn't. It makes no sense. Every performing art that uses any visual elements whatsoever changes their costuming depending on their show. Dance, theater, all of them. There are only very rare exceptions (a la rockettes), and guess what? They put on pretty much the exact same show every single year because their military uniforms confine them to military movement. Yes, the rockettes could do a wild wild west show, but it wouldn't make much sense when they all look like a bunch of toy soldiers. I hope that this explanation of uniform colors, styles and their impact on show design has been helpful to you.
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    Never dreamed that my son starting piano at age 5 to middle school band to high school band would lead to this. Last year being a first year DCI parent was a whirlwind. Taking time the 2nd time around to enjoy the moment more. I am so amazed at the talent from the bottom open class corps to the top world class corps. Then it hits me....my son is in this thing too! Totally blown away and totally amazed at what my kid learned away from the shows. Its a total experience.
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    I critique for sure, but I'm nice about it. I never come on here and just unload on a corps.
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    I didn't really think they wanted it to be so literal. You really didn't expect for them to change their headgear in its entirety to fit with the show did you? I assumed that they incorporated the colors into the headgear so that it fit with the rest of the show. The extreme analysis of their headgear is a little pedantic.
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    Glad she landed on both feet with Guardians Mike! It has been a journey for me.....marched in 1985, then was a fan for almost thirty years until I had teenagers old enough to try. First two band kids went to experience camps but didn't stick. It wasn't until kid #3 that I had one bite! Now #3 is in his third season, #4 is in her second season (as well as driving us nuts with independent winterguard) and I have lost my wife to the food truck for the past two summers! i can relate - I rarely watch other corps. I periscope our corps whenever I can but rarely scope anyone else. Having hung around the tour for a few years now, I have learned that the shows aren't my favorite part. They are really only about 10% of the story. The best parts as a parent are watching the morning workouts while I drink coffee, serving meals, long hot days in the food truck, injuries and trips to the urgent care clinic, bus rides, weird sleeping arrangements, free days, lot meals after shows, etc etc. if you can swing it I highly recommend you pack up and travel with them for a week or so. You'll be glad you did. Good luck, see you again soon!
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    So... Tonight my wife and I started the kitchen conversation of taking a week off this summer and joining our son's corps as part-time volunteers. I'm sure there are a million people here that understand what that might entail. She's accused me of romanticizing the opportunity of experiencing what "corps-life" is like on the road, and she very well may be right. What say ye, Drum Corps Planet? Are rookie parents ready to experience a week or so of road-trip volunteering? Do volunteers stay with the corps in the luxurious accommodations they have on gym floors, etc? Do volunteer parents get to see the shows during their service? We're total rookies...and would welcome any guidance. We're willing to take a a week or so of vacation this summer to travel with the corps and volunteer however physically possible. Would love insight from this crew that I know will have plenty to say.
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    No more cake and ice cream for you!
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    I can't believe this is the first I'm hearing of him. I'm going to have to look up more of his arrangements.
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    A few years ago, Hopkins asked the general public for show ideas/music selections. One of the ideas I included in my email was Eric Whitacre's work and his virtual choirs. Naturally, I was intrigued when it was announced Cadets were fielding a choir this season haha. (Of course, all signs now seem to be pointing to Bernstein) But yeah, Whitacre is incredible
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    For most corps, the gym(s) are for the MM. Bus, 18 wheeler drivers are in a separate room, usually with no windows. The chase crew a room for themselves. Most of the the kitchen crew are by themselves. For Boston, I believe the kitchen crew is spread between their small RV that sleeps about 6-8 and some in the leased sleeper bus they have used the past two years. Maybe a week at the ST location can give new volunteers an idea what to expect. If your not up for 350+ rides over night, showering in HS locker rooms, a longer time between laundry stops then you're used too, it might be an eye opener. For most, it might just be a strong mind set to just suck it up and enjoy the whole experience, especially the time with the MM.
