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    A gentleman on my row left some merchandise he purchased when he hurried out after Finals night. As soon as we realized we tried to run after him and locate him, to no avail. I would love to be able to find the owner. I already contacted the corps who the items were purchased from and am awaiting a response, but this young man seemed as though he was definitely in the know on drum corps stuff so I thought he might come here too. So if you left something behind please contact me and tell me the items you purchased, from which corps and your seat location to verify it's yours. I know I would be so disappointed if this happened to me since we all know souvie's are NOT cheap!
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    Top 10? Come on, son, this is DCI. Here are my Top 12 favorite shows... 12. 1991 Star of Indiana - Roman Images 11. 1990 Star of Indiana - Belshazzar's Feast 10. 2000 Cadets - We Are the Future 9. 2013 Carolina Crown - e=mc2 8. 1989 Phantom Regiment - From the New World 7. 1993 Phantom Regiment - The Modern Imagination 6. 1993 Star of Indiana - Music of Barber and Bartok 5. 1993 Cadets - In the Spring, at the Time When Kings Go Off to War 4. 1995 Madison Scouts - A Drum Corps Fan's Dream (A Day in the Life of a Bullfighter) 3. 1999 Santa Clara Vanguard - Inventions for a New Millennium 2. 1994 Blue Devils - My Spanish Heart 1. 2008 Phantom Regiment - Spartacus
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    They had a great finals runs. The members did a great job. The show was nice, lyrical, well-paced, smooth and kind of boring. Not a great show nor a bad show. I’d really like a punch in the face next year with better music; heavy, bombastic classical. Spoke with a member after finals and they had a fantastic year, enjoyed it, were very positive and sold on the corps which really is all that matters
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    Will be at the show tomorrow and am excited to see Alliance's complete show and how far CV's come in cleaning/refining. Also a good opportunity to see Gold again as well as Cincinnati and Sun Devils for the first time. It will be interesting to see how CV scores relative to others who are putting up big numbers in the NE. I know scores aren't the be-all, end-all, but it's still a way to see how they're perceived in the standings. Should be an excellent evening!
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    "You and me baby. We got it!"
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    I don't do predictions, and I won't start here...at least with specific placements. I will however place an opinion out there... I think it is going to take a 93 at finals to get into the top 5 and a 96 for the top 3. What a great year it has been for this, the 50th anniversary of DCA. Good luck to everyone on the final push to Rochester. See you all in a couple of weeks! Dan
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    I neither know enough about drum corps and haven't been around the activity long enough to have a proper opinion about the OP's post.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the longest sentence in the history of sentences:
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    Oh, I'll give it a try. So difficult to do a top 10 when you've been watching this activity since 1978 (live since 1979). 1. Garfield Cadets 1987 - Still my favorite show of all time, and maybe one of the more beautiful and well designed shows of all time. 2. Madison Scouts 1988 - This is straight-up drum corps with a bit of sophistication in the opener. The closer is to die for, and it's a legendary show. 3. Phantom Regiment 2008 - One of my gold standard shows. I knew they were going to be good at the beginning of the summer, but what they turned that show into was one of the best I've ever seen. 4. Santa Clara Vanguard 1985 - my favorite opener of all time, great staging and marching, and I love the music. This is quintessential drum corps. 5. Blue Devils 1982 - I listen to this show maybe as much as anyone...just for the music. Some of the best music ever put on the field. What a BRASS LINE!!! 6. Star of Indiana 1991 - A monster show with monster brass and percussion, sweet drill by THE Master, and the best end-of-show move of all time. 7. The Cadets 2000 - The Disney Millennium show is one for the ages for Cadets. So much variety, awesome drill, great music, staging, you name it. This show had it all, and what a closer. 8. Blue Devils 2014 - I might have put BD 1997 here (a fab show), or BD 1988 (also a Fab show) but this new 2014 program already makes my top 10. I can listen to it, hum it, and boy did I love the total show LIVE. One of the best performing corps I've ever seen. 9. Madison Scouts 1995 - The baby-throwing show of all baby throwing shows! Great solos, great arrangements, powerful music, killer brass, and about 6 standing ovations at finals. I've never seen a crowd react to a show like this one. 10. Carolina Crown 2013 - E=MC2 has definitely passed up a few of my favorites. Amazing brass, outstanding show design, music that I just love, and this one just gives me goosebumps every time I see it. Other notables: Garfield 1984, Blue Devils 1988, Blue Devils 1997, SCV 1987, Madison 1997 & 1999, Star of Indiana 1990 & 1993, Phantom Regiment 1989 & 1996, Troopers 1986, Sky Ryders 1986 (Wizard of Oz) & 1987 (West Side Story), The Cadets 2011 (Angels and Demons), Cavaliers 2004 (James Bond), Cavaliers 1992 (Gavorkna Fanfare, etc.).
