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    I also thought there was some fake hype going on, but I was blown away. This show is way better than what Crown usually puts out of spring training. The visual and musical demand is insane, and the percussion section is fire. Even the guard is much improved. I honestly think they have a shot to be top 3 corps again and compete for gold, as this is the spring training show before all the layering and enhancements. -Go Crown!
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    I feel away about this that I did early season felliniesque
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    All I know is ensemble ran until 1140pm yesterday and they are supposed to have the full show in full uniform on Tuesday Curious to see the uniforms as well
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    Love em! 2019 design is the cats meow
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    From the reports I am getting A corps was on fire. They do a tap shoe thing on wood. Nt brother showed up from Austin so I didn't go. first time in decades I missed it.
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    The pajama comments that go with these threads makes me think of the cracks the Star Trek TNG era people get whenever they’re in a time travel situation. It’s always a pajamas or trapeze act remark. Given the theme and Galaxy Quest selections, I dare say the look is intentional.
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    Literally just got done watching the better quality video and I have to agree.
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    Closer had me like 👁👄👁
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    you missed info about what is going with SCV and Bloo....just like the rest of us.
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    Still buzzing from viewing the performance. Amazing staging of every feature. Percussion magically appears right up front on the sideline then becomes practically invisible. The guard program is physical and the rifle work demanding, yet performed effortlessly. Im astonished at how perfect this production is designed! So much happening throughout however directs focus from one feature to another. A very determined and focused cast.
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    jagged line for sure and i'm so passionate about this. that was such a fun collection of music and visual elements, it's a shame they couldn't put it together better at the end.
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    We talked about Game of Thrones a little.
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    Now that some corps are releasing their uniforms, I'm REALLY curious about what Cadets' uniforms will look like this season.
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    1991 BD. Still the most powerful and talented horn line i have ever heard live.
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    Is anyone planning on periscoping tonight?
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    Looks like Pearl's Ice Blue Oyster wrap. Nice.
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    Do you mean...the thing? Oh yeah. I saw it. Put a smile on my face
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    That's funny -- he stages Paramount in WGI. They aren't tired or predictable. Me thinks Poppy's WestCoast Panties are showing!
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    I''m just excited I get to see Cavaliers on the west coast again!
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    “It could be very fresh and clean.” Hmmm. That sounds really familiar. Now, when was that...
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    I'm gonna have to disagree. Poppycock...that's poppycock.
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    I appreciate that Crown does the preview show in full uniform, but I feel these are best viewed under stadium lights. This show is distinctively Crown, but fresh. Some great drum corps moments in there. I already enjoy it more than Beast, and It is. I was most impressed by the percussion watching that video.
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    I think I can say I like this more than Beast. A few things I'm interested to see how they develop, but solid start for sure. Closer is fun.
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    I couldn’t get a good read on the visual stuff from the vid. Color scheme is fresh. Uniforms are sharp. We’ll have to see how visual and guard shake out on Thu.
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    It's not the traditional Crown set, but it looks better than the last 2 we received, so I'll take it. Lol.
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    What a horrible ending to one of the greatest TV shows of all time...I'm still ticked...
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    Given how hot it was at East Coast and how rainy it was for CYO, you did a very good deed! Even if the weather cooperated, you did would be doing a good deed. Hopefully this season, the temperature and rains not be a bother, and you’ll hear “Conquest” multiple times!
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    And a very polite, young man. True BAC.
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    This. The best know how to lead the activity.
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    They have some great music this year and from what I've seen of the percussion section (which for years has been their weakest section) they really are coming for another gold soon. Whether or not I think this year will be that year remains to be seen, but it relies solely on design. For my money I'd say that judging the aesthetics and rep list, I think they're trying to get back to the 2013-2015 crown style which I really love. Kind of quirky but serious at the same time. Wouldn't be surprised at all if they end up really making a case for top 3 this year (maybe even another championship), despite all the incredible talent and design I'm seeing from other top 6 corps. Vanguard is gonna be tough to beat though (trust me I've seen it 😜)
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    #PinkPantsBand I think they'll look good on the field. We'll find out tonight!
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    I really liked Propaganda, probably right after the shows I listed for me. The closer is an absolute riot. AWESOME opening hit.
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    I like the show already and think it has a lot of potential! Definitely a more mature show from last year and last year was one of my favorite shows of the season. Rooting for you Crossmen!!!
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    After watching a video of the show... the corps sounds great, but the show design falls flat for me. The trombone feature is underwhelming to the point of sounding incredibly cheesy.
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    I’d look miserable too if I had to wear those Troopers, um...what are they?
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    So they so they are Starship Troopers?
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    Got to love the smile from the FE guy at 52".
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    8am is still my fave. The brass were so good, they made me cry.
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    I would venture to say that the Style or the way that a show is designed, or the way that a Brass line performs is a product of the Designer/ Caption head.. they own that the corps doesn't.. So all the years that Crown where under Potter/Leon/ Townsend their shows were designed to their aesthetic. The same way that Crown's Brassline sound doesn't belong to Crown, but to Harloff. If Harloff was teaching at Cadets, I'm sure they would sound like a Harloff Hornline. There are so many signature styles that are synonymous with a corps but at the end of the day if that Designer left to teach another corps that style would follow them. Rennick Drumline, Chandler guard/show, Gaines Drill/show, Gino Brassline, Augnst Drumline, Potter Show, Mike Jackson Drumline, Klesch Music, Sacktig Drill.. etc.., These guys can move anywhere they want and within a couple of years of establishing and cultivating the talent, they will have their signature product on the field.
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    Your annual reminder to tune in to Facebook at 11 a.m. Mountain (1 p.m. Eastern) on Tuesday, June 11, for the Troopers tribute to founder Jim Jones, who was laid to rest at 11 a.m. on June 11, 1994. As they do each year, Troopers brass will form, face toward Casper, and play "Battle Hymn." A livestream is planned. Troopers Facebook page, here. HLD
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    Same here. When I marched, I did. LOL. But as a fan.... not anymore.
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    It's a classic to me. Watch it every Christmas. Its a very underrated show imo. I know it's not what people wanted, especially coming off the previous year, but I'll take that rather than the Championship 2: Electric Boogaloo thats been common lately. It's still better than what won that year...
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