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    Volunteers are worth their weight in gold, but their commitment to the kids must be total. You mention "part time" and I don't know whether that means occasional or on-call or going on tour with other responsibilities or interests also taking your attention part of the time. Few corps today will entertain those who are unwilling to give their all while with the corps. Yes, some allow a break day after being there a week or two, but usually those days are exception because of the volume of work needing attention and the fact that there aren't a multitude of volunteers. Hours can be long. To feed 200 folks at 7 am means volunteers are often up at 4:30 am after only having hit the "hay" (a bunkcot in a volunteer/staff bus or a squished seat in a van full of volunteers) which departs the last show site at midnight the night before and probably stops once or twice midway before arrival at the next housing site at sun-up. The kids and most of the staff will canonize you with their smiles and thanks, but admin will be rigid with their expectations and adherence to schedules as they have the care of 200 plus to care for. Don't presume that you'll have loads of time to watch rehearsals (that;s usually when you will be out shopping for replacements of bread, milk, sunscreen) or the actual performance (you may be cleaning up from dinner for 200 and preparing the post-show snack for at least the 150 teens.) You will dance the jig of balancing all sorts of personalities especially when they are tired or have been standing on their feet, like you, for most hours. Showers will have to be squeezed in while MMs are off rehearsing or performing. Time with your own child will be sporadic and usually on the fly. But you will appreciate your child's efforts with an appreciation and awe of what it takes to get a modern drum corps on the road and field in DCI. Without you, DCI could not exist.
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    God bless you. But beware -- logic will fail you (as he only answers the little voices in his head). I would have said "HE'S STILL ARGUING POINT A-4 (for 10 pages - no less). Of course no one here has ever said anything about modern uniforms literally representing a show theme. In fact most often (as in Crown's case for the last 10 years) they coordinate with or support the color palette of the show.
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    You're defining the way it is in countless organizations, drum corps or otherwise.
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    Changing the uniform up is hardly comparable to throwing a baby in a dumpster, and I'm not sure it's very fair to say "the activity isn't about character development/training young folk" when the members are still (ask them yourself) getting positive experiences from it and growing as people. Even the Cadets director who's seen here as a bastion of all drum corps evil takes about an hour out of his day every camp to sit down with the corps and talk life. You somehow managed to pick what is, in my opinion, one of the best examples of a uniform fitting a show we've seen for the last 5 years.
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    Haha, yes, Milwaukee's Beast can have that effect.
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    Now THAT I can certainly agree with.
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    Halloween pop-up stores: What does a pop-up store need? A storefront. A team of adults to run it profitably and be responsible. And an army of kids to unload the trailer, keep the shelves stocked, and clean up each night. Drum corps already have two of the three. What's the most expensive thing about running a pop-up store? The labor. Big savings using MM's feeding their tour fees. I wonder if a Board could contract to run a pop-up store? This idea obviously works if you have local MM's willing to work.
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    Has everyone here seen those "sign-spinners" out in front of strip malls trying to get you to stop in and buy puppies or discount appliances or rent an apartment? I wonder how much more effective a full color guard would be - and how much they could earn - if they did a "rehearsal" out in front of the store with a banner for the store? Get paid to rehearse? Not too creative, I know...
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    Take from it what you will.
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    Whether or not they've been done is not the question. The question is whether they are creative or highly effective. It didn't even say creative AND highly effective. Creative and failed works, too, as would not too creative but highly effective.
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    No, this is not right. While the facts you present are true, it is not true to state that the present-day corps shares anything at all than a history with those earlier versions. And you may not have considered that a current day corps (not necessarily OC) might want to intentionally sever ties with past leaders and/or programs specifically to start fresh. Those first iterations were not successful, which pretty much shoots holes in your premise anyway.
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    Not really. The corps that began competing in 2000 under the name "Southern Oregon Crusaders" was a new corps with no connection to the 1970s Oregon Crusaders.
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    I thought it was Menudo this year. Not familiar with Taylor what's her face.