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    Good point... this very well could be one of those "not everything's set in stone after Prelims" years.
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    Yep. I'm hoping for big helping of no-story, take no prisoners bad###ness.
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    A lot of people don't like early season shows...but I may be perhaps in the minority...I like early season stuff as it was originally intended before it is changed for whatever reason...
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    They can't be good in the rain. Instead of keeping the water off their heads it looks like they would catch it there and fill up like a bowl. If you are going to do that, make them clear and add a goldfish.
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    The quality in DCA continues to rise. I expect prelims to be a real dogfight, and then depending on how that shakes out, finals will have serious intrigue as well
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    Take this in the positive spirit in which it’s intended please, but … No one noticed you were missing. Quite the opposite, what we noticed were giant crowds – fans squeezing in from end zone to end zone – from Nashville to Atlanta to Charlotte to Philly to Indy (and probably plenty more cities I didn’t see with my own eyes). And they weren’t down on the Bluecoats bending the pitch with something other than embouchure. No, they were too busy loving it, praising it. No, there were more than enough people buying tickets and more than enough applause to matter. DCP can split hairs, spill milk and cry all it wants, but the OP is right: We loved drum corps this summer and cared not a lick that some of our favorite shows were powered by something more than talent and imagination. It wasn’t just Bluecoats either. Blue Knights were transcendent, using voice in tandem with music to deliver a moving program. Electricity enhanced the visuals too; the clock’s flashing lights might mark another new era. It is a new era for drum corps - an era in which we eagerly bought tickets to shows where electronics were obvious. We can quibble whether fans were actually jumping up in acceptance. We can’t quibble about the acceptance. HH
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    The Cabs are the corps to beat this year. I posted a couple years ago that they really seemed on a roll. Looking back at my beloved MBI championship, there is something incredibly energizing to an organization when they come close like Cabs did last year and MBI did in 2010. I won't be surprised to see Cabs on top this year and it makes it all the more impressive what the Buccaneers have accomplished over the past decade. It is a challenge to be the standard bearer and target. All of this is great for DCA. I think MBI will be a challenger. So are a few others who are scoring well. Let's keep this going and get a centrally located mid season show where all corps can compete together. We have been blessed to sponsor DCI Minnesota which for a couple years was the first head to head competition for the top corps in that circuit. (Outside by the way, which is how it should be but that is my personal bias). Wouldn't it be great if we continue to have close competition and then add in a mid season all corps show? I understand the hurdles. But dream big. My hope is that instead of focusing on why not, people will focus on how we can make this happen.
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    I believe Prelims and Semis have hosted the eventual champion every year as well! (Sorry, send evil glares my way now, but I couldn't resist)
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    Sorry, but the Blue Devils won the Stanford show in 2013. Crown was 2nd.
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    The minor league baseball team complained to the city that PR's march to Lucas was blocking fan access to the stadium. They have made this trek with a police escort for 6 years. The compromise made was to leave 6 minutes later than scheduled the night of the finals. They were in constant communication with DCI staff and were not to rush or break routine. Most members did not know they were a little late until it was mentioned at their breakfast banquet the next day.
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    I just can't get enough of this show and it will go down for me at one of my all time favorites. The whole show, start to end is amazing and that closer, well does it get any better? That nasty hit right at the end of the pitch blend before the final chord is freaking awesome. Congratulations indeed on a show you didn't have to try making sense of, it just plain worked!
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    Doesn't matter what judging panel you get it's the access by certain corps get to them to threaten err.. indoctrinate them on what is good and bad. Judges IMHO should be impartial and not have any association with ANY corps. Wanna fix part of the problem go back to a build up tear down system. Field judges can easily do a tear down whereas judges up top can do build up.
