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    I kinda thought discussions allowed for dialog on both sides of the issue,.......ergo,.......a discussion,.........sheesh
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    Looking forward to it. Boston's version was... meh. "We didn't feel there was enough material in Les Miz to support a full show." --Jay Kennedy, Boston Crusaders, 2011. DCI Hall-of-Famer or no, what a jackass statement. Couldn't believe when he said it on the QF Theater broadcast.
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    I don't really have an opinion on the matter but IIRC David Glasgow aged out as the drum major for Bluecoats in 2000 and was the corps director by 2004. He may have been really young when he took over but he seems to have done really well and the corps has thrived under his leadership.
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    Would that be "English" with a capital "E"? (I'll let God deal with the small "g." As for "sak," are you referring to DCP's own Bill? (I ask because he spells his surname with a capitalized "S" as well.)
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    My impression is THIS is a bunch of verbose nonsense, but we will see...
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    I've always been a brass and percussion fan. Although I marched color guard, those guards weren't anything like today's guards. I have little interest in the pit and do believe they have become overbearing. Now that it's come to running wires on a football field, to artificially enhance human performance in a manner not really needed, understanding woodwinds are not far behind, my interest has become simply light curiosity. I rarely attend, but will ALWAYS be interested in how things play out as we go along. DCP and pay-per-view will provide enough satisfaction of my curiosity. But, I'm just one fan, there could be three new fans to take my place in the grandstand. That's a good thing! No more arguing for me. I'll defend what was, but I'm open to whatever will be. I'll even sample it. Yet, this "fish" is off the hook . . . . for now. Happy New Year!
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    Done right, could be the best ever.
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    When Vanguard did "Ballet for Martha" in 2009 there was a lot of pre-season debate about how much their effort would compare to Garfield '87. However, once the season began it was pretty clear that they had taken the source material and made it their own. The fact that Vanguard '09 was so good had no comparison to Garfield's earlier effort - each had a different way of portraying the music. Each was tremendously successful. So Vanguard is doing Les Miserables in '13. All I can ask is that they remain true to their namesake - to be THE Vanguard. Years prior to their successful interpretation of Broadway musicals, they were known for doing things "differently" on the field. There was a subtlety to their shows that had not been tried before. Their 2009 show respected that heritage using source material made quite famous by another corps. I have no doubt that their 2013 show will follow the same pattern. As for some of the detrimental comments concerning Boston and Les Mis, all I can say is their 2011 show was wonderful. The blend of 1812 and Les Mis was incredible!
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    Ah... first world, drum corps problems.
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    The "symphony" will be played to a "crowd" of about 40 at the 4 shows left per summer. But it will be "art" so who cares?
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    I'm not even going to begin to go where I wanted to on here.
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    Don I was in 74-79 but did a lot of the Red Carpet Assoc shows as we were working or way up. Lot of local shows run by non-DC groups that had been going on for years. What killed a lot of them was the costs to run the show went up mainly (IIRC) because corps needed more prize money to cover bus bills as gas tripled ca 1975/76. So ticket prices had to go up which ended up cutting down on the audience size and the profits to the sponsor went to crap. So less shows meant corps had to go farther which added to the bus bill which.... repeat cycle until collapse. Edit: forgot to mention that these shows usually had smaller audience size and the profit margin was small. Also went from no dues when I joined to nominal $1 a week around 77/78 which if I hear right was to give the corps some operating finances during the winter. I'd say a lot of nasty crap centering on costs killed what I fondly remember from my time. And hate to say it I'll go with my dad that I'm surprised that the activity still exists with the high costs of running a corps. Between costs of joining (dues, etc) and time involved I'm (gratefully) surprised that people still do corps. So guess I'm in between you and Liz. Lot of things were better back during my time but lot of heavy duty crap happened since and.... well we got what we got.... and my hope is DCA concentraits of costs to corps in their rule changes. Especially since IMO costs are the main (but not only) reason for loss of the local scene.
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    all good points liz. . up till the 80's we didn't have much band involvement. we shunned it in fact . we were different but no matter. all is done now. and so am i.so what ever happens, happens.
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    And for the record, I have no issues with SCV playing Les Mis....I'd rather hear recognizable literature than something which is off the wall esoterically.
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    It gets frustrating to hear how people want the circuit to die because of changes or just tell us how wrong those of us that still enjoy it are. And then you get annoyed because we say your time has passed. How about we call a simple truce? If you don't like it stop telling us how much better it used to be. And that way no one will come back around to insult you? Because the street goes both ways folks. There have been a whole lot of insulting things coming from both sides.....