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    a non sequitur, I admit but it just occurred to me. Some hail the return of the corps' traditional colors for the Maroon Platoon. But in the design team vid last week, the designer Joey H. cites "burgundy, gold, and cream." It led me back to the late 90's when Sully tinkered with the Traditional uniform and changed the hue of the jacket from maroon to a deeper shade (not quite a burgundy but close to it.) And then the buckles were replaced by mirrors (a la what BAC used for a few seasons) until the objections of the MMs had GH bring the buckles back so that the age-out customs could be maintained. Later he gave everyone buckles as so many MMs were one and done and buckles became more ample. The corps returned to the brighter maroon for this century. Now the new designer cites the tinkered hue. Whether the new costumes are maroon, merlot, claret, or concord grape in a way may not matter much. Well, maybe not Concord. But what will be the concord each season of Cadets will share with those of the the past and those of any future? Will it take any physical, tangible form or only be sentimental or philosophical? What do you envision?.
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    Well if the uniforms of the corps proper have nothing to do with the overall effect of the show as some on here argue, then nothing is really being disallowed from DCI or the judging community. I get where you're trying to go with that statement, but look.... this is just simple cause and effect. With drum corps becoming more intertwined with WGI and other facets of the performing arts (and vice versa), elements are starting to cross over. It's not necessarily good. It's not necessarily bad. It just is.
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    The point is...is this what we really want from the DCI organization, for the judging rules to basically *disallow* that type of uniform? Is it good for the performers? The staff? The audience?
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    No problem. I have mad samurai sword skills. :-D
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    This is my first year as a DCI Parent too! Congrats! My son is marching Baritone with Cavaliers 2017 after marching Atlanta CV 2015-2016 in the DCA ranks. I couldn't be more excited for him. I do know that I will also have an almost blinder-like focus on the Cavs when they are on the field, but I'm also a huge fan of the activity in general. Luckily enough, DCI brings two shows ( Cavs in both) within 5 miles of my house in July. Heck...he might even get to sneak away and sleep here one night instead of a gym floor. Already bought Semis and Finals tickets in Indy in August. And other than that...I'll just have to see how my "viewing habits" change now that I have one on the DCI show field. Interesting observation: And not meant as any kind of slight to Spirit of Atlanta back in the 1979-1981 years....but my brother marched Spirit those years. When he saw the material my son was preparing for Bluecoats and Cavs audition, he just chuckled. He said his visual tryout was to "clap triplets while marching time in 4/4" and that "we're in a new universe now". And he's right. I would advise anyone wanting their kid to have a chance in a top 5 corps to start taking ballet...yesterday. :-)
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    I'm actually looking forward to seeing this new Cadets update. I just really hope it's Classy and gets us as excited as I hope the show does. Buuuuuuuut "classy" means different things to different people.
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    Pretty cool to see another composer supporting a drum corps. Dobson, by the way, has been performed on the field before: Crown played his "Journey of the Lone Wolf" this past season.
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    Newman is the most nominated living composer to have never won an Oscar.
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    What I've heard of the show fits that to a T, VERY aggressive and almost bordering on angry. And crazy hard (but very polished) as well. I definitely do not think this is going to even remotely be a cliche lovers/Romeo and Juliet type show which was a slight personal concern when I saw the title. The clip they posted that they then took down was lots of very technical/aggressive type stuff, and they sounded SUPER tight playing it too. In the world of staff additions I think Dr. Miller has flown under the radar as one of the strongest pickups a corps has made in terms of it improving a section in recent years, they're starting to develop an absolutely killer brass line.
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    Having respect for your elders means you must live like them, have the same ideas , follow the same path? I guess I have just been lucky that the elders I was around taught me their values and then encouraged me to take my own path. Values set by many of the same people we both have been privileged to know.
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    Is that the biggest venue? My son said it has by far the most cavernous sound.
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    Highland Regiment is getting evaluated this weekend.
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    What I do know I can not say. I will not disrespect the org or embarrass my son. Trust me when I say this hornline is off the hook!
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    I've long claimed that Joel Alleyne of Etobicoke Oakland Crusaders (DCI Worlds Finalist 1975-1977) was the best and most crowd-oriented drum major I've ever seen. I've written such in a column I do for another website.
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