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    Pretty much most of them. I marched with Andy too. How in the HELL did Bluecoats beat Cadets?!?!?!?! I'm just kidding. I've watched this show over and over and they are incredible. I can't wait for the APD or the Blu-ray to come out. I will be blasting that show for the rest of the year. I watched the finals performance on the Fan Network and that crowd reaction at the end of the show was so loud I had to take off my earphones. CONGRATS BLUECOATS!
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    \ This is exactly the problem: corps directors (i.e. DCI) have agreed to certain rules, and the format for judging. Some kind of addition needs to be made to more highly value demand and risk-taking, to value real over simulated demand, such as drill vs. staging. Also, a rule that bans amplification to augment brass lines should be passed. Most importantly - GE should have more sub-captions, more guidelines for what constitutes GE. No one knows what the heck it refers to - how much 'effect' a run and gun drill and simultaneous playing generates? (not anymore). Or how well risk is managed, body movement is integrated, and how cleverly a 'production' is 'staged'. (dominant today). I'm sure other rules need to be passed. What do the experts and fans on this board recommend?
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    Kinda OT, but I have always thought that DCI should start some kind of travel endowment fund to help make it more possible for groups to travel West (and for Western corps to travel East, for that matter). It would take a few years, ok, maybe a decade, but once enough $$ was in place, corps could be "financially encouraged" to travel more without risking the farm.
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    Said by a friend (who knows nothing about music: "But saxophones are brass. right"?
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    flammaster drunk posting on dcp...
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    Maybe you misunderstood what he posted... he said he would leave if and when the woodwinds come in, as for him he believes it would be time to go if it ever came to that. Why not just respect his choice if it comes to that, and let it be, and for perhaps others to replace him as a fan if it comes to that point ? Why scold him on what he prefers to enjoy as a paying customer to an entertainment show event ?
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    Poor little thread, it never had a chance.
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    The only Endorers I know of are the Ewoks. Sorry, I'll show myself out.
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    And of course, that gets right to the question: is DCI treating World Class corps differently from Open Class corps as requires show length requirements? I'm surprised this subject wasn't raised during the previous three years when Open Class corps at Prelims were being scored on World Class sheets, but as often as was the case this year, had short shows. Someone should do the math to work out where O.C. corps with short shows for 2011-2014 really would have placed if this rule was enforced.
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    Just for fun, My 12 favorite shows that did not make the Top 6... 12. 1992 Phantom - War and Peace 11. 2014 Boston Crusaders - Animal Farm 10. 1992 Velvet Knights - Magical Mystery Tour, Part III 9. 1995 Magic of Orlando - Danse Animale 8. 2011 Bluecoats - Brave New World 7. 2002 Bluecoats - Urban Dances 6. 2008 Santa Clara Vanguard - 3hree: Mind, Body, Soul 5. 1993 Santa Clara Vanguard - A Walton Trilogy 4. 1999 Colts - Voices 3. 2005 Santa Clara Vanguard - Russia: Revolution-Evolution 2. 2009 Phantom Regiment - The Red Violin 1. 1995 Carolina Crown - Stormworks
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    You can't have a thesis like "DCI and the triumph of the Simulacrum" and then say that huge parts of DCI are also not a part of it. You cannot take the most important parts of DCI like music selection and program choices and ignore them and then say that DCI as a whole embraces the simulacrum. That like saying "yeah they are playing big band jazz music but don't you see how perfectly staged the trumpets are!? Simulacrum apologists!!" You can't simply say that because DCI uses electronics and cares about "staging" that it suddenly is a part of the Simulacrum. Is staging and electronics such Hallmarks of the simulacrum that everything that utilizes these things is suddenly inferior to things not in simulacrum? Look if you want to say championship shows don't have as much demanding drill as they used to you can say that. If you want to say that "where" things take place on the field is more important that "how" they happen that's fine too. And you can say that electronics do not have a place in modern drum corps... whatever! But why wrap this all around some convoluted philosophical idea?! Can we just call a spade a spade please?!
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    Bluecoats were one of the few corps to generate a standing O at Rutgers...AKA "Borg Country" to you... prior to their final chord. That includes long time corps people sitting all around me. No, you personally don't have to accept anything...but it appears that lots of the general audience liked what they saw and heard, from reading about other crowd reactions all over the country.. I've never had a Bloo show at the top of my list, until this year, and not just the ending. That just nailed down their total show IMO. Oh...I only saw BK online...but they had an incredible show this year too. (IMO of course).
