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    I have another follower💕❤️❤️💕
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    Now my dilemma, I'm in a section surrounded by 70's Belleville drum corps Dino's.... SEND HELP!!!!!
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    Wow. Great scores tonight! I had predicted they stick to 2 point gaps at the top (88.0, 86.0, 84.0) but that was only party true. (88.1, 86.6, 84.6). Awesome job everyone.
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    Bloo has no fluff or rainbows or unicorns in their show. They are just bad ### drum corps ... not 101 ... but master level!
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    Is there a stronger word than wow for Boston? That is a top 3 show. No weaknesses anywhere.
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    They put in some pretty serious rewriting on their 6 days off. It’s not clean yet. They lost a little time in California to the other top tier corps early in the season. This show still has legs...and I expect a run for them in score regardless of placement.
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    Plz tell me it’s Dino nuggets.
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    Oh no you’re gonna start trouble!
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    I agree. A bunch of goody-goody-teddy bear-fluffy-feel-good shows would get boring FAST.
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    Guy babes. I called them the doublemint twins.
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    Very receptive crowd. Standing O for Colts.
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    A tobacco user passing a physical and being permitted to march is not the same as being permitted to use tobacco products on tour. I'd imagine that you are not allowed to (and hope that you'd choose not to) use tobacco products when teaching high school students or on most school's grounds. I also hope that one day overwhelming objective science would prevent subjective anecdotal examples from being used as arguements in public forums.
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    That is some travel for SCV... From Memphis... to Kansas and then back from Broken Arrow on Tuesday for the biggest show of the year. Wow
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    by the way I'm not really Jeff Ream. I just use his name to #### him off.
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    I think it was Bobby Hoffman.
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    Great job tonight Crown!
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    Specifically smoked brisket!
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    Good thing I am not easily bored.
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    Thats what is great about the DeKalb show at NIU...no track. Sit down low and your are very close to the field.
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    I will say in their defense that this is their 1st time doing this. Definitely frustrating though.
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    Agreed! Not to mention the pacing of the entire show is near perfection. Just big moment after big moment
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    Lol. Last time I glanced at cigarette prices, they were $7.50 - $8.50 per pack. Amazing how being in different states affects the price. Anyhow, I agree with you. I'm on the side of personal freedom. If you can do the work, your personal activities are none of my business even if they are harmful to you. If it has an effect on other people, then it's a problem.
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    Here is the number of age outs over the past 2 years. I would suspect there is a high correlation of age out and drum corps experience. I can't imagine someone marching Blue Devils their age out year and never marched anywhere else. Corps 2017 Rank 2017 Ageouts 2018 Age Outs Average Blue Devils 1 60 51 55.5 Bluecoats 5 55 47 51 Santa Clara Vanguard 2 52 47 49.5 Carolina Crown 3 44 53 48.5 Cadets 7 44 52 48 BlueStars 10 43 48 45.5 Phantom Regiment 9 44 38 41 Boston Crusaders 6 37 42 39.5 Blue Knights 8 33 43 38 Cavaliers 4 33 38 35.5 Colts 15 25 29 27 Academy 14 21 30 25.5 Madison 12 23 26 24.5 Crossmen 11 20 28 24 Troopers 16 22 25 23.5 Mandarins 13 15 26 20.5 Spirit 17 23 17 20
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    Dennis Delucia, Michael Cesario, Bobby Hoffman, George Zingali, Tom Blair... anyone else?
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    Flo needs to offer a simple, 1-month plan. No strings attached.
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    I totally get the disappointment with last night - but if we're going to criticize anyone - let's target Mother Nature The corps were all spread out in various states of unloading etc Most didn't have pits and/or battery equipment unloaded Due to the delays doing so would have caused further delays in leaving - on a night already with a long trip Most corps driving half a long drive to split for the drivers. Time allotments for the drivers legal limits also played a role Corps had a few minutes to warm up and ten minutes or so to perform - so they did their best to provide "something" for the fans who stuck around. Certain corps had to leave due to transportation restrictions. Certainly not an ideal situation - but it was what it was. George
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    The scores from last night seem to disagree. Crown only beat SCV in content in one caption (visual analysis) and that too only by a tenth of a point. "Way ahead of the others" in demand is a gross exaggeration
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    When was the last time they were at a championship level? 30 years ago? They haven’t been in contention since.