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    Thank you Tyler. While I do not agree with all the pit stuff nor amplification, you bring out the meat of my opinion. See my post on page 44. Ray
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    wow... long time with no posts... I think we're stuck on the last of those in the current pictures... Andy or someone should just put us out of our misery and allow the Queen to find another candidate for oblivion...
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    No disrespect taken... percussion dudes who I very much respect have been telling me the same thing for years... so we can just as I said earlier, agree to disagree... Please say hello to your fearless percussion head for me - you got one of the good guys there in Mr. Romanowski... for sure...
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    Set up a "rule" in your email account that filters all emails from Cadets/YEA! into subfolder. That way they're not clogging up your inbox, but you're also not missing anything and can read or delete them at your leisure. If that doesn't work, start another thread on DCP.
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    I'm going to speak on behalf of George here. Dear HollywoodNeoCon, Hmm...no. Love, George tro-diddly-lolololol
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    Use his email address to register at www.Ineedviagra.com.... ok perhaps not. Just do what corpsband said and unsubscribe.
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    I feel like the people who call all of these changes "progress" need to take a hard look at what made the Drum Corps activity what it is (or was). It was never meant to be "Marching Band". It was very different from "Marching Band" in many ways. Yes they were similar activities but the differences in instrumentation and performance styles are what made "Drum Corps" special. It used to be that "Marching Bands" wanted to be more like "Drum Corps", not the other way around. I will agree that some changes have been for the better (i.e. number of valves on a horn, maybe....maybe instrument keys, Asymmetrical drill) but trying to make "Drum Corps" more like "Marching Band" has, IMHO, reduced the "draw" of the activity to new members. There is nothing special about the activity anymore. For everyones information I never marched DCI. Never had the opportunity. But I've marched DCA for almost 10 years. I have seen interest in the "Drum Corps" activity steadily decline in those 10 years. I'm sure it started long before then. I think we should be trying to generate uniqueness in the activity and try to sell that to today's youth (as well as some of us "old farts").
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    in my day we used all the small instruments you talk about. and they could be heard. could it be they were used correctly in the drum corps environment? i think you all are trying to be an orchestra on the field in my opinion that is not what drum corps was all about. for over 30 years it has been basterdised into something else. so let me get this right you incorrectly used all the percussion in the pit so to solve it you want to use amps? well good luck with your activity. it aint what i or a lot of people want. in 7-8 years if you survive you will be doing a symphony on the field and it will be a cheap knock off at that. just my old timers opinion my friend.
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    I believe the pre 05 shows also had Mike Cesario involved (which the Carmen Project ) did as well. Since Sal is not coordinator at SCV I think it will be OK, his guard ideas are better than his show ones by historical reference.
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    Love the video, hate the new uni. I think their current uni from recent years is far better. Way too much black & blandness in this new design.. Apart from Regiment 95-97, I'm hard pressed to think of corps finishing in the top 5 with regularity with black being the dominant color in their uniforms. Not saying that's not why Colts aren't there, but I think the blandness really detracts from visual effect. Cadets, Vanguard, Regiment, Crown, Blue Devils - they all get that, I think. Just my humble opinion.
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    "Just under the wire" Apologies for being away this week... (the flu and I were having so much fun I didn't get on line... LOL) Merry Christmas Who'ville!!
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    Thank You Nanci. AND A: Merry Christmas back to YOU !!!
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    Looks like a high school uniform ive seen before. I like the current slash ones better.
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    frank don't feel bad. i'm the only incardona the ever marched anywhere in any corps. so drum corps was my family.
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    If they end with another company front, I'm DONE with drum corps forever. FOREVER!!!! :w00t:/>
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    Honestly forget what I said earlier. This place has become RAMD. And that's sad. The negativity far outweighs the positive.
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    so,............wait,.............we should have a truce so long as things keep trending the way they are,......................right?
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    Sounded to me like another excuse to complain about George Hopkins. There are plenty of valid reasons out there. This is not one of them.
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    So she just wants the emails she's interested in and doesn't want to receive the emails she's *not* interested in? oookkk...
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    Windsor Regiment Announces 2011 Production: "Tango Nuevo" West Windsor, NJ - January 21, 2011 Following an extremely successful Open House & First Rehearsal weekend, Windsor Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to announce our 2011 production entitled "Tango Nuevo." "Through color, dance, movement, and music we'll bring 'Tango Nuevo' to life," said brass arranger and caption head Chris Kilian. "Each movement will have its own distinct personality and really bring out the intense emotions inherent in this traditional art form." The corps will be performing the following pieces by the famous Argentinian composer, Astor Piazzolla: Michelangelo '70 Adios Nonino La Muerte del Angel Piazzolla was a diversely trained composer, studying in Argentina and Europe and performing all over the world. His music, however, has a distinct South American flavor, weaving the traditional tango with jazz and contemporary classical music. Windsor Regiment is excited to present this entertaining and challenging program, and the corps has already learned a significant portion of the show music. Kevin Serfass, director of Windsor Regiment, had this to say about the program: "Adoration, pursuit, seduction, romance, breakup, reconcile; Tango speaks its own language of love, joy, friendship, and passion, and it is wonderful that we can share in the many pleasures of its expressions. Tango Nuevo, the new Tango." More announcements regarding rehearsal dates as well as future performances will be coming, so stay tuned. For the latest news, or to join Windsor Regiment please visit us at www.windsor-regiment.org. You can also visit us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!
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    My initial impresseion was that it was just a bunch of verbose nonsence. But we will see....
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    That joke was old when it was first used -- in 2010.
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    I know...and I agree. I was just trying to be funny. I mean, just imagine how Crown would simulate yellow snow.
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    i think you misunderstand tom. he want's them all upstairs. but i don't. but who cares cause i'm done. and so are many, many others. enjoy what's left of YOUR activity.
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    the information is behind the "at", elmhurstmusiced!!!!! for god's sak, learn proper english.
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    So I introduced my girlfriend to drum corps four years ago via a movie theater here in Chicago. Showing nothing but contempt for my former corps, she beheld the epic that was "Spartacus," lost her mind and promptly became the biggest Regiment fanboygirl since Cesario took his bath in melted Wonka bars. I say that with the utmost respect for all concerned, by the way. Kindly set aside the flamethrowers. For now, at least. Four years later, and the woman is as fully enmeshed in the activity as one who never had the opportunity to march (or parent a child who did) can be. She's attended more shows in the last four years than I had since aging out 26 years ago. Despite her Phandom, her growing collection of pictures of Dean, her knowledge of the names of Regiment age-outs and the farkakta teddy bear dressed up like a Buick at Finals Night, she follows just about every corps in the Top 18 via Twitter, FaceTube, YouBook, etc, etc, and has even donated to corps other than Regiment. For pete's sake, she even threw a few bucks to Crown once, even though they did that horse show that one year (instead of drum corps, she used to ride horses competitively, and that show just creeped her out, you see). The fact that she's even been retweeted by my former corps on occasion, while I apparently said something to Wayne or Scotty J once that ticked them off because I can't even get a simple, "Hi, bro!" is hardly germane to this discussion, but I say it nonetheless because it irks me to no end, and shows her unbiased (for the most part)love of this activity. In any event, through all of this, none of these corps, NOT A SINGLE ONE, has managed to do what the Gentleman Formerly of Garfield has managed to do: make her mad enough to refuse to donate money to a particular corps, by repeatedly asking for money. By "repeatedly," I mean every single day, 363 days per year (Thanksgiving and Christmas off, of course), ever since she gave him her email address to sign up for that live stream from "Angels & Demons" camp almost two years ago where they played the same five measures over and over and over again. Look, we realize this is a non-profit, high-dollar activity in an economy where grown men and women are back to eating Ramen noodles for the first time since college, and we also realize its importance as a uniquely American form of both cultural expression and competition. However, we're also both big believers in capitalism, so while we respect George for his persistence, we can't help but lump him in with those companies we refuse to do business with for one reason or another (we're looking at you, annoying Target Lady, and Taco Bell..."melty" is not, nor ever will be a word). We just never imagined we'd tell a drum corps to "take us off your lists." Please, George...dial it back. Just because you have someone's email doesn't mean they need to hear from you every single day.
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    No Gary, it was about having a legitimate discussion regarding the DCA Rules Congress without insults and snarky responses. But you missed that part obviously. So I will give you a snarky response back. The Rules Congress passed these new rules which will take effect in 2014, so yes this conversation IS about the way things are trending currently within the organization. You want to have a conversation about how much you think it sucks, start your own thread.
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