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    I thought Crown should have beaten SCV and been much closer to Cadets and Bloo and all should have been closer to BD. Sorry, but that gap from the top was just silly and I don't buy it. Yes BD should have won but that margin is herd mentality judging at its best.
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    Cadets failed in musical selection, not electronics (or any other) execution. If anything, Cadets were one of the best examples yet of live narration. Blue Knights were a great example of recorded narration done well. DCP shows plenty of endorsements of both. Colts are an example of narration done poorly. No big deal. There were horn lines, drum lines and guards that executed poorly too. Objectively, we have butts in seats to measure acceptance of a decade of electronics. Goal line to goal line is acceptance by any objective measure. Enjoy your hot dog. Must be lonely in there. HH
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    http://www.bostoncrusaders.com/news/408-bod-job-listing Board Administrator Inspire Arts & Music (IAM), based out of Boston, Massachusetts, a 2.5 million dollar non-profit that serves over 19,000 students per year, is seeking a part-time paid individual to manage the administration of the Board of Directors (BOD). The IAM Board of Directors consists of over 32 individuals from across the United States. This newly created position can be located anywhere in the United States. The time commitment is expected to be approximately 10 hours per week. There is no set weekly schedule for the position as the tasks to be performed are flexible and only need to meet the expectations of the position. This allows flexibility for the individual being hired. A small fraction of the tasks must be performed Mon-Fri, with a majority of tasks independent of day of week/time of day. This position reports to the Chair and Vice Chair of the BOD for Inspire Arts & Music. Compensation is $5,000 per year, payable monthly (end of the month) at $425 per month. This is a 1099 position. There are no benefits. Once a year (October), the individual must attend the annual BOD meeting in Boston (all expenses paid). All other engagement will be through email, telephone, and video conference / webex. Responsibilities include: - Management and maintenance of BOD one page biographies - Management and maintenance of BOD mailing and e-mails lists - Management and maintenance of Drop-box/file sharing/archiving - Ensuring committee minutes, agendas and action items are captured and stored in appropriate folders - Ensure that annual/compliance documents are completed - Ensuring that on-boarding tasks for new Board members are completed - By-law distribution (DCI and Inspire) - Conflict of interest - Risk management / member interaction policy - Ensure monthly update communication (e.g., email to BOD with updates, reminders, etc.) - As needed, phone calls & emails to BOD members to help drive, interact and engage on organizations priorities/objectives - Committee facilitation – help organizing meetings, providing dial in / webex details, collecting minutes, sending meeting reminders, etc. - Preparation of monthly BOD meeting - Distribution of materials prior to the meeting (~72hrs) - Obtaining and management of ppt's, agendas - Meeting management (800 lines, attendance, etc...) - Ensure approval of monthly BOD minutes - Preparation of Annual BOD meeting (e.g., logistics, communication, working with committees on presentations) - Ensure "Downtown DCI" best practices and DCI BOD consortium information is distributed to the Inspire BOD - Management/Administration of the IAM Board of Directors Facebook page - Distribution of educational articles and books to the BOD Qualifications - Passion for the music, arts, and education of youth - Strong written skills - Functional ability with Microsoft Office (e.g., Word, Excel, Powerpoint) - Ability to successfully interact and engage with senior leaders - Previous experience in administration a plus Interested candidates should send their e-mail to: Thompson Vou, tvou@iaminspired.org. Applications must be received by August 29th
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    Our West Coast friends have valid arguments as to why DCI should be held out West on occasion and this has come up in other threads. If I am not mistaken, I think 2016 is the last year of the contract with Lucas Oil Stadium, so discussions have to be underway about whether to renew or change venues. If DCI does not enter into another multi-year contract, perhaps traveling east for one year, Midwest for a second, west for a third would be a viable solution. Also the person who mentioned the travel endowment fund has an excellent idea which would give a variety to the corps the West Coast sees each year.
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    You're not supposed to listen to it from 6" away.