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    Respectfully disagree about the dinosaurs being destined for extinction. High school kids today consider Phantom in 2008 “old school.” I was told that by a really nice, polite kids from River City Rhythm last summer. Look on the Facebook Drum Corps page or DCP Facebook group, if you have the stomach for it, some complaining the most about “costumes” are not from the Key of G days. Most of us are dinosaurs in the making. Our era, whether marchers or fans, becomes the era. Everything before is primitive, everything after an abomination (carnivore) or nice, even talented, but not the same (herbivore). Also herbivores most likely attend shows and support the activity, so we’ll get “In Memory Of” plaques.
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    I might be misremembering (and those who were around Rosemont in '92, please feel free to correct me), but I think the '92 visual program was somewhat designed by committee, due to Brubaker's advancing illness, with Gaines being one of the contributors, as a recent age-out. Brubaker's influence as a designer continued on with The Cavaliers for decades, as almost everyone up until the current vis designer had experience performing his work. Sadly, the type of work that was being produced by the Brubaker school of designers was considered old fashioned by the mid 2010's, so now Cavaliers look like pretty much everyone else out there - running from grouping to grouping, with no care given to how they get from set to set, which was really what Brubaker and his proteges did well. Oh well, at least Cavaliers have a great hornline again, so there's that.
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    I wouldn't fall too much in love with the MA and BR numbers. That was probably the one and only show Harper will do. And while Phillips is an Indy judge, he's not afraid to tic errors in Crown's program and then reward them when they (inevitably) clean them. Finally, Crown's percussion is gonna hang this year. So no big spread from percussion.
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    And just because you don’t like a show, doesn’t mean the judges don’t and that the judges won’t reward it well. I think Vanguard’s brass, percussion and guard are just too good for them not to medal. They could win music, they could win guard, which means they should fair well in visual and GE. We’ll see what happens, but clearly the judges find something worth rewarding in Vanguard’s show because they are scoring very well.
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    Let's see what the week holds. Crown's performance tonight was the type that sends a clear message that they are to be contended with in the jostling for a medal.
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    Yet Crown was .1 and .2 behind in GE...hmm...also, lets talk recent years. 2015.
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    Very well could be. I am glad that Cavaliers get to play behind them. Maybe they can take advantage of that.
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    Please, please, please keep this design team and teaching staff, Surf! I adore the show. Coming out of the ballad all the way to the end is tremendous. Hopefully the success of this year's show will bring more members next year, but I feel like they did the right move limiting it to the membership they had this year. This is easily the most command I've seen the members of Jersey Surf have over both the musical AND visual elements of their show in many, many years. Bravo. On a slightly constructive note, if I were to pick a moment where they need some rewrites it would be the ballad. Right now it's falling a bit flat. But everything else seems so "full" in comparison.
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    That's not what the Know It All does!!! See... It's easy.
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    I'm not sure how necessary all of them are, but this show has SO MANY exposed entrances and they've really started to nail a lot of them. I respect that quite a bit.
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    getting electrocuted by a show is better than bathing in chocolate for a show...to me anyway
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    Just watched the Blue Stars run through ... two observations: 1) They've made several changes ... for the better. Be sure to listen early for the first one 2) It is STINKING HOT outside ... it is supposed to cool off by show time, but we'll see
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    it is when they apply for scholarships, sponsorships, and deducted fees. Haven't been around DCI much in recent years? All corps now use Corps Data program where such info is part of how corps collect and assesss tour fees. Do your research.
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    I think that the proficiency scores will max out at perfect scores. But with the differences in design, I think that there may end up being some space between in the content area. With nobody getting perfect scores across the board there. It will be hard to get perfect scores in GE. Likewise, I wouldn't doubt that a 3rd and 4th party will be winning captions at the end. I don't think we will see a record high this year... not unless the 1st place corps runs away with it, sweeping all captions. A majority of perfect subcaption scores are needed to exceed the record high. There may be too much competition to pull that off.
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    Also for the record, the last time BAC was in the top three conversation was in 1967, with Boston winning prelims and the Cavies in second and then the reverse placement during finals. Members of both of those corps would probably be in their 70s now.
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    One problem with DCA is change. They need some younger members within the governing body with new ideas and give some better direction for the future. I bet DCA leadership will continue ignoring the Labor Day weekend issues and keep drinking there beer and eating some hotdogs looking at 7 corps compete. You know the price of admission will continue to rise despite 7 corps but there having a great time here on labor day with 800-900 in attendance for 2022!!! Please.........don't make me laugh.
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