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    Let's restate it then (from my early season rant) Judging: Putting aside the fact that humans judging an event are going to be inherently flawed, the major issues I have with judging are twofold...the unequal weight given to various captions, and the idea of “leaving room.” Currently, visual gets 30 points (20 each for performance, analysis, and color guard, then they divide the total by 2), Music gets the same (20 for brass, analysis and percussion....same addition and division to get the end result), which GE gets 40 all by itself (2 judges with 20 pts each, and they’re just added together). To me, this puts far too much emphasis on the visual and not the musical (a sentiment shared by many over the years)...something born out by 14 Crown, where they did not play more than 7:30 out of 13 minute total performance -- counting the pre show – during their 1st show broadcast....I timed it. A more equitable system must be devised (more below). As for “leaving room,” I cannot stand this concept, as it ensures, for example, that a lower skilled drum line that might typically score in the 13-14 range doesn’t get properly rewarded if they suddenly channel 87 Cadets and pull off the “golden show.” To me, if you perform well, you should be rewarded as such...if BD or Cadets out perform you and score higher, great....but you should not be punished by an arbitrary glass ceiling simply because you’re NOT Cadets or BD. If “leaving room” had been used in 84, the 27th Lancers would not have made finals. After prelims, their captions were between 11th and 17th...except for drums – 7th in GE, 2nd in field, 3rd in ensemble, overall 2nd with a 19.2. It was the drum scores that got them into finals. At finals they went on 2nd and still pulled out an 8th in GE, 2nd in field, 1st in ensemble, overall 2nd by 1/10th to BD (who went on 11th). They were a great drumline....but under “leaving room” concept today and going on 2nd at finals, they would’ve been screwed with no lube....that’s not how it should be...a good performance is a good performance...period. Dump the current 100 point total system with the unequal weighting...all captions contribute equally to the overall performance, and should be scored as such. Instead, award each caption 100 points, start from 50, develop a better tick/buildup system (I’m not advocating going back to the era of the timing gun... but a mistake – and the rules would have to clearly define what constitutes a tickable offense – should be penalized, just as good performance should be rewarded), and average the scores...so if the Podunk Cadets score a 75.8 in drums, a 55.4 in guard, a 83.4 in brass, and a 96.2 in visual/M&M, their end score would be 77.7. Giving FAR more room for scoring would reward those corps that show excellence early on and not punish them for simply going on early. Likewise, if the big dogs have a bad night, it reflects in the scores. The system would be the same for each class, so you wouldn’t have A-60s scoring in the 20s...but an A-60 85.65 would not be the same as he same number for an open class.
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    But oddly enough....not a single judge.
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    Corps design shows that the current DCI judging community rewards, and deletes things that the DCI judging community tends not to reward. Thus, there is nothing new under the sun in this, and there are no mysteries here. We can expect lots of " pitch bend " out the Corps wazoo machines next season, and you can make book on that easy prediction.
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    I hope Blue Stars hang on to their staff they got ahold of last year, some consistency will do wonders for them, see Blue Devils for what staff consistency can do. Brass line was a lot stronger this year, drumline was just as good, color guard was absolutely killer, and the show design was another big improvement. 2 years of solid improvement after 2012, hope it continues. If they do, would be awesome to see them back in the top 8 again. I don't think they're going anywhere unless a huge staff change occurs.
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    I'm not so sure I like this blue toned cranky little guy. That said, I like his uniform and shako here much better than the goofy looking ones that Crown has now.
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    I agree with whoever indicated that the corps are using it too much for low end. When you have 16 tubas out there, you shouldn't need to support them. Personally, I hated seeing a laptop on the field.
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    WARNING TO ENGLISH TEACHERS: Do not read this paragraph without emergency medical equipment on standby.
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    I thought Endorer was Samantha's mother on Bewitched.
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    Of all the program coordinators/show designers in the post-Stewart era, I think Mason did the best job of consistently keeping Madison competitively relevant AND staying true to the identity. Let's compare ... 2003 - 2006 Cesario/Salas and company undoubtedly did a great job keeping them competitive and coming up with interesting concepts, but most of the shows felt sterilized and safe to me (2003 being the big exception). Yeah, these shows were visually superior, but these shows never carried much emotion (to be fair, you could say this about most DCI shows from this time). 2007 A combination of internal strife + bad visual design. That said, the staff members that actually knew what they were doing were able to salvage the show by finals week. The corps had a great semis performance. But still, this show design felt like bad fan fiction ... as if the BOD held a public contest and the winner got to come up with the show idea. 2008-2009 Kept what worked the previous year and brought in some more west coast guys (Barrera, Karlin, etc). Same problems as the late-Stewart years: visual. 2008 was a solid show and my second favorite post-Stewart/pre-Mason show after 2003. I liked the arrangements and the corps seemed to have somewhat of a swagger back. The 2009 superhero show... not so much. 2010-present Brought in the ex-Star crew (I wish they would've kept Roger Carter ... but that's another rant). They never got past ninth place, but there was easily more emotion and memorable moments from these years: bringing back Slaughter/Rhapsody in Blue ... ending 2011 with Empire State of Mind ... I don't need to mention 2013. This year's show design felt shoe-horned and never really set the performers up for success. But they still finished 11th among an incredibly tough field. Mason left the corps in better shape. Hopefully, someone will take them to the next level while staying true to the identity.
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    How hard is it to make the top 2 in drum corps? In 43 seasons of the DCI championships, there have been only 12 corps that have placed in either 1st or 2nd position: Anaheim Kingsman, Blue Stars, SCV, Madison, Blue Devils, The Cadets, Star of Indiana, Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, Crown, Troopers, and 27th Lancers. Even more impressive is since the year 2000, only 5 corps achieved 1st or 2nd: The Cadets, Cavaliers, Blue Devils, Phantom Regiment, and Crown. The Bluecoats become only the 6th drum corps to achieve this distinction in the last 14 years. Incredible achievement Bluecoats! Congratulations! (edited for correction of the 1972 Kingsmen and Blue Stars)
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    Fantastic Review!! Very much in line with my thoughts. I probably liked Crown's Saturday performance better, but they did have visual issues. I actually did have them winning brass over BD by .1, but in the end the judges saw things like you. I actually loved the Cadets show up to the company front that ended the first part of Appalachian Spring. It was nice and stately, elegant, and really well performed. I didn't care for the cheese at the end. My buddy, however, felt as you did. He didn't like the stage and felt it hurt the visuals and the overall sound since they had to push the corps further back field. He hated some of the audio clips (although he liked the narration), and he couldn't stand the end of the show. I think they backed themselves into a corner with that show for which they couldn't recover in the last 2 weeks. So they cheesed it up with tarps, audio, flags, banners, people on stage, you name it. I actually do like Patriotic shows, but I will admit that they are more difficult to develop as the season unfolds. Ultimately there is always going to be the urge to add the gimmicks. As much as I love the Cadets, I was glad the judges didn't reward the unnecessary cheese at the end of the show. From a musical standpoint I love the charts and will be listening to this excellent brass and percussion section a lot. You are correct about BD's visual program. It's on a different scale from what is being done by others. I think the Bluecoats have taken a small page out of their book. If you analyze TILT you can see some of the similar staging concepts and individual marching demands, in addition to some excellent full-ensemble marching maneuvers. I believe it's one of the reasons Bluecoats took 2nd in GE. It certainly wasn't the synthesizer glissando effect alone. The whole show has amazing focus and structure. I, too, was unsure if they'd pass Cadets. On Friday the Cadets were just technical monsters, and they were again on Saturday (incredible marching); but GE is a big deal and BLOOOO was vastly better in that realm. Phantom Regiment was one of my favorite corps all summer. I loved the music, even loved the stately and elegant drill. They cleaned, and boy did their brass play. One heck of a guard too. In the end, they were simply more refined than BK on Saturday. BK was just one of the best shows of the weekend!!! I love the theme and the music, and reading your review is the first time hearing that their narration came from American Beauty. It's funny, because while listening to their show I actually thought of that movie. The structure and cadence of the sentences and thoughts. But I didn't realize it really was from American Beauty. What a great concept for a show and they were one of the crowd's favorites as well. One final thought, as I compare notes with your outstanding review, you are SPOT ON about Boston Crusaders. At first, from a Fan Network perspective, I hated their show. A difficult and dark theme to pull off, and I initially thought the music and drill were over-scored, too demanding. Seeing them live in Massillon, and then again over Finals weekend was an eye opener. I ended up really liking this show and could have seen them taking 7th with a cleaner performance. They certainly had the demand, and LIVE you really get the show. Some of the effects were stunning, and musically the ballad to the end was beautiful and riveting. Boy could they march. VERY demanding show. Thanks, again, for the excellent review!
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    I would love to see warm up clips during the broadcasts = in between the actual shows so some lot or tunnel stuff - HYPE!